Why is it that some sales pages make people want to buy the product, even though the sales pitch doesn’t actually tell them anything?

I found that recently with a product called Sneaky Profits. Its sales letter states that it will show you the 5 best ways to make money online, but doesn’t even hint at what those might be.

To me, buying this product would be a blind purchase, with no real idea of what you are going to get after laying your money on the line.

The pitch also contains some unsubstantiated profit earnings:

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you can even have your very own $1,000 a day Online business up and running with in the next 24 HOURS!


I made $400 the day after reading Sneaky Profits

As well as that there is the obligatory list telling you that you require zero skills, ideas, or pretty much anything.

I hate those, because they usually lie: “No skills needed!”, now just upload these HTML files via FTP, making sure to edit your .htaccess file, while juggling a small elephant that’s on fire.

These type of hyped up claims, along with the blind sales pitch make me instantly dubious that this product will be any good. So of course, I had to try it!

Buying Sneaky Profits

The product comes in at $9.95 and after purchase you get the usual upsell. In this case it’s a little bit unusual in that the upsell is cheaper than the main product, only selling for $4.95. I couldn’t tell you what it is though as it also used a short blind sales pitch.

Sneaky Profits Upsell

The actual product is a plain zip download, no website page or membership area at all.

The zip file contains a folder with a PDF e-book in it and also a WordPress plugin with accompanying video.

The product itself

To say I was a little disappointed would be an understatement. Forgetting the plugin for the time being, I just handed over $10 of my hard earned cash for a 12 page PDF e-book. After the legal mumbo jumbo, contents, introduction and conclusion, that left me with a 7 page large type book.

This better be mind-blowingly good.

Sneaky Profits Page Count

The e-book offers 5 ways to make money online:

Method 1

Write content and sell it as your own to others “by using a relatively unknown website called Iwriter”. Really? Relatively unknown? I suppose it would depend on what you stuck in Google, but they were 5th for “article writing services”.

I also disagree with the areas to sell them: piece work sites like Fiver and internet marketing forums.

Selling them by Fiverr would likely result in a loss or a break even at best, and people on Internet Marketing forums generally know to outsource to places like iWriter themselves already.

Method 2

This method is hawking hosting via directories such as Craigslist and the others of that ilk.

Method 3

This is about rebranding WordPress themes and plugins. As a plugin author this made my blood boil!

While technically he is within his rights to suggest this, ethically it is dubious.

He also provides absolutely no advice about how to do this without breaking the GPL licence (it’s a loose licence but still has rules to follow), or about the fact that you will then need to support the customers and maintain the plugin.

Making money online has never been easier...
And this free video will show you exactly everything you need to do to get started. Click here to watch it now.

Whether the product was free or premium, the original author is not going to touch it if it’s been “forked” – that would be your responsibility.

In fact they are more likely to send the customer back your way, and if you don’t have the technical know-how to support/maintain it, then your reputation and GPL forking business will go south very quickly.

Method 4

This section covers taking advantage of Private Rights Label products. Out of them all this seemed to me to be the most ethical and though not an original idea, one that is over looked a lot. He isn’t referring to the PLR products you see bundled with a lot of internet marketing e-books, instead he means White Labelled physical products.

Method 5

The fifth and final method is actually an offline method involving banks. Not robbing them, though that wouldn’t have surprised me, but instead using the silver content of coins to make a return.

The fact that it is an offline method flies in the face of the sales page which shouted about making money online.

The Bottom Line

Maybe I have been a little harsh here, because I am still stunned by paying over a dollar per page of information, but I think that this product is crap.

The information contained is thin, and in some cases morally dubious. It is also poorly written with numerous spelling errors, which is indicative of a rushed product with no attention to detail or care for the customer.

I suppose they are hoping to get as many sales as possible and hope no one refunds; I certainly will be.

To be fair to the product, you might be able to make a quick buck here and there; I’m not going to deny it that. However I most certainly don’t think you can make a lasting business from most of these methods.

The only one that might be possible is the WordPress theme/plugin forking as this has been done before (I’m talking to you WooCommerce), but your average Joe wouldn’t be able to turn a rebranded plugin into a business.

In all, I recommend avoiding this.

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  • Randy baith
    Randy baith

    I think the best money making method provided here would be to re-sell this crap to other suckers. That is you have the no morality fortitude to do it. The only people I can see that would even try any of these methods are the ones that have no experience at all trying to sell to more inexperienced.

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