I’ve been taken a lot of time off recently. But I’m back and in the process of a full-review of a program that’s been getting a lot of attention recently.

It’s called Chris Farrell Membership.

Yeah, that’s it. Interesting name choice, but you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Joining Chris Farrell’s Membership Program

I’ll be joining Chris Farrell Membership in just a few moments and will be testing out his training over the next week or so. You can join for the first 7 days for only $4.95. Chris offers this trial period to make sure you are sure this is a right fit for you. After that it costs $37/month to be a member. Nothing too expensive. It does come with unlimited webhosting too, so that’s a huge plus.

Chris Farrell Membership claims to teach Internet Marketing at a beginner’s level. His course regularly receives praise and is usually rated among the best Internet Marketing training programs.

One of the features that most attracts me to his site is the “21 Days to Success” training he offers. It’s very similar to another program I highly recommend so I’m interested to see how it stacks up. Chris has created training videos that span 21 days. You login, learn from his video lesson, complete the tasks he hands you, and work towards building a business.

I’m a HUGE fan of this teaching style. It really helps break down the learning process into “bite-sized” pieces. That way you’ll learn at a reasonable pace and won’t be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information being offered. There’s little more daunting than receiving a 300-page book on how to make money online. This way you can learn at a reasonable pace without the added stress.

In my next update, I’ll give you guys an inside look at the program. I’ll show you what you get when you join, and give you my personal opinions about the program (what I like, what I didn’t like, how it compares to other programs, etc.)

My biggest fear (again, I haven’t joined yet, this is merely speculation) is that you’ll be learning how to sell Chris Farrell products. I’m just getting that vibe from his site for some reason and I sincerely hope I’m 100% wrong.

Have any of you guys had any experience with his training program? If so, what did you think? Still a member? I’d love to hear some reader’s stories as well.

I do enter my Christ Farrell Membership review with an optimistic outlook (rare here at I’ve Tried That, but let’s be honest, there’s little reason for me to be optimistic these days when it comes to ‘make money online’ type products.) And I really look forward to giving this site a proper review.

More next week!

One last sidenote. Don’t do an image search for Chris Farrell’s name. He seems to share a name with a popular underwear model. Image results display gratuitous amounts of, hmm, well, yeah.

Just don’t do it.

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  • Ryan G
    Ryan G

    you sell anything you want as an affiliate. I’m not a member of CFM but I have read a lot about him and his program. His teachings are fundamental, but good. I think he suggests registering for Clickbank and selecting a product to sale. You promote it on your website and when someone clicks your link to purchase it you will get a commission.
    An example would be a video course on how to hit a golf ball 300 yards. Or you can actually sell Chris Farrell Membership on your website. If people use your link to sign up for the course then you get a commission. You can do the same thing with physical products that you find off amazon.

    Basically, you can sell anything, thats the beauty of it.

  • alan dobson
    alan dobson

    i think i’m a bit dim,what do people actually sell once they’ve been through the course?

  • Seth Layton
    Seth Layton

    Oh wow, I just noticed this post is about 6 months old. I guess I’ll need to read more.

  • Seth Layton
    Seth Layton

    It’s funny that you just started researching into this guy, because I’ve just started doing the same. Both Jennifer and Sylviane, both of whom are great internet marketers, apparently have him favorited so I’m going to see what’s up also. Thanks a bunch.

  • sthomas

    ok so after i finish my website on chris farrell’s site then offer my free ebook i will get emails from people that r interested in that ebook. I will then sale products but where will i find those products and will i have to pay for them first? I couldn’t find this site on the bbb either so i emailed chris and he said he was in the process of getting listed with the bbb. So then i called city hall in beverly hills, ca to see if he had a business license and they couldn’t find him listed. I’ve been with his membership for 6mths now & haven’t found the time to totally finish my site. I really want to feel safe with this. Please help me. Does anyone out there know if i have to buy my products to sale them and do you know how i can find out if this business is legitiment?

  • Heather

    I’m interested in knowing if Chris Farrell has a business name so I can look him up on the BBB. Just looked up Chris Farrell Membership with no results.

  • Peter

    All he does is the same as all the rest of the so-called gurus. That is he packages up is own program and wants you to push it for him. There is quite a bit of useful information; however, it’s the same re-hashed stuff that you could find in almost any free report you can find.

    He does present things in a down- to-earth manner yet he provides nothing of true value except to maybe a brand newbie. So the bottom line is: After you waste your money on him, you’ll need to waste some more money on the next “Guru” before you’ll make more than enough to pay for your hosting.

    And for whoever claims that he doesn’t want you to push his product must already be an affiliate!

  • Rolf


    Chris Farrell is really good and a real person! In the beginning he responded personally to my emails but these days it would just be too much for him.

    He does not ask you to sell his products at all.

    My only objection would be that he uses traditional static HTML pages. I don’t know if that has changed now. I would prefer WordPress to be used because of the greater flexibility you have.

    For one thing WordPress makes it easier to interact with your visitors, so i would advise to use this platform instead.

    Other things to take a careful look at, if you are into internet marketing, are Facebook Fan Pages, the Amazon affiliate program and YouTube as well as the smart phone. I am especially interested in the Android platform.

    I don’t these things are covered in this program.

    Best wishes


  • Roger Nelson
    Roger Nelson

    Hey Steve,
    I’ve been subscribed to Chris Farrell’s site for a few months, and I give it my highest recommendation. No, he doesn’t ask you to sell his products at all. IM Report Card gives him a #1 rating – by far. Worth reading the IM Report Card review – Chris is the real deal, and extremely generous with his information. I am currently plowing my way through 43 videos on how to use Facebook!! I’ll be interested to hear what you think soon and thanks.
    Roger Nelson

  • JoAnn

    If I had the money I would join. I’ve just checked with Imreportcard and they have almost 1200 view’s on it and all are A’s.
    I love your reviews also and have been a member of Imreportcard for about 2 years now and I always check with them. The reviews on there are also from people that have used the program.

    I can’t wait to hear how you review it.
    Good luck.

  • Joe


    It’s good to know you are joining the Chris Farrell Membership site. But why on earth do u think that is an unusual name. It’s his own name! What better URL to use than your own name–at least for a membership site.

    As for his program, I am an ardent student of his methods and what he teaches. There is no more honest or straightforward marketer online today in my opinion, who has the ability, knowledge and caring attitude, along with a simple, no-fluff method of training others how to become successful online marketers.

    I have been following Chris Farrell for the past year or so, and I receive weekly emails from him for his “Success Grenade” video presentations, as well as any other updates he wants his members to know about. I have listened in on several webinars that he has done, and they are always informative and knowledgable.

    Chris has been an online marketer for just over 3 years now, having started in 2008. As he tells it, he knew nothing about online marketing when he started, but since that time he has become a very very successful online marketer. How many other marketers online today can you think of who actually earned a million dollars in one 24 hour period? That’s right! A million bucks in one day!

    He does live in Beverley Hills. You will notice when you watch his videos, that he produces them from his home and the area in which he lives. The cool way in which he presents his videos is really refreshing, because he does it in such an honest and simple way. The videos are easy to watch and understand and if you follow what he tells you, then you will learn and have as much promise of being successful in online marketing as anybody in the industry.

    So Steve, i hope this helps you and other readers of your blog. I hope you enjoy becoming a member of the Chris Farrell Membership site.

  • Liz

    Uh, you should know that the instant to tell people not to look at something, their natural instinct is to LOOK. But needless to say, it was quite good for a chuckle!

  • Steve

    Good to know people still read to the end of my articles. :)

  • Shannon

    Okay I have to say thanks because as a red blooded woman I just had to check out the underwear model. So, thanks for the smile.

  • Eddy Salomon
    Eddy Salomon

    Glad you’re looking into this. I’ve heard some great things about this guy and program but I haven’t pulled the trigger because I’m still working through another marketing course I bought. But I look forward to hearing what you find!

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