On Monday, I talked about a new scam that was targeting the Twitter brand name. Well, this had me thinking. If there are scams targeting Twitter, surely there might be a way to make money off of Twitter? Well, I did my research and found a number of useful links all talking about how to turn your existing Twitter account into something that might make money for you. That’s just great if you already have an established Twitter account with thousands of followers. But, what if you’re completely new to the Twitter scene? How quickly can you go from nothing to a Twitter superstar? I intend to find out.

Twitter Affiliate Cash

Bill McRae is the owner and creator of a product called Twitter Affiliate Cash. Bill makes the claim that he can take a new or stagnant account and turn it into an affiliate money making machine within two weeks.

Members of the Twitter Affiliate Cash program will be taught how to target users and build a strong base of followers. He claims to be able to teach you how to grow your followers automatically and build “Twitter loyalty” so that your followers trust what you have to say. He then claims that once you have a lot of followers, he’ll teach you how to subtly sell to them in a way that won’t compromise the trust you’ve built for yourself.

These are some pretty hefty claims Bill makes. But nonetheless, I’m interested.

Other Perks about Twitter Affiliate Cash

These are just a few things I’ve noticed about the presell page:

  • No hidden fees. The program costs $27 upfront and that’s it. There’s no recurring monthly memberships or anything like that. One time payment.
  • There is contact information. And it isn’t hidden among the legal jargon buried deep within the terms and conditions. Bill makes it very easy to contact him.
  • 60-Day guaranteed refund. No questions asked. You don’t have to prove you even tried the system. If you bought it and don’t like it. Return it for a full refund.
  • No ridiculous claims. Bill doesn’t make bullshit claims on his earnings in order to make a sale. In fact, the presell page has a screen shot of his earnings as an affiliate and it shows close to $300 earned in about a months time.

Honesty on a presell page speaks volumes. I was most excited to see Bill’s earnings. They weren’t a lot by any means, but if his $27 system can have me earning an extra $300 each month, I might as well go for it. I sent Bill my $27 and I’ll be reviewing his videos today. I plan on starting a brand new Twitter account for testing purposes to see if I can truly make money with this system.

For now, you’ll have to wait for an update. Updates will include the number of people I’m following, the number following me, and things like how many people are clicking the links I post and if any of them are turning into a sale. I will keep this as transparent as possible without giving away my Twitter username. I don’t want my status at I’ve Tried That to skew or affect the results of my study in any way. Until the first update, you can also check out Twitter Affiliate Cash yourself by clicking here.

PS. Niche Blitzkrieg update coming soon for those waiting.

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  • Hub

    Bill: I have my account at friendfeed set up, google reader set up and all by the book, BUT! When I go to the advanced twitter setting at friendfeed just like you show us to do and sign in to my twitter account, authorize it…..friendfeed will not do the login to my account so that I can check all the right boxes! Twitter even shows that I have allowed the application so this seems impossible. Not sure what to do, and getting help on friendfeed is pretty much impossible, I’ve tried everything there. Please advise as to what to do, as with out that I cannot post my rss alert feeds over to Twitter!



  • Steve

    Just spoke with Bill. Here’s our conversation.

    [9:38:34 AM] Steve: Hey Bill. What’s the status on your Twitter account?
    [9:40:23 AM] Bill McRea: The folks at twitter thing I am squating on my name. I am trying to prove to them I am bill mcrea
    [9:41:04 AM] Steve: Ah, I was just about to do a review on your Twitter program when one of my readers pointed out that your account was shut down.
    [9:41:54 AM] Bill McRea: Very simple there is a Bill McRea in Florida that is a world famous magician and he claims I squatted on his name

  • Steve

    Odd. It was up and working this morning. I’ll see if I can get an answer from him. If not, I’ll refund the product and drop the review.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Shaun

    Hi there – I follow your website often now as you have great info on it! So I too was interested in this product, but if you go to his twitter account he has listed on his landing page, it says it “has been suspended due to strange activity”??? I wonder if this program abuses the integrity of Twitter, or what the future of it will be?

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