I have received a couple of requests this week to check out something called Ohnhome at Ohnhome.com. Problem is, the site is nothing more than a ‘back office’ login page and there is absolutely no information as to what Ohnhome has to offer. I even tried searching the name to find SOMETHING about the site, but the results were either very vague or just pages of complaints about the company.

Search Results for Ohnhome

Here are a few complaint posts I’ve come across while searching for information. These are just a few of the dozens I saw during my brief search.

The first one makes it sound like Ohnhome is offering “automated” websites that are just loaded with affiliate links.

I answered an online ad for a home business last August and a smooth talking American guy phoned me with an offer to make enough money to give up my regular job saying that a business associate would call me to set up my own website. He quoted big names like Amazon and Yahoo amongst others, and before I knew it I had been fleeced of several hundred dollars. The promised dollars have never eventuated. My account has been sitting on $3.47 for the past 3 months with a notation that funds would not be transfered until they reached a minimum of $5.00 (big deal) I have personally made 2 purchases from Amazon using my account profile but whilst a small commission showed for a few days after the transactions, they quickly disappeard from my account and the commission has never been paid into my account. My website has been relatively successful with over 1900 hits to date so who is getting my commissions?? DONT TOUCH IT AT ANY COST, IT’S A TOTAL RIPOFF!!

This post makes it sound like they’re using people’s identities to sign up for Amazon Associate accounts. What they’re doing with the accounts? I don’t know.

Ohn is a good training site but apparently you can’t make money with it and if you do you can’t get the money. My Ohn site was set up with a Amazon associate link through hotfiremail where I could go in as an Amazon associate and get widgets etc to set up my site. I also had access to the Amazon associate forum where other associates denied knowing anything about hotfiremail or Ohn insisting Ohn was selling clone sites which were no good and insisted I was ripped off.

It turned out I had no access to the hotfiremail account that Ohn had set up in my name with the Amazon associates site. I was also unable to make changes to this hotfiremail account so that I would get any monies made or any of the correspondence related to the Amazon associate site.

I was and am still unable to find any terms for Ohnhome.com I did see another article about Ohn that said all the phone numbers that are suppose to be for their different brances in several countries all end up back at the AZ phone number.

And probably the most distressing complaint comes from someone who lost over two thousand dollars…

I joined up with ohn home, a company that sell websites to vulnerable people who are desperate to make money from home. So far, I have not made any money at all and have made numerous telephone calls to them asking if they would return my money. They keep on making excuses and try to get me to carry on with the website. So far, they have taken $2, 107 which I did not expect and so far have nothing. They now say that as I did not take up the technical training, that I cannot have any money back at all. They are definitely nothing but crooks and should be put in jail. I have been distraught for 3 months now and on the verge of a breakdown!

Obviously I can’t pass judgement on the site considering I don’t even know what the hell they do, but when the search results for a company mostly point to customer complaints, you can bet it’s probably not worth your time.

So, does anyone have any more information for me? An email perhaps? I’d love to learn more.

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  • melissa m
    melissa m

    I have paid another $330 more to the original 4hundred plus.
    Some of the additional services for my extra money included a service of accu tracking on income from other affiliates and email blasts. accu tracking was already available from my back office also a training tab to click on. interested to see if the email blast give me more website traffic and or income to add to the big 39 cents earned after I paid the extra money
    I cant get into my back office now.

  • Sharon

    Sadly I have signed up with them, as soon as I had given my credit card details and I put donw the phone, I just KNEW it was a scam and I searched the internet and sure as nuts, there was nothing positive about them that I could find! Thankfully we have changed banks, so we have closed that credit card, so they can’t charge me further, but they give you a whole speech about things that what they are saying is in fact true, so what they use is a clever marketing tool, by telling you the truth about things, such as how marketing your website is necessary in order for you to make sales etc. It is all true, you need to market your website to get visitors etc….and then they tell you you can have this package for so much and then all the money comes in. Those calls are about 30 minutes. Then I got a call to help me and it was 5 mintues! I would LOVE to know how to get out of this scam and where to go. The website I have put down is the website they set up for me!!! I have even marketed it myself, but it has made no difference. Why would anyone want to buy from my site anyway??

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