The Today Show today listed a few ways to make some fast and easy holiday cash. The list is here. I’m unimpressed, especially since one of their suggestions is to check out

We tried back in June of this year and were disappointed. The hype definitely does not match the reality. I wonder if MSNBC is getting a kickback from all the new sales Paidride will rack up?

Click here to read our longer review, and here for more details about the “get paid to drive” offer. Here is a quick nutshell, though:

  • You are buying a list of companies that might have something to do with advertising wraps.
  • Very few of the thousands of people looking for this work get it.
  • All the companies I looked at that actually do hire drivers emphasized this point: it is free to sign up for them, and you can find them on your own. There’s no need to pay for “an exclusive list.” There are no exclusive lists because the information is available everywhere. Buying an “exclusive list” is like paying for “an exclusive list of McDonald’s restaurants in your area!” Why buy that list when the phone book is free?

So just because you saw it on the Today Show doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. It only means that the Today Show is desperate for content. Your chances of getting paid to drive your car are slim to none. Click the links above to read the full details.

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