Swiss Espe Jewelry Scam

I have seen numerous reports popping up around the web lately on this company called Swiss Espe. They apparently want to setup stores and need you to do all the work and purchasing for them. Why can’t they do it themselves? Who knows. Anyway, here is the email that has been circulating recently on job boards such as Monster and Career Builder.

Thank you for your reply.
I enclose our offers description.

Possibly you had know what we’ll shortly be opening a new branch of Swiss Espe Company within US. We are now handling such a large volume our products that is has proved necessary to expend our activities to our business expansion.
As you know many people are already working from home. Surely such job suits for many people who want have advantages of flexi-time. So you’ll be working at home and have 4-6 hours to work in week. All will be just up to you. Unfortunately we haven’t open office now (this December only).

Your responsibilities will include the purchase of equipment and special advertising services. Wholesale purchases will not your responsibilities. Our firm has been opening a new branch on perspective market in east Europe and Asia. You have to shipping equipment to offices in these branches. We save money when buying equipment for new offices in US and have a good chance paying the merited salary our staff. So you’ll pay expenditures for the advertisement.

Don’t worry all funds you’ll get from company by transfer to you. You won’t buy goods for your funds. Only by funds which we will send to you.
This more conveniently for us and it makes possible for you to rapidly obtain wage.

In Europe we have very high prices for the electrical goods (laptops, digital and video cameras, computers etc.) and advertising services. In Switzerland the prices are especially high. It’s reason for our company to buy some items in your country. In this case we’ll save about 30-50% from European price.
That’s why we are looking for employee which will buy to equipment for us. You’ll buy all things via Internet. We understand his way more convenience for you.

You’ll be working at home because we haven’t open office now. So you’ll have 4-6 hours to work in week. All will depend on you. You have to make purchase of equipment via Internet or in location store. This makes possible working from your house and economizes your time.

How rapidly a person moves up in responsibilities and pay is based largely on his own efforts, more than on age or length of employment.

Your total salary will be $45,000.00 plus/ year. The salary is based on the combined method. It means that you’ll receive it as an advance payment $200.00 – $800.00 from each transaction and the rest part in the month’s end. So, you’ll receive $200.00…$800.00 / each transaction immediately and the rest part at the end of the current employment month. For example, you’ll complete 4 transactions (you’ll receive $2,000.00 total from that) – and you’ll receive $2,790.00 in the month’s end if your salary $4,790.00/month.

You will be contact with me. I’ll be going to connect with you on telephone or via e-mail.
You’ll receive detailed instructions from me. Your primary task is just to follow instructions of the manager rapidly and effectively. Also it’s not a MLM, we’re not looking for investments and you should not buy equipment for your own money. We are not working with any kind of checks, because it will take a long time for transaction to be posted. Also there are a lot of scam schemes with checks.

If you have any questions please get in touch with me via e-mail. If you want to work you can start this week. If you agree to start working as soon as it possible will send following information for registration in our staff department.

Full Name –
Date of Birth –
Address, City, State, ZIP –
Home Phone –
Cell Phone –

I look forward to your early reply.
Yours sincerely
Elza Miller
Swiss Espe

Sounds a bit fishy. The broken English is no help either. However, the website that was created is actually very convincing. It looks like a legitimate operation. But of course, that’s what they want you to think. Ignore the team’s biographies. They are all fake. Ardit Sabian, Juergen Albin, Kushtrim Pieratte, Petrus Yvette, Armend Vreni, James Guessel, Kreshnik Pia, Flamur Odile, Margrit Kelsey and Jetmir Orsuner don’t actually exist.

What is the Swiss Espe scam then?

The real scam lies within the second email they send to you. The first email claims that they won’t be dealing with checks since there are too many schemes involved with them. Instead, they want your full bank account information in order to send you money through an Electronic Funds Transfer.

If you’re thinking that it may still sound legitimate, you’re wrong. Yes they aren’t using checks, but now they have all of your personal and bank account information. They aren’t dealing with checks because they will just drain your bank account directly. There’s no hassle and you lose out entirely.

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Full details on the scam haven’t been made available yet (thank God!) but the following is my speculation of what would happen if you follow through with Swiss Espe. You send them your bank account information and they actually do wire you some money and they tell you to spend it on certain equipment. The company selling the equipment is most likely in on the scam too. You make a purchase, Swiss Espe cancels or reverses the EFT, and you’re stuck with the hefty bill.

Avoid dealing with Swiss Espe at all costs. There’s absolutely no reason a major corporation will be seeking random individuals to open and setup shops for them. It just doesn’t make sense.

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  • Beth

    You are absolutely right Steve. Now known as swiss-erlin or Better yet s & e corp. Google it and read the privacy policy. Mention nothing about jewlery and talk specifically about electronic fund transfers and that the only information they receive is information you have provided to them voluntarily. Not really a privacy policy more like a safety net for the legality of their scam. Oxy moron right? Anyhow if it seems too good to be true, it is. Do not waste your time or get involved with this bogus. Steve, I believe your hypothesis hit the nail on the head.

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