This week I will be looking at a new product from Travis Petelle which is heavily focused on people new to internet marketing. That product is called Niche Pro Profits.

As some of you may know, I do like to review a sales page, it always gives a good indication about the product itself – if it is all hype and no substance you can bet good money that the product won’t be much different.

Travis’ sales pitch is pretty standard in most ways, in that there are the usual markers: earnings “proof”, scarcity tactics and selling the dream.

However, overall it isn’t too hyped up, instead of the usual “You will make $35,245.04 per day!!” nonsense, he does keep it at a reasonable $123,946 in 9 months…

What do you get?

For a fairly low price tag of under $9 bucks (at the time of writing) you get a 118 page e-book and 2 other e-books thrown in as a bonus.

Overall the e-book is well written, stuffed with textual information but with enough screenshots and diagrams scattered about that it isn’t just a wall of text, you do get visual cues to help you out.

How does it work?

The system that Travis is selling is nothing new, honestly I haven’t seen anything new in internet marketing for some time. What he is providing is his view and experience with using the tried and tested affiliate sales and email marketing techniques.

In short it is to create a site, create a funnel and send traffic there. As I said, this is not new at all, so if you came here hoping to be wowed by an amazing system that will leave your competitors standing you’re out of luck.

That being said, this type of system can help your create a solid foundation for an online business. Travis makes it clear that this is not about push button success, but about building something from the ground up.

If it’s not new, how is it different?

He discusses all the aspects about creating a niche site from product creation, sales pages to the email funnel.

The first thing I noticed about this product was how clearly and simply things were laid out. I learnt a few things just by skimming the book, I learnt more when I sat down and read it.

For instance he gives 8 general rules about selling ClickBank products which make perfect sense when someone lays it out in front of you but even now I sat there and thought “Oh yeah, he’s so right about that”.

It was just simple things like making sure the seller doesn’t have an opt in form on the sales page (you want those emails).

The discussion he has about getting to know your readers by researching the market really helped make it clear about how to focus the content of your sites sales pages as well as emails.

Again, nothing here is new, but reading it it made sense from the outset, which is where a lot of products and “gurus” fail: they assume you know it already.

Another aspect he touches on which I think is often overlooked is planning, planning, and planning. Research the niche, research the (potential) customer and be proactive in thinking about and mapping out your content. Too often (and this is definitely from personal experience) do we just slap content onto a website and cross our fingers hoping it will work.

Travis view point is to have a plan of action to focus the visitors down a linear path towards a squeeze page while still providing quality information.

One other area of the book includes how to set up a WordPress site, with the usual details thrown in.

From there he goes on about setting up an autoresponder and providing a free gift to get those email addresses.

The email building part really interested me as I often fail at that and so far I haven’t come across much information out there that goes into some detail on this (maybe I haven’t found it yet) and Travis did deliver.

He provided detailed information regarding an overall structure to both the campaign and the individual emails.

The traffic section covers all the usual suspects from blogs to forums, search engine optimization through to social media. He covers all of these topics well and in detail.

The Bottom Line

I’ve said it a few times so far that there is nothing new about Niche Pro Profits, but that does not mean that this is a rubbish product, and it most certainly is not a scam.

For the price of it you get a solid, well written e-book and with detailed explanations.

While this is obviously aimed at newcomers to internet marketing, I still found it a very interesting read and picked up pointers and learnt new things.

The book is fairly lengthy as far as internet marketing products go, there are areas that could have been expanded upon, but I suppose that is the limitation of an e-book over something like a community site.

Of course with a system as cheap as this, and being in e-book format, there is one thing that is lacking from Niche Pro Profits , and that is support. I don’t mean support as in “Help! I can’t access my e-book!” but rather support is in a community of people that will provide answers to your inevitable questions, general advice, and even a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong (it happens to us all!).

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