Hot off the heels of yesterday’s post where I proved not all survey sites are scams and that you shouldn’t pay anyone to take surveys, comes the following email…

Hi Steve,

I received an email from saying I could make $1,500 a month in my spare time taking surveys. They want me to pay $49.99 up front to prove I’m a “serious job applicant.” Is this real? Thanks!

Sadly, it isn’t and here’s why…

Surveys4Checks is a Scam.

Now, let’s be clear on one thing first. There are legitimate online survey jobs. They cost nothing to join and they do pay out. Yes, you really can make money taking surveys; however, you will never make a full-time income doing so. That’s just not possible.

The scam here is that Sarah Garringer at is falsely leading people to believe that it is possible to quit your day job and work entirely from home taking surveys. She’s also leading you to believe that once you pay her $49.99 you become an employee of her company and then can log on and take as many surveys as time will allow. Herein lies the scam.

Take a look at the FAQ page where Sarah writes… charges a one time only registration fee because we only want serious job applicants filling out our surveys. If we allowed access to the surveys for free we would have “curiosity” applicants filling out survey applications that were not really serious about the surveys, and taking up applications intended for serious job applicants.

In the past we offered the program for free and found many surveys were not being completed and this pay could have gone to another, more reliable and serious survey taker. We want to weed out the “just curious” applicants from the “serious and reliable” survey employees.

This is complete and utter garbage. She uses the words “job applicants” and “survey employees” to mislead victims into sending her money thinking they’re getting a job. At no point will you ever be an employee of her company.

Instead, your $50 will get you a list of online survey companies and probably a few hints on how to take surveys. That’s a bit of a far cry from survey employee. The only redeeming quality of the site is the fact that they use Clickbank to process orders. Clickbank offers a 60-day refund guarantee on ANY order so you can at least get your money back.

Stay far way from this program and any others like it.

If you haven’t seen it yet, click here and check out the post I wrote yesterday. I took a few pictures of checks I’ve received from different survey companies. You can join them all today and start making money online too. Best of all, my information is completely free.

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  • Rob

    Thanks for the warning I found you because I was suspicious, sounded to good to be true. The question is are there really any companies out there that pay any real money? (not just a dollar or two) Maybe at least $10. Rob

  • lori garrett
    lori garrett

    now how do i get my money back as soon as i paid through trialpay i got the first page of names and they are all web sites i am already a member of how wrong everyone out to get over on others really upsets me are there not any real people left in the world????

  • Suharmin

    Hi all,

    I’m a member of
    What I want to says is just stay away from this site !
    First when I read that site because they provide many paid surveys information and also 60 days money back guarantee.
    We all know we sign to that site because we want to make money from surveys, but unfortunately most of the surveys site didn’t available on my country, so I want to use my money back guarantee right.
    I get a forever for a reply, what i get is autoreply from their system says “Hello , We have received your submission, thank you!”
    That all, I’m already send 4 email in 3 days from got no reply until now

    Anyone know how to get my money back ?

  • thuha

    I am so lucky to read steve’s alert. I was about to pay $49,99 for them. Thank you, Steve!

  • richard


    thank you for this scam alert, but my question is why does some people earned on that survey4checks.? so please give some website that i can earn money at home, but not scam.thank you

  • Raghu

    Thanks for the scam alert. I was lured to buy membership at their site and then just googled to find some reviews about them. Saw your site and alert. Thanks for saving my hard earned money.

  • Steve


    Did you even read this post? I’ve mentioned numerous times that Surveys4Checks is a scam and to not buy in.


  • marilyn

    hi steve am wonder if this survey4check is true coz its amazing and i have seen the vedio and they in courage me, that why i wrote you pls. tell me the true is that suitable or know thank you am, waiting u reply .

  • Lenny

    many businesses nowadays do all ways to get the high money from our pocket with a low product or even nothing… no comment for the ones who earn money like this way. Is this seemed happening over the world now? more than 150 countries? In Vietnam, I feel bore and sick with HOMESHOPPING – Television program, very very perfect the advertisements, but the quality known by GOD! WHO CAN STOP THIS WILL BE THE SUPERMAN of this age.

  • Rizwan

    You’re right, I’ve bought the Kits. Nothing happens in 2 weeks. It’s time consuming and exhausting. When we entered in the member menu, sarah just give a free survey site link. I feel cheated, before I buy, I think that this site is a survey company and in fact just garbage links to the free survey sites.

    Thanks for the reviews. I hope no one get the same experience as me.

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