Last week, I wrote a post recommending the two survey programs LightSpeel Panel and EliteOpinions. That post had spurred some discussion in which readers Jeff and Deborah had suggested we feature a number of other survey programs. Well, I’ve looked into them and here are my thoughts.


I’ve actually been a member of NPDOR for quite a few years now. I was notified of this when I tried to register again and it said my email address was already registered. I haven’t received any invitation from them in a long time, but I’ve updated my profile and information and look forward to taking some surveys.

Click here to join NPDOR.

Ipsos I-Say

Halfway through filling out the registration form, I was redirected away from signing up and this message popped up.

Thank you for your interest in joining the i-Say Panel. Unfortunately, the quota group that you qualify for is now full.

We guarantee that the personal information you have provided will not be used to contact you and will not be passed to any third parties.

Not a good start on the way to a recommendation. I don’t have anything else to say on the program, but if you’re a member or were able to complete the sign up process, please leave a comment below and let me know how it’s worked out for you.

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Epoll Surveys

This looked like another generic survey site. Nothing stuck out as problematic and nothing stuck out as exceptional. I suggest joining if you’re trying to increase the number of survey requests you receive.

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This one has generated the most support from readers. The following comment seems to sum the program up rather nicely.

An update on Considering that this topic just came up today and that Jeff and I have had similar experiences along with favoring Carol Adams Mysurvey I found it quite timely that I received an email from MySurvey several minutes ago. Much to my surprise I was thanked for my participation and awarded a $25.00 gift card without cashing in any points. Simply a thank you gift card which I just promptly requested for Target’s pharmacy.

The site looks great and I anticipate a lot of survey invitations.

Click here to join MySurvey.

Fell free to submit your favorite survey sites in the comments below.

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  • Danny

    I’ve used Epoll for a while it took me like 3 years to finally get that $30 gift card. It’s inconsistent really, sometimes I’ll get like 4 surveys a month then maybe get none the next month.

  • J.L.

    I use SayNation, which I really haven’t heard mentioned anywhere, before. I’ve been paid via PayPal through them, $25. I’m more than halfway to their next cash out, as well. I have enough points to get other things, but I would just rather have cash. $25 Paypal is 29,000 points; I think I have around 17,000. I haven’t been working much, as I’ve been sick, but I get a few survey invites a day, and if you don’t qualify, they tell you quickly, and you get points for not qualifying, too. Also, they have a nice referral program also. Hope this helps!

  • Jeff

    Great blog about some of the survey invitations that you know about, and were sharing with your readers. I’m quite surprised that you don’t receive invites from the NPDOR site, since you stated that you’ve been a member for awhile. I get survey invitations from NPDOR every 1-2 weeks faithfully. Each survey is relatively short, (under 15 minutes to complete). Their reward system is based on raffle prizes, (cash, gifts, vacation trips, etc.). Again, you don’t make $10-15/survey. But, I’ve been at this long enough to know, (and I have the scars to prove it) that sites promising you the moon; guaranteeing a 6 figure annual income just by completing surveys 2-3 hours/day are completely fraudulent!
    I also noticed that for those people who might be interested in potential serious income through work-at-home opportunities, you recommended Wealthy Affiliate University. I joined WA earlier this month. With the level of educational materials available to enable one to become successful at this site, I can only state that for the monthly membership you can NOT find anything else on the Internet that compares with what WA has to offer. I did thorough research on the Internet about WA before I decided to go ahead and take the plunge by joining. I could not find anything negative about WA, anywhere. By no means is it a “get-rich-scheme” opportunity. Systematically, through their tutorials and 8 week learning plan, you are taught the ideals needed for you to eventually earn serious money as an affiliate for online products, (Clickbank being one such site). Their on site member forum contains a gold mine of information from affiliates who earn 6 and 7 figure yearly incomes, all of whom are eager to share their knowledge with you. Wealthy Affiliate University is a GREAT opportunity for those people looking for legitimate work at home income.

  • Miss Money Hunter
    Miss Money Hunter

    I recommend NFO/MySurvey, American Consumer Opinion (ACOP), Opinion Outpost, Toluna (formerly Your2Cents), Survey Spot, and Mindfield Online. I’ve been paid by all of them except Mindfield, and expect to be paid by Mindfield before the year’s up.

    I also recommend ClickIQ, GlobalTestMarket, SurveySavvy, ValuedOpinions – I haven’t received payment yet by any but most have paid others in the GPT/PTC/PTR community that I know of. Valued Opinions has a pretty high cashout ($20) but I expect to be able to cash out there before the end of the year.

    E-poll and Lightspeed are both also good, although I have never had much luck there. And Pinecone Research does pay, though I’m not a member there anymore.

    I thought Surveyhead was a scam, but turns out it’s not – one of my readers posted payment proof a few weeks ago (after being concerned that she might not get paid). It is legit after all.

    RE your mention of Ipsos/I-Say – I have always been a little wary of that one. I see the link in some questionable places and it just gives me a feeling much like I’ve had about some that are definitely either scammy or just not worth it. I’d proceed with caution on that one in any case, though I fully admit my instinct about that one might be wrong. It’s just a perception I’ve picked up some of the places I’ve seen it – and the way I seem to get inundated with spammish mails from there anytime I’ve done PTS offers, etc.

  • Miyako

    I’m a member of Ipsos I-Say. I only have 39 points (you need a minimum of 50 for redemption) because I either don’t qualify for a survey (they give you a point or two for trying, though) or I don’t complete the ones I’m sent because they either sound boring or are about grocery shopping. I have no idea if it’s because their matching system doesn’t work or if they’re going by mainstream culture and I don’t fit into that. I’m female, 24, single, have no children, and a student. I’ve been a member since about June and have received about 30 survey invitations.

    Something that I don’t like about I-Say is that they usually don’t tell you what the survey is about, how long it will take, or how many points you can earn before you click on the link in the e-mail.

    I’m also a member of ( It advertises to “young people” by featuring rewards from American Eagle, iTunes, Game Stop, etc. and by having twenty-somethings displayed on the site. They tell you how many points you will earn and about how long it will take in e-mails, but their redemption minimum is higher than I-Say. 100-249 will only get you a one-year magazine subscription. 250 will get you a $15 iTunes gift card. You need at least 300 for a $25 gift card. Each survey earns you more points than I-Say (10 vs. 5). I’ve earned 55 points with this program so far, but there’s a limited amount of time to use them before they expire (20 days after the end of your membership year). I have it set to 1-3 surveys per week, but I actually receive about two per month and I’ve been a member since October 2008. I’m much more likely to complete these surveys.

    What I would really be interested in is a survey program just about technology.

  • Gretchen

    I’m a member of too many survey companies to remember… but my favorites have to be Opinion Outpost and Pinecone.

    Opnion Outpost has only a $5 minimum on checks, and a 10 to 1 point system – 10 points earns you 1 dollar. Most surveys are worth 20-40 points, depending on how long they take. I’ve requested checks three times since April and have received them within 2 weeks each time. Their site is

    Pinecone surveys are worth $3 and a sweepstakes entry each, and they mail checks within 10 days after finishing a survey. Plus they’ll sometimes send products to test and keep – I’ve gotten shampoo twice, and a Campbell’s soup-at-hand before they went on the market. The catch is that you can’t just join at their site – you have to watch the net for invitations, and they’re not out all the time. Their site is

  • Jen

    I belong to Lightspeed and I’ve received one payment of $15 and one payment of $20 from them via PayPal. They are definitely legit.

    I also belong to EPoll, they’re fun because they have a lot of surveys surrounding movies and TV shows. Sometimes I will either get a DVD in the mail or a video to watch once I log into their system. Then you answer questions related to the show you’ve watched. It’s fun!

    I can’t remember which survey program it is but I’ve received product as well from some of the companies. I’ve gotten cat food samples, sunscreen, a full bottle of brand name shampoo and conditioner and a 32 oz. bottle of brand name lotion to try. It’s been great!

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