If you know me from any of my previous sites, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate of SurveySavvy. Online survey “companies” are a dime a dozen these days, but SurveySavvy is one of the few companies that will actually pay you to take online surveys.

Make Money with Online Surveys

From my experience, SurveySavvy sends out a new batch of surveys once a week. Each survey typically takes between 15-30 minutes to complete and you will earn at least $3 for your opinion. However, there are two things you can do to increase your earnings and the number of survey invitations you receive.

Keep Your Portrait Updated

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The first thing that you need to do after signing up is to completely fill out your Member Portrait. You will be invited to take a lot more surveys with a complete portrait. Each portrait takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and gives SurveySavvy a more personal look at your life.

SurveySavvy is also currently holding a competition for you to win 1 of 6 Canon Powershot SD800 IS Digital ELPH. For every portrait you complete, you’ll earn another entry into the contest. Not only are you given a chance to make more money, you have a chance of winning a free digital camera as well.

Refer Your Friends

If you aren’t satisfied with making a few extra bucks a week from your own surveys and you want to start making some actual money, you’re going to need to refer other people. Each direct referral will earn you $2 every time your referral completes a survey. Each indirect referral (your referral’s referral) will earn you $1 per survey they take. With enough referrals you can easily be making $xx per week just for having enough referrals.

I’ve Tried It and I Get Paid to Take Surveys

It’s true. I cash out my earnings once a week so it feels like I’m making a regular paycheck. These checks normally range between $50-$75 per week. That’s, on average, an extra $200 a month just for taking surveys and referring friends. If you’re looking to start making extra money by taking online surveys, SurveySavvy is the place to start.

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  • Man and Van Richmond
    Man and Van Richmond

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I will try now to earn money through surveys.

  • Sara

    I have been a member for a few months and so far I have cashed a check for $1.50. I am waiting for 12 dollars to be credited to my account and my fiance also completed a survey for $20 that we are waiting to be credited for. I know it is legit, but we don’t get many offers and we barely ever qualify. But hey it’s better than a swift kick in the pants.

  • Dillon

    STRATEGY- $ $ $ $ $
    1) In order to qualify for a survey you must meet their target demographic. A common target demographic would be a fairly educated adult homeowner with kids and a Tech related job…. *Wink-wink ;-)
    2) Be consistent with your answers. Do not say you are 33 when registering and 20 when completing a survey. Any inconsistent facts about you will lead to disqualification from a survey (loss of time and money).
    3) At first, surveys will be minimal and pay minimally, Stick with it and they will start coming more often with increasing value (They trust established members).
    4) Once you get registered it is critical to carefully complete “Your Portrait” if you are serious about getting surveys that actually pay. Remember CONSISTANCY!
    5) Be PATIENT!! You won’t see any money be credited to your account for a few weeks. Don’t worry, they are required by contract and law to credit you what they promise. A reasonable figure to aim for is a $100 per month.

    Check out my blog for more money making strategy!


  • Tony

    Yes, it’s totally true about being able to make money taking online surveys.You can make a few hundreds dollars a month depending on how many you sign up for. I have done online surveys for a few years, one to two hours a day, and make a couple of hundred dollars a month every month. Of course you won’t make a living out of it but it’s better than nothing and above all it’s fun. I get everything I need from this website:

  • Chris at Top Work From Home
    Chris at Top Work From Home

    Paid online surveys are a good way to make a couple of extra dollars a month. If you are looking to earn 6 figures a year from them they will not get you there.

    As for not qualifying for surveys this all comes down to your profile. The better the information in your profile the better the survey company can match you with their client base. Most people are not willing to share the information on the profile questionnaire but without that information you will not get surveys.

    Think about it – if you fill your profile as Mary from Washington and the survey company has a client who wants to survey women age 30-35 with 2 or more children from the Pacific Northwest you will not qualify even if you hit all those markers because you didn’t tell them.

    Surveys can be fun to fill out but to get them you have to trust the comapny and fill out the profile completley.

  • Kaelah

    Hey, i’m a 14yr old looking for a way to make some money while i’m at school. First I looked up and found Surveyteam, then I checked the review by Steve. I see that Steve recommends SurveySavvy, but tons of people commented saying that they have had problems. Should I make an account?

  • Frank

    Good to know I’m not the only one not qualifying for surveys. I’ve update my profile a couple of times,and still no invites to surveys. I was about to get a complex …haha!
    At least it didn’t cost anything. I’d hate to refer any friends to this if it doesn’t pay off. I’ll update my profile yet again and see what happens.

  • amanda

    i paid to join 2 data companies costing $100, and neither has made me a cent yet. even after two weeks. i have been ripped off and probaly will never see my money again.

  • Jeff

    Based on your comments on Surveysavvy I signed up. In the three weeks since then I have received one offer, spent 15 mins. answering the questions (seemed like a survey to me), at which time I was informed I didn’t qualify. I have, however, received 25 to 30 spam emails EVERY DAY to an account I set up on the day I registered with this co. Looks like an email address scam to me.

  • samantha

    i registered and filled out my profile completely about a wk and a half ago and have yet to receive any invitations for surveys.. and im in the us!!

  • Antonio

    I just signed up for Surveysavvy, but after reading these comments from other users, I think I’ll never qualify for any survey. I live in Portugal and from what I’ve read, Surveysavvy is mostly US-focused. But… signing up was free and you never know what the future holds. As they say: “Hope is the last thing to die.”

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  • TJ

    You must have the demographics they want. Been there done that with the survey sites and always seem to get the “sorry you don’t qualify for this survey” message a few questions into it.

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