The Empower network is old hat nowadays, they’ve managed to survive for about 2 years or so which is quite impressive for an MLM, seeing as most of them die quite early due to the transient nature of the business model.

Of course what that means is that other systems will pop up “on the coat tails” of Empower network and try to emulate its success.

Level One Network will of course deny its similarities to Empower, but it is plain to see they have modelled themselves in a similar way.

What is the Level One Network?

Level One Network is an MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing system.

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The basic premise is that you join and recruit people below you and they feed a commission from their sales or membership fee up to you and you feed a commission from your sales or membership fee up the guy above you and so on.

If you follow any of my work here at I’ve Tried That, you will know that I am not fond on MLM systems in general. If the FTC and other governing bodies put out warnings about this type of business and actively try to take down the larger, and to be fair more fraudulent ones, then you have to realise that the business model is flawed.

How is it different?

Level One Network doesn’t have a “matrix” which most MLM’s do. Matrices (that’s the plural of matrix) are convoluted, confusing systems which show you how you lose, err, how you pass up your commissions and get passed commissions.

This system actually follows the Empower system in that there are no matrices, but instead a passing up system where your second, fifth and every subsequent fifth (10th, 15th, etc) recruitment does not get paid you, but gets passed up to the person who referred you.

In my mind, this is just a simplified matrix, made out to not be a matrix to try and separate the system from the atypical MLMs.


What do you get?

Like a lot of systems out there, Level One Network does not have a product as such to promote. Nor is it just based on memberships. It works in that it provides you with marketing training to promote Level One Network (of course) and other affiliate products of your choosing.

It does this in a way that you don’t have a website but instead blog on your section on their website. In some ways it’s a good idea, it provides your blog and articles with some power from the website itself, and the more articles there are, the more Google indexes the site and the more traffic is generated.

The problem with that though is you are tied to the site. You can’t move your content off of it, and if the site tanks for any reason, so does your content.

However, you could take the training provided and use it with your own site, though due to the methods they have of posting blogs, you never really get to see how keywords work.

There is another, potentially larger issue here too, in that with all this content that is unrelated and covering a wide area of interest and a lack of a cohesive “news” element to it, then Google is likely to lump Level One Network into the content farm category. If or perhaps when that happens the site will tank and no article will reach page ten let alone page one.

Costs and Rewards

Of course, this isn’t going to be free, in fact it’s fairly expensive. You are looking at two monthly fees: $19.95 for the use of their blogging system and $29.00 which “gets passed up”.

That’s nearly $50 bucks a month.

Of course, if and I do say if, you get people in underneath you, you start earning $29 per month.

This wouldn’t be a true MLM if it didn’t press upon you the importance of overpriced upsells, and there are 3:

SEO Pro Connect at $99

This enables you to create “gateways” or as I like to call them, landing pages.

PDF Pro Express at $199

This helps you create PDF files. While I didn’t buy this, the whole concept blew my mind! Why would anyone pay for this when you can buy Microsoft Office for less than $100 and be able to create PDF’s in that.

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Master Training Series at $599

A 20 week training course.

It is tempting to look at these figures and consider the system, as I believe those one off fees are passed up to you so long as it is your 2nd, 5th, 10th etc recruit.


If you watch all the video reviews about Level One Network they talk a lot about how easy it is to rank with articles on the site.

One thing I have noticed though is it seems these articles rank quickly, but also drop quickly. Checking out some of the few months old videos, their articles were literally nowhere to be seen.

The Bottom Line: Is Level One Network a Scam?

You can probably make money with this system, especially if you manage to convince others into joining below you and sticking with it for longer than a month.

My biggest concern is that eventually this system will collapse in on itself, either due to the nature of MLM’s in the first place, or being slammed by Google as a content farm.

While the training is always useful the fact that they push overly expensive products (seriously $200 bucks for a PDF creator?!) and services is concerning, there are a lot of places where you can get quality training inclusive of the monthly fee and that fee is cheaper than what you would pay with Level One Network.

I can’t say it’s an out and out scam, but I would suggest you being careful here, you could easily get sucked into paying out money that you don’t need to.

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  • Robert

    I was all in with the Level One Network. I think it’s a great company, but maybe not so great for noobies. By the way the SEO Pro Connect consists of gateway pages, not landing pages lol. You use the gateway pages in your link circle to get ranked on the search engines. The PDF Pro publishes PDF files on its own domain. THis is important because search engines look for variety in the links that point to your website. The masters training (which i also purchased) is an extensive tutorial that teaches you how to link in white hat style.

    When I was still in it, I was ranked for keyword “work part time from home.” I was getting about 5 leads a day and did not make any sales. THat is probably because of the content?

    THe creator Dan Miller urges members to promote other affiliate products such as golf equipment, music, weight loss products, etc. He says to look beyond just selling the membership itself.

    Is it a scam? Absolutely not. Are there better SEO methods? I think so. I’ve known members use the blogging platform to rank their Youtube videos and other websites.

    I quit because I didn’t really like the platform. Also I wasn’t getting the “big picture” in my blog posts. I was trying to have all my posts rank, but that’s not always possible when your blog is all over the place and not in one specific niche (when starting out).

    I hope this sheds some light.


  • Dean Robinson
    Dean RobinsonAuthor

    Hi Ray, I haven’t had a look at MLSP as yet, however my short answer is always to steer clear of MLM’s. They are risky and often don’t deliver on their promises.

  • Ray

    Nice to see an honest review instead of the ones you get from people promoting them. I was looking at this as well as empower and my lead system pro. Would like to know you thoughts on MLSP.

  • Dean Robinson
    Dean RobinsonAuthor

    Hi, I agree that any legitimate business can be turned into a scam. And yes while an MLM system can be designated as a legitimate business, I certainly don’t believe they are a sustainable model and I would whole heartedly disagree that they are “one of the best business models for people looking to start a legitimate business”, perhaps if you are already experienced in marketing, but even then I would be wary of them. But differing opinions make the world go round :) if you have made some cash from a system then thats good.

  • Nelson Rodriguez
    Nelson Rodriguez

    Good article,

    I experienced a similar company where I was paying my “upline” $100 per month and $49 to the company. What I was getting in return I didn’t think was worth what I was paying. HOWEVER, the MLM / net working model is one of the best business models for people looking to start a legitimate business. Anyone can take a legitimate business model and develop a scam around it. Crazy Eddie, Bernie Madoff, Allen Standford and social security are all good examples. Disclosure: yes I’m with a network marketing company :)

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