It’s easy to see why internet marketing has a reputation for being full of scammers and people who just want to empty your wallet.

All you need to do is buy Secret Money System by Ronnie Montano.

Let me explain.

The Pitch

The sales pitch for this product is an almost perfect example of how a decent and honest marketer should not market a product.

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The pitch contained all the elements needed for a BS product:

  • An actor to portray the creator of the product: His stage name seems to be Juan Gabriel.
  • Fake bank accounts and proof of earnings: they look good, but no way are they real or related to this product.
  • Fake testimonials from somewhere like
  • Outrageous income claims such as being able to earn $156,000 in just 3 months by doing 15 minutes work.
  • It guaranties to make me $100,000 in 90 days, which is an utter lie. There is no way to go from 0 to $100,000 in 3 months, without robbing a bank.
  • No explanation is ever provided of what the product is.
  • Fake mansions and fake cars (all rented, not owned).
  • Scarcity tactics.

Really I could go on for a while, so let’s just say that as a sales pitch it is already telling me that this product will be utter garbage.

Secret Money System

Purchasing Secret Money System

The product is already discounted from $99 to $49 but that’s just a marketing tactic. I wouldn’t recommend buying this for $49 so it’s handy that if you click off the page and then agree to stay on the page and do that a few times you can then get the price down to $9 bucks.

This alone shows the true “value” of the product if they are willing to shave off 80% of the price in order to get a sale. I already know from experience that Secret Money System won’t even be worth the $9 bucks.

I skipped the rather expensive upsells, so I was a little confused when I arrived at the members area.

The Members Area: Part 1

You are greeted with a 7 step process, which you are encouraged to:

Please follow these Steps exactly in order

Designed to help you create immediate income through immediate actions!

Step 1

This step allows you to sign up to a webinar, which suggests you can make $10,000 a week. Barring the exaggerated earnings claim, this is most likely going to be a sales pitch designed to take yet more money from you.

Step 2

The second step encourages you to make a free call to a start up specialist. From experience, you will end up talking to a sales person who will try to sell you incredibly over priced products. I didn’t make the call myself, because previous experience tells me that you will get hounded for weeks by sales people.

Step 3

This video is a completely pointless welcome video telling you to make sure to follow the other steps.

Step 4

Affiliate link to CloudPro Hosting to obtain a “free” website. Nothing free about this, the hosting is overpriced.

I love free gifts and this video suggests that I will get one. The issue is that you will need to buy overpriced hosting from a company called CloudPro Hosting and the gift is a website. Most likely it’s just a basic WordPress install, so it isn’t really a gift, just a way to hook you into expensive and recurring billing.

Step 5

Yet another upsell, this time for Full Money System which is also by Ronnie Montano.

Step 6

Maybe this will finally be some training? Nope, just another upsell for another product by Ronnie. This time it is for a mobile marketing system called eMobile Code.

Step 7

The final step is, you guessed it, another product upsell! This time for a Binary Options product called Safe Trader App.

As you may be able to tell, these 7 steps require immediate action but are more likely to immediately empty your bank account than make you money.

The other depressing thing is that as a newbie, you have just been offered at least 3 different make money online products, in 3 wildly different areas: affiliate marketing, mobile marketing and binary options.

However, at this point you don’t know how to even do affiliate marketing as there has been no training!

The Members Area: Part 2

This is the real members’’ area and it was really hard to access as it was just a small link.

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The training consists of three steps:

  • A very basic outline video
  • Choosing a niche from a limited selection and being able to download crappy websites for them.
  • Obtaining hosting from, you guessed it, CloudPro Hosting.

The training is ridiculously thin, so much so it’s hard to consider it training. It’s basic affiliate marketing at the end of the day.

Secret Money System Members Area

Other sections of the members area provide access to more niches, the possibility of watching webinars (if they get made they are likely to be sales pitches more than training) and some software called Traffic Money System.

I didn’t download the last one, you should always be wary of unknown software, especially when the source of the program is already dubious.

The Bottom Line

Secret Money System is pretty much a scam. All they want to do is get you into the members’ area in order to aggressively sell to you.

The training is virtually non-existent, and while you get access to some website files, it won’t do you much good without proper training.

Ronnie Montano is simply trying to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible while providing very little in return.

Unless you enjoy giving your money away to scam artists, I would strongly advise you to avoid this product.

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