Action: such a small word but with so much power behind it. Without action, most online marketers fail, of that there is no doubt. Only marketers who take action, and work at actually building a business (rather than relying on the next shiny product) will actually make money.

Online Wealth Academy recently launched a product called Online Wealth Blueprint, and it states that only people who take action will succeed. Oh, and of course those who buy the product, which kindly lays out a 5 step blueprint to success.

The question is, is it any good or is it just hype?

The Pitch

One thing I instantly liked about this sales page was how it did not look like a typical sales page. There were no dodgy graphics, or insane amounts of highlighted or bolded text. It looked and felt professional, which is always a good sign.

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Of course, it is an Internet Marketing sales letter so it did include unprovable proof of earnings, though they at least looked more legit than most. It also included testimonials in the form of a Facebook feed, which also looked fairly genuine.

Alongside that the write was honest and to the point. He states clearly that people need to take action; he also states clearly that their hope is to get you to sign up to their membership site as well.

This is a breath of fresh air, and after reviewing the pitch I am hopeful that the product will continue with its professionalism.

Purchasing Online Wealth Blueprint

As expected, after purchasing the low priced (approx.. $7 bucks) front end offer, you are funneled in to purchase the upsells.

At least I knew what the upsells would be! In this case it is for their membership site which provides access to more training, monthly videos from alleged experts in marketing and access to a Facebook group.

It is mid-priced at $27 a month, though by declining it you can get the down sell which is a $1 trial for two weeks.

The Product

I skipped the membership offer for now, as I want to focus purely on what your seven dollars will get you.

After purchasing and logging into the membership site (with limited access) you can download the product which consists of 3 items: 1 jpg image file (no joke!) and 2 PDF files.

The image is classed as the overview, and is just a rather large image file that contains the five images outlined on the sales page. Really it doesn’t provide much in the way of information. It shows the core aspects of marketing, in a really basic way: the market, the traffic, the value funnel, the list and the fine tuning.


It’s much, MUCH, bigger!

Thankfully the first e-book I opened let me know that the image wasn’t the whole training! Phew!

The e-book is entitled Online Wealth Execution Plan and is a fairly hefty 86 pages long.

The second e-book is much shorter and contains a very brief overview of the system and a list of various resources, with surprisingly few affiliate links.

The main training guide goes into detail of each of the 5 previously mentioned sections.


This introductory section covers how to find a niche, what and who a perfect buyer is, competitors, your brand and more.

I really enjoyed reading this chapter. While on the surface the concepts are simple and basic, the author goes into detail of each, much more than your usual e-book on niche creation.

He provides actionable information such as working out who your ideal customers are or whether your niche is a profitable one. He also provides background on the topics, such as basic psychology of the perfect buyer.

On its own this chapter beats numerous marketing products hands down, and it is written in an easy to follow style.

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Value Funnel

This section provides a decent breakdown of a typical sales funnel. Once more I am impressed by this little $7 dollar product.

The information outlined here is something anyone in internet marketing is told to do: build a funnel, but it really does breakdown not just how but why.

He even uses general marketing advice to help press home the importance of a funnel and upselling, which is something other products tend to skimp on or exclude completely.

The author provides some great visuals outlining various funnel types and which type of product/system they work best with and he provides some direction (though no technical details) on setting up a landing page, including example structures.


The List

It’s probably the pessimist in me, but don’t you find that sometimes when something looks really good it goes and let’s itself and us down? That’s how I feel about this chapter.

It is very short, at a mere 4 pages. It proudly states

But the List section is where the magic truly happens!

However, it then doesn’t really tell you much barring a rough overview. If you have never used an autoresponder or email list before, you will need further training than what is supplied here.

Traffic Generation

As Online Wealth Blueprint is just what it says it is: a blueprint. As such some of the content is more of an overview, and the traffic generation section exemplifies this.

It covers differing traffic methods such as SEO/content marketing, paid traffic, social networks etc.

Instead of holding you by the hand it provides a lot of well-formed ideas and tips to implement with each of these traffic methods. All of them were useful, though if you are brand new to internet marketing there is a lot missing (e.g. how to set up a blog).

That is of course keeping in line with this being a front end offer: it’s there to get you to pay for the membership.

Still it is not too bad a chapter.

Fine Tuning

The final section of the e-book concerns tips and tricks for how to measure your success and improve upon it. As with previous chapters, this is more in a tips and tricks style but it contains very useful information, and doesn’t go into aspects that could simply confuse a newbie (A/B testing for example).

The Bottom Line

This product is of course a loss leader for the Online Wealth Academy. Its objective is to get you interested enough to open your wallet and start paying them a monthly fee.

In fact one frustrating aspect of the e-book was being told to go somewhere to watch further training only to be blocked by the paywall of the membership site. Good marketing but still frustrating.

Overall I was pretty impressed with this as a standalone product: it provides a lot of information about the process of making money online and goes into detail where needed.

Of course there will be areas where you simply don’t have enough information, and that’s when you will have a choice: sign up to their membership scheme or try and find the information elsewhere.

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For the price, it is definitely not a scam and could be considered a worthwhile investment.

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