I received information about this survey company through an email request. Immediately, I was skeptical due to the typical survey landing page and the claims to make $100 per survey, but I decided to take a look inside.

A Looooong List of “Surveys”

After submitting all of my information, I was greeted with a long list of surveys that I could take. However, these aren’t your typical surveys. Some of the surveys do have a ten-question form to fill out but most of the surveys were links to another landing page. In order to receive credit for taking a survey, you have to give out your credit card information in order to complete a particular offer. Now, we all know what this means. SurveyTeam will be credited x amount of dollars while you get a small fraction of what they make. This site is simply a waste of time.

Always Read the Fine Print

“Note: From May 15 2007, the minimum Payout limit has been raised to $100.” SurveyTeam also reserves the right to cancel your account at any time for any reason they see fit. These reasons will almost definitely include “becoming to close to the $100 cash-out mark.” SurveyTeam also makes a number of references to “winning at surveys.” I don’t know how many times you may have taken surveys, but I’ve taken a few and I’ve never “won” one before.

General Rule of Thumb

If you have to pay to take surveys, you aren’t at a legitimate survey website. Stick with the real sites like SurveySavvy for all your survey needs and don’t waste any more time with sites like these.

What YOU can do
Scams like this one thrive on ignorance and emotional appeal. You can help put these guys out of business by spreading the word about this post and the dirty tricks of scammers that want to kick you when you’re down. Help us get the word out:

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  3. Report fraudulent activity at Scam Victims United and to your local police

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  • Barb

    this is definitely a scam, most of the “surveys” require participation, which of course requires credit card, purchase, etc.

  • tammy

    yeah, this site is a scam. i spent $35 with another company to get acess to survey companies. after about 30 surveys and another $30 for S&H on products to be sent to me, i have never been paid anything and still havent recieved any products. i have contacted the police and BBB.

  • Oleg

    I’v got eventually $115 approved, and requiested to transfer to my PayPal account, which I had for about 3 years, it is about 4 months since my requiest, they responded twice for my 20 emails and 5 faxes, still waiting for $$$$

  • Joe

    Kari, what’s the status on your fight with them? Did they ever payout?

  • Joe

    That rots, James! Problem is, they probably had you “agree to terms and conditions” when you signed up, and the fine print says they can cancel you at any time for any reason.

  • James

    I requested my payment on may 15th for $50 before they raise it to $100. Its been 3 months now, no sign of payment even after 3 emails to them. Last few days was the shocking days, they suspended my account in terms of fraudulent activity. I have a few email communications with them asking them to show me the proof of me doing fraud but they ask me to prove to them instead. They closed my account and expect me to show them. I don’t even know what the survey was and ask me to prove I did not commit fraud. Damn, they are retards or what? Right now, I have over $120 inside. I’ll give them a few more days to response to me or later I’m reporting this to the police

  • Kari Sharpe
    Kari Sharpe

    I has the exact thing happen to me I joined this so called company and took several surveys and this was the end of January,2007…I immediately recieved confirmation for 2 and my pay was listed at $33.00 well at the time it was at a $50.00 minimum before you could get paid well I waited and waited after the first 4 weeks I sent them an email they said they had to wait for the confirmation from the company and then they would payout…Well 6 weeks came and went I sent another emial the same response as the first one I sent..well it has been 8 months and my payout is $33.00 and pending is still $282.00 what’s wrong with this picture what can we do…we need to stop this somehow..how do we do it….im ready..

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