If you have a website, and you want to make money from it, then traffic matters.

There are numerous ways to generate traffic, from the slow and steady adding of content to generate organic search traffic; to obtaining “burst” traffic from pay per click adverts or social network shout outs.

Most people starting out with internet marketing really struggle to get traffic, either due to impatience (we have ALL spent part of our marketing lives staring at Google Analytics wishing those little lines would go higher!) or not having the right strategy when it comes to generating traffic.

That is why there is such a variety of internet marketing products based around traffic, including today’s review: Trigger Rush by Noel Cunningham.

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Trigger Rush is aimed at new to intermediate marketers, pretty much the ones who haven’t built up enough authority or nailed getting traffic to their sites, and those that might have traffic but the traffic isn’t engaging with or sharing the content.

The sales page isn’t anything spectacular: it’s not too hyped up thankfully, but does have unsubstantiated “proof” and a scarcity tactic. It is one of the prettier sales pages I’ve seen in a while though!

Cash for Prizes

In return for your hard earned dollars ($9.95 to be precise) you get the following: a PDF e-book, a couple of checklists, a mind-map and 10 videos based on the e-book. There are also a couple of bonuses thrown in: a live webinar and access to a private Facebook group. These can be useful, and for a $10 dollar system it is nice to see some added extras.

Up, up and Pay!

Upsell numero uno: WP Affiliate Crush, a WordPress plugin, will set you back $27 and it’s for creating call to action graphics.

Upsell numero dos, is a down sell for the same plugin, this time just $17.

The plugin looked interesting but not something that is absolutely needed for you to improve traffic.

But is it any good?

The core e-book  is quite “thin”, only managing 35 pages, but I suppose that is a standard size for reports.

The first 14 pages are just fluff, plain and simple. He repeats the goals of getting engagement, more traffic etc about 3 times.

After that he recommends installing some plugins (under the assumption you have a WordPress site): social media and list building mainly. There was one plugin that doesn’t get mentioned often and is useful for engagement, so that was a highlight, but at this point I’m wondering what I’ve bought here.

Most marketers know they need social plugins, I think even new marketers, but perhaps I’m jaded and you might get an “aha!” moment from it.

Page 18 finally reveals the Social Trigger Rush Method!

I try to give fair reviews of products and I also try to not give away too much of what the products “secret” is, but this system stunned me with how little it gives you, so on this rare occasion I’m going to spill the beans.

Basically it tells you to create posts as if you were Buzzfeed.com, but based on curated content from other sites and then go back to the original creator and ask them to share your curated post.

That’s it! There are 33 pages of fluff and affiliate links for two pages of telling you to curate content.

Any post created like this will likely be thin content, which Google dislikes at best, but they are popular with users – how many times have you seen a post titled something like “7 best ways to…” or “10 amazing things that such and such did” and clicked to be nosey. How many of those did you share over social networks? Don’t be embarrassed; we have all done it at one point.

Rushing Past

As such, this method will likely generate a rush of traffic if done properly, but you have to question the overall benefit; will this traffic generate you a regular readership, one that comes back again and again?

How will this method of traffic generate you cash? If you have the right niche and select the right content you could in theory generate cash from affiliate links (a good example of this is all those WordPress posts like the top 10 e-commerce plugins, etc).

If your niche doesn’t have an easy way to generate affiliate links like that, then in reality all you are doing is cycling traffic through the site hoping that someone will find something else of interest on your site or click an advert, rather than the more likely situation of them clicking through to one of the linked websites never to be seen again.

It might work but you have to also consider the time spent creating the curated content which could easily have been spent creating unique, interesting and valuable content to make you and your site more of an authority.

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Personally I’m more likely to share a post that engages me intellectually, and makes me walk away from the computer thinking “yeah that was awesome”. That sort of post will get you bookmarked, shared and loved (well maybe not loved), whereas another Top Whatever post might get shared but then it’s likely to be forgotten, along with your site.

The Bottom Line

I was disappointed with Social Trigger Rush, even with the added bonuses there isn’t much meat to the product at all.

A scam? Not quite, but not something I would recommend.

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