Social networks have been around for some time now, Facebook is nearly 10 years old and there are even older ones such as MySpace (or My___ if you prefer).

The fact that these sites have survived so long and remained popular (yes, even MySpace still has millions of users) is testament to the social web, the fact that people want to interact with friends, family and like-minded individuals.

From an internet marketing standpoint, social networks are a dream come true. They provide a huge audience, which isn’t always a good thing as they are not niche targetable, but more often than not these networks provide ways for sub cultures and specific interest groups to branch off into their own little corner.

This means that marketers can indeed find a targetable audience.

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Heard and Respected

A difficulty with social marketing is spam. While you may not think you are sending spam out into the world, others may disagree. No one wants to see post after post of “buy this”, or “hire me”, or “give me your money” posts, which is how a lot of (bad) social marketing is done.

Another difficulty lies in being heard. Even in niche groups you are small fry, with little to no standing in the group. Your options are limited, you either need to begin the long process of integrating with the group to raise your status and trust level or post and hope for the best.

Anthony La Rocca, the author of the product Facebook Mayhem, has found another, interesting way to leverage the marketing and moneymaking potential of Facebook pages. You can visit but it may not be open there just yet.

Facebook Mayhem is definitely one of those methods, that as a newbie or intermediate online marketer, you will slap your forehead and think “That’s so obvious! Why didn’t I think of that!?!”

What Do You Get?

The system is a 4 part tutorial consisting of 5 videos. In total, it is just under one and a half hours of video training.

I hate video training, but they went down surprisingly easy, even though there was no written text for me to browse. The quality is reasonable, some hiss, but nothing you can’t tune out, and Anthony is an easy going speaker.

There are a few added extras but nothing to get too excited about.

The membership page lists 3 bonuses:

The first one is access to a private Facebook group – the Secret Inner Circle Bunker – to discuss strategies etc. I didn’t sign up but I am sure it could be useful and it also brings in a community aspect to a fairly cheap product which is nice to see.

The second bonus is a 38 minute video, after going through an email harvester of course.

The third bonus, well, it is not really a bonus; it is the obligatory cross sell for another product.

Oh, there is also an upsell when you first purchase the product, only the one though.

Module 1: The Group Grenade

This module outlines the basic process behind the whole system. I don’t really want to tell you the exact details, as that wouldn’t be fair to the maker of the product.

What I can say is that my relationship with social media marketing has always been to use those networks to send out messages trying to either promote a product directly, or referring people to a review or other post that indirectly promotes a product.

What Facebook Mayhem is suggesting is, to me at least, quite a novel way of looking at marketing on Facebook.

It takes the power of a social network, and makes you network socially! That’s right folks, you will need to talk to people!

Module 2: Apparel Assault

There are actually two videos for the module; they both are training you to use a specific site in order to create a product, in this case clothing. These are the products that you will use with what you learnt in module one to make money with Facebook.

Module 3: The Flipping Minefield

A quick terminology reminder: “flipping” refers to the act of creating a website and selling it on for a profit. Often these sites are made specifically to sell. It doesn’t involve any form of rude gesture!

Whether you have flipped a site before or only considered it, I wonder if it ever crossed your mind to flip a Facebook page.

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Anthony goes through his process of exactly that. This isn’t a standard flip; there is no site like involved.

As with the previous training this is direct marketing and direct contact with people who may be interested in what you have, as well as selling on Warrior Forum.

He also mentions a couple of ways to build extra value both to you in the short term and the potential buyer in the long term. This involves creating additional basic websites outside of Facebook.

This module was interesting but the areas where you can sell a Facebook page seem limited, but it is possible.

He briefly mentions that selling the pages may be against Facebook terms, so be aware of that!

Module 4: The Google Hangout Brigade

This video was mainly hosted by a different guy, who I didn’t particularly like from a video perspective, his style was rushed, and jarring.

That aside, this module shows you how to embed a Google Plus Hangout (on Air) into a Facebook page, which I honestly didn’t know you could do!

This does open up a lot of possibilities for your Facebook page, or more specifically for your clients Facebook pages, if you have local clients.

The Bottom Line

The whole point of this system is to make you look at Facebook pages in a slightly different way than you may have done before.

There isn’t any in depth training so to speak, but the ideas he gives are certainly interesting.

Not everyone will like this though as there is an element of direct marketing, in that you have to be able to speak to people, even if it is via email or Facebook.

You need the confidence to be able to make that connection, build that trust and then make that sale. You might be thinking that that is just internet marketing and you would be correct.

However, adding blog posts to a website in the hope of catching a passing visitor’s interest in something is different to being connected and immersed in a social network while trying to market.

Just some food for thought.

Is Facebook Mayhem a scam? No it isn’t. You may already be aware of his idea, but unless you are deeply involved in Facebook marketing it is perhaps unlikely, so there is a potential risk of wasting your money.

In my opinion, for less than $10 the information is useful for those wanting to go further with Facebook, but I urge you to be wary of Facebook’s terms.

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