I can’t believe rebate processing ads are still around. We’ve covered this topic in depth time and time again. Every rebate processing job ad is the same old scam: they are building up affiliate marketing into something it’s not. It’s not a job in the traditional sense. You don’t get paid by big name companies to “process rebates.” And you most certainly will not make a six-figure salary working one-hour a day.

Diana DeAngelo and the Process Affiliate Rebates Scam

I’ll keep this review short because I thought rebate processing jobs were all but dead. Process Affiliate Rebates makes two important claims. You can make money by simply filling out online forms and that you will enter provided data into these forms, then get paid for your work. These are both outright lies. Here’s why.

  • Make money simply by filling out online forms. First, these aren’t regular forms. They are forms to create advertisements on sites like Google and Yahoo. That’s right. The form you are filling out will cost you money. A lot of money. You won’t make money by filling out the forms. You make money IF someone clicks on the ad you created by filling out the form AND THEN buys a product!
  • Enter the data into the forms that we provide you, click submit, sit back and collect the money. Again, it’s far from that simple. The forms are not “provided” for you by this site. They are part of the process of creating an ad. And you can’t just create the ad (i.e., “click submit”) and expect to make money. You have to somehow get that ad in front of LOTS of people so that someone will click and buy. There’s no “sitting back” involved. It’s a long and complicated process that could take years and thousands of dollars to perfect.

So let’s recap. You will be paying $150 to learn how to spend more money. You won’t be getting a job. You won’t get paid to submit online forms. If it was that easy, why isn’t everyone already doing it? Since this is a short review, you may be looking for more of an explanation. Click here to read our previous review on rebate processing jobs. That post can better explain

How to Get Your Money Back

800-818-7155 is the Process Affiliate Rebates customer support number.

After doing a bit of searching, I found this phone number: 800-818-7155 but there is a good news/bad news scenario here. Good news: you can get a refund. Bad news: they put you on hold for over 45 minutes. If you’re going to call, be sure to be ready to wait it out. Remember to keep your cool and don’t give up. Get back the money these guys stole from you.

Who is behind Process Affiliate Rebates?

Does ProcessAtHome or SiteReviewAuthority ring any bells? How about Angela Penbrook or Angel Stevens? That’s right. It’s the same company peddling the same crap with a different name. ABC News did a 20/20 segment on these guys which you can view here. How are they still in business? Better question, why aren’t they in jail? I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I can tell you one thing for certain. Stay far, far away from Diana DeAngelo and Process Affiliate Rebates.

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  • ally

    i did get scammed form angel stevens… good news is…. i did get a full refund! just took a few phone calls… and a little persistence! okay… so now… what about the Adventure 4 U… anyone tried that one before???

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