Quick Summary of Seven Figure Playbook

Rating: 4 Solid pickup at $6.

The Good: Eric Louviere offers solid information that will leave you motivated and with lots of food for thought.

The Bad: The "Playbook" basically boils down to one long video. You aren't going to be given step-by-step guides on how to do things.

The Bottom Line: At $6.00 it's a worthwhile pick up; however, the overall goal of the Playbook is to get you into Eric's funnel. While there isn't anything wrong with this, don't expect to get rich off of a $6 playbook.

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Seven Figure Playbook Review

When you start out learning how to make money online, you usually set yourself a couple of different financial goals: a long term dream and a short term target such as making a single dollar.

Usually the dream goal is either way out there like earning $10 million a year or is more achievable such as earning enough to quit your job and live comfortably.

For most people earning a six figure per year income sounds pretty sweet, but there are some people out there that consider six figures as chump change.

What is Seven Figure Playbook?

This product by Eric Louviere pitches that it’s just as easy, if not easier, to earn a seven figure income.

The sales pitch for this system is pretty standard fare with nothing in the way of obvious tricks or unethical dealings, which is great to see!

Of course, as with any marketing there’s still a lot of hype going on with it, I mean can an internet marketing product really guide you to make millions of dollars per year?

Let’s find out!

Seven Figure Playbook mentality

Purchasing the Seven Figure Playbook

At the time of writing the playbook was selling for a mere $6 bucks. This seems somewhat cheap for a book that presents itself as a way to make untold riches.

The price may go up in the future as it states the six dollars is discounted from $24.

As is typical of most products like the Seven Figure Playbook, the initial purchase price is pretty cheap in order to pull you into a sales funnel.

In this instance there are three upsells one after the other that gradually increase in price:

Seven Figure Playbook Masterclass – honestly I was a bit confused by this $34 upsell as it seemed to be promoting the same thing as the front end product, perhaps in more detail?

Agency Masterclass– this $34 dollar product is a 3.5 hour video lecture about how to start a digital agency.

Rainmaker – a high priced product at $197 is meant to be a step by step way to make money online and it hints at focusing on affiliate marketing/product creation.

Of course none of these products should be needed to use the initial purchase, and in some ways could be a distraction as they seem like separate systems and methods rather than systems that could add to the initial training. I didn’t buy them so I could be wrong but that’s the sense I got from the sales pitches.

Inside Seven Figure Playbook

The Content

I have to say that I was a little disappointed when I finally logged into the membership area for Seven Figure Playbook.

Everything about the sales pitch screamed that this would be an eBook but instead I found four videos, making 1 hour 40 mins of content.

Now if you love to train via video this might be up your alley, but for me I like to read and I like to review parts again and again.

Videos like these with no transcripts and videos in long blocks are a nightmare to review when you just want to check something but have no idea what video or what time the info is at.

It’s not that bad I suppose, I just like to grumble about it, especially as so many other make money online training offers their content in multiple media formats.

There were two eBooks that came with the purchase but these are small supplementary items which also include adverts on every page for Eric’s expensive private group training ($2,500).

The video quality is excellent, audio is a bit echoey but nothing you can’t cope with. You can’t download the videos though. They are only streamable from within the member’s areas.

The videos are arbitrarily chopped into pieces. The first three cut off mid sentence making it hard to remember what was just being discussed.

Video 1

For a half hour video this covers quite a bit, but a lot of is quite high level stuff, focusing on things like mindset and beginning to explain why it’s often better to “shoot for the stars” and aim to earn millions rather than just six figures.

Eric discusses the four pillars of making money online: traffic, conversion, tech and products.

He doesn’t discuss these in detail but brings the focus back to you to see what you know in these areas and he explains how you need to have a reasonable understanding of each (or the money to pay for outsourcing) in order to make money online.

Seven Figure Playbook video screenshot

Video 2

This video continues the 8 steps to making money, the first of which, niches, was partly covered in the first video.

It talks about niche selection and product creation and it always keeps coming back to the idea that you shouldn’t bother going for small niches with limited scope, but instead widen your horizon to bigger niches.

Often you’re told to narrow a niche down, and while that’s still true in this case, Eric is talking about still keeping your options open. Instead of talking about just a narrow part of a niche, allow your business to be able to talk about that and still be able to talk about other areas in a wider niche.

Basically he’s talking about authority sites.

Eric also goes into discussion on funnels and lead magnets and how to about creating them. If you’ve studied internet marketing before you may have an idea about these already but there are definitely useful tips embedded in the video such as making sure that the advice you collate into a product actually works!

As well as that I loved the part near the end where he advised you that if you’re going to create a product learn everything you can about it, but basically don’t just learn but take action.

Videos 3 and 4

Continuing on with the discussion of the funnel, Eric dives into more detail about the different parts of the funnel especially the upsells, and he talks about why a high ticket product is needed and how it can be a game changer.

I lumped the final video (part) in here as it was only 1 minute long and was a wrap up.

Video Conclusion

Overall the content provides a lot of interesting view points, from overarching philosophies such as mindset to more practical use cases such as using Facebook pixels.

The main focus of the training is on using funnels with a final high priced upsell, pretty much what you see when you buy an internet marketing product from an experienced marketer – they always have a $1k or higher product to upsell to you.

Seven Figure Playbook sales funnel

At least he does what he teaches!

The Bottom Line

For an experienced marketer making money already, you might not get much out of this video training though it’s possible it may open your eyes to thinking bigger.

If you’re not making money yet then there’s certainly food for thought here about how to go ahead with things.

That being said, if you’re looking for hand-holding: you’re out of luck. This isn’t a step-by-step guide on how to do things.

You’ll also need to be willing to get out there and learn the missing things you need (such as the technical side of things) or at least learn enough to be able to hire someone to do it for you and then take action off the back of this.

While there’s nothing particularly new outlined in Eric’s training, after all the main focus of this is talking about how to use a funnel correctly.

That being said the information he does provide is solid and backed up with enough motivational parts and stories to make it compelling.

Just remember: he also wants you to buy HIS high ticket products!

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  • Keen Observer
    Keen Observer

    I have been on Eric louvier’s list for a long time and have observed him closely for many years. He is a serial scammer and con man. He habitually creates ‘trainings’, ‘coaching programs’ and promises all sorts of things then just re-hashes the same old tired stuff in the form of a few videos, often never completing all the things promised in the sales copy. If you ask for you your money back he tries VERY hard to resist giving a refund. (not the behavior I would expect to see from someone claiming to have made millions of dollars over the last 13 or so years). I suspect he counts on a certain percentage of people just not asking for their money back and knows when to back down just enough to keep himself off the radar of the authorities.

  • Fellow veteran
    Fellow veteran

    Karma never loses an address mr.louviere. you screwed a retired veteran out of 10k and we are doing our absolute best that you lose 5 times that

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