Making money online is often a risky business, especially as there are so many dubious and downright rotten companies out there.

As such it was interesting to come across All in One Profits as they seem to offer a way to create an online business while also helping you earn regular commissions in the process.

I mean, what could go wrong?

What does All in One Profits offer?

AIOP offers a variety of services when you become a member, all aimed at helping you become an online entrepreneur.

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These include:

  • Web hosting
  • Autoresponder
  • Squeeze page builder
  • Link tracker
  • Various AIOP affiliate tools
  • Training

The pro level of membership also includes some additional features:

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Advertising co-op and credits
  • PLR products

The two membership levels cost differently of course. For the basic level you’re looking at $11.50 per month ($10 membership fee and $1.50 administration fee). For the pro level, it comes in at $21.74 ($20 bucks for the membership and $1.74 processing fee).

For the supposed level number of tools provided this is incredibly cheap. However, another element of AIOP brings the value and quality of these tools into a stark light: MLM.

Is All in One Profits an MLM?

MLM, in case you don’t know, is Multi-Level Marketing. MLM are borderline legal though they can easily become something called a Pyramid scheme, which is illegal in most countries, including the USA.

Is All in One Profits an MLM? Well technically no. By purchasing membership you’re given access to the various tools and services they offer. MLMs on the other hand don’t generally offer anything in return for membership except money.

That being said, AIOP is certainly on the borderline her as they strongly push the idea of promoting AIOP itself in order to earn money.

In fact their “compensation plan” is based on systems that MLM programs use.

They offer a system they call Even Up and it works like this. You join the system by referral and your membership fee goes up the chain to either whoever referred you to the system or whoever referred them to the system.

From your point you need to recruit people to join AIOP.

The first person you recruit you get their membership fee ($10 for basic or $15 for pro) for the life of their membership.

The second person you recruit you get nothing for. That money is passed up the chain to the person who recruited you.

The third person you recruit, you again get the commission.

This continues on so every odd number of people you recruit you get commission for.

Now if someone you recruited then recruits people you then get the commissions for their even recruitments.

As such money is always being passed around from member to member.

This is why MLMs are often referred to as Pyramid schemes, because the system requires a lot of people at the bottom to feed money up the chain to the few at the top.

While All in One Profits isn’t technically a Pyramid scheme, it has very obvious ties to MLM and the FTC has clear guidelines on MLMs, basically telling people to do their due diligence as these are often scams.

AIOP tools to promote AIOP

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A Good number of the tools provided are specifically to promote All in One Profits.

Some Other Concerns

As well as possibly being labelled as an MLM, All in One Profits concerns me on other levels.


The first is the quality of the AIOP tools and services.

Let’s start by looking at the (in theory) profits being made by this company. With basic customers they make the $1.50 admin fee, as the $10 is passed up the chain to other customers. With the pro customers that profit increases to $6.74 ($5 not sent up the chain, plus the admin fee).

With the cost of staff, hosting, purchasing licences for tools, purchasing new products, taxes and of course profit this amount doesn’t go very far.

There have been reports online of the hosting and auto responders not being the best out there and honestly I’m not surprised. The fact that they (seemingly) make very little revenue per customer means they have very little to spend on quality products including hosting.

Black hat, gray hat, and outdated techniques

I’m not knocking these, but let’s face it a place like AIOP is going to be getting a lot of online marketing and entrepreneur newbies; newbies who will get burnt if they use less than white hat techniques.

The two things that stood out for me was the PLR content and the promoting of using spun content.

First off, PLR content is almost always unusable. Either it has been published elsewhere hundreds of times already or you will need to modify it so heavily that writing your own unique article would have been much faster.

Spun content is even worse! Spun content (articles changed by an algorithm) results in poor quality content that often makes no sense whatsoever. In this day and age where Google et al requires quality, authoritative content, using spun content will pretty much guarantee your site never climbs the ranks.

The AIOP site states:

Article and email marketing creation made easy using our Spin Master Pro software

Article and email marketing is not a push button system! It requires a lot of work through understanding your audience. A magic piece of software isn’t going to be able to accomplish this for you.


When it comes to a website that is trying to sell you something seeing spelling and grammatical errors littering the copy is a sure sign of something bad. If their system makes as much money as they suggest surely they can afford to hire an editor.

A lack of professionalism in this regards is a serious detriment to AIOP.

The Bottom Line

You don’t need to use All in One Profits as anything other than a hosting and tool service. You’re under no obligations to promote them at all, but this is what will be pushed on you as a way to make money online.

The training and tools are OK but nothing that will really help you succeed. Really, you should run away from any program pushing PLR and spun content.

Please sound off in the comments below with any experiences you have had with All in One Profits.

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