Simply put, this is a box filled with cash that any marketer is dreaming of.

It’s literally money sold at a discount!

Those claims come from the product on review this week, Income Magnet, and are bold indeed.

Income magnet targets existing marketers and promises to help them increase sales by 2000%, increase traffic, increase conversions by 2000% and how to charge 2000% more.

Right, so you are saying I can take a $10 product and charge $2000 bucks for it? How could I not take a look at this product?

The Pitch

As well as the exciting promises of 2000% percent increases in virtually everything, the sales page is pretty boring. There are no testimonials, proof of earnings or anything like that. Although it does say it’s a secret report and “limited” to 100 copies (at $7 bucks I highly doubt that).

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Purchasing Income Magnet

The product was $7 on a dime sale. The purchase didn’t have any front end one time offers, instead once you get access to the download, there’s a link which will send you down a rabbit hole of a sales funnel.

Income Magnet Sales Funnel

Feeling dizzy? That is one heck of a sales funnel isn’t it? I’m surprised it wasn’t pushed to me before access to the product but there you go. Follow the white rabbit if you wish though I’d suggest holding off on that.

The Product

Income Magnet itself is a standard e-book. It is 27 pages long but the last 7 pages are blank… It is pure text, and comes in at just over 5000 words, so it’s not too flimsy.

The first few pages are just an overview, briefly describing the three core principles: get more traffic, increase the product price and get more sales.

I am really hoping that the detailed sections are more awe inspiring than the overview was.

Part one – more traffic

There are four recommendations here, the first being to use Yahoo/Bing instead of Google as they are more lax in how you can advertise.

After that was an admittedly interesting discussion about using image ads on the Google Display Network and how to scope out whether the potential sites for your ads will be good or not.

After that it goes onto solo ads and tagging your product onto other people’s products.

Income Magnet then proceeds to provide advice on boosting conversions. For the most part this is standard stuff: A/B (Split) test your copy, and offer a bonus.

One interesting point was regarding the order form, but as with the rest of the product, the information was very brief.

One thing that made me laugh was that the author said:


What you wanna do is to have downsells available when people exit the page.

I hardly see anyone doing this and I don’t understand why


Well, you don’t buy many marketing products then because I see loads of these!

The final part of this section basically says to just make more products. Obviously this particular product is aimed at people wanting to make and sell information products, though I felt somewhat talked down to by this. Am I generalizing or do people really need to be told to make more products?

Part two – price increase

Dan, the author, talks about increasing the price of your product. Now to me this is probably the part of the e-book that makes it worth the cost.

It is very easy to undersell yourself and your products, especially when starting out and even beyond then.

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Dan puts forward the argument that you shouldn’t under value your products and explains why in a fairly convincing manner.

Part three – sell more

The final section of the e-book covers how to sell more. At first I thought this was a bit daft, of course we want to sell more, but wasn’t that covered in the traffic and conversion section?

In fact what Dan is saying is that you need to have upsells in the “back end” of your product (the download or members area), so that you can sell increasingly expensive products to your customers.

Again, this is not bad advice just look at Amazon they do it all time, from browsing, to your cart through to the post sale page.

The Bottom Line

I really wanted to hate this product, but I can’t. It is quite thin on content (he waffles a lot) and some of the content and ideas are nothing new.

Alongside that the production value makes it feel cheap and nasty (spelling and grammar errors abound).

The product is definitely just a front end offer designed to get you into the funnel, Dan even admits that.

That being said, there were some interesting ideas that could help you so long as you take action. I also liked the fact that he introduced concepts to change your way of thinking about you and your products and tried to convince you that you should indeed take action and he backed it up with common sense consumer psychology.

Is Income Magnet worth the price? Maybe, it depends if you can take something away from it, which is possible.

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