I receive A LOT of emails.

They’re generally positive, but I do run into the occasional grumpy person who seems to be diverting a lot of misplaced anger at me. I wanted to share a few emails I’ve received recently. I’ll keep the more vulgar ones out. No one should ever have to read those.

Let’s start with…

how do i kno ur not a scammer?

I love this question.

To answer this, I’d want to say the opposite of whatever a scammer would say so I wouldn’t sound like a scammer myself, right? So, let’s see, what would a scammer say if you asked if he or she was a scammer? They’d probably say something like, “No, I’m not a scammer.” So, I’d want to say the opposite of that… “Yes, I’m a scammer?”


Well that didn’t quite work out as planned.

There’s no real way to answer this question. I usually just tell the reader to look at our Archives Page. There are nearly 1,000 posts in there written over the span of five years. Almost all of them are warnings to stay away from a certain program or product.

A lot of these articles rank really high in search engine results. I could very easily change the review to a positive one, slap in an affiliate link, and make a ton of money, but that’s not what this site is about. This is probably the best proof I have to offer that I am, in fact, not a scammer.

You think your so smart but I have you all figured out.

Please share. I haven’t quite figured myself out yet and would love to know the results of your findings.

OMG. I TRUSTED you. And now you want me to pay to see the work at home jobs. I should have known this was all a scam just to get all my money.

The guide in question is my 121 Hidden Online Jobs report and it costs $7. If that’s ALL your money, I think you may have some more pressing issues.

A few people got angry at me when I released this guide. I didn’t really understand the hate. The guide lists 121 different work at home companies that are hiring. It took me well over 100 hours to research and create. I offer free life-time updates. I give away a free copy of my 45-page Complete Guide to Telecommuting. I regularly give away random amounts of money to customers. It only costs $7.00.

Yes I charge money for it, but that money goes toward operating costs for I’ve Tried That. Plus, IT’S ONLY $7. You’d easily spend that money on a bucket of hot wings. I think this is a much better value for your money and you’re not at risk of dripping hot sauce on your shirt. That’s money saved man.

They’re not all bad however. Take this for example…

I need to say thank you. I was just hired as a customer service agent for one of the companies listed in your guide. I had almost lost all hope that it was possible to find a real work at home job and then I found I’ve Tried That. I’ll be starting next Monday and I will be working full time from home! Best wishes and I can’t wait to tell all my friends about your site!

Yes, I’m gloating.

But I just LOVE emails like these. They instantly brighten my day and I get insanely productive.

If I’ve tried That has helped you in any way, please do share. These types of stories help me keep the site going better than any $7 eBook ever could. I love to hear that people find value in my work and that my site has been able to improve your life.

Plus, it’s much better to hear that I don’t suck.

Happy Friday!

(I didn’t know how to end this post.)

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  • Donna

    I just purchased your 121 On Line Jobs and for some reason I am unable to open it. Can you help me? I really enjoy your newsletter.

  • Joe

    Hooray! and Congrats!
    but where are the emails from He Who Shall Not Be Named? You know, the ones what are VERY SERIOUS?

  • Rolf


    It is wonderful that you have such a lot of research. You have a lot of free information available.

    A report costing 7 dollars for good tips on online jobs is not a lot.

    I have not yet bought it. My problem with reports of this kind is that they focus mainly on the USA. I am in Europe so most things don’t work for me.

    It would be lovely if you could have the same report but with an international touch. Just let me know if I can assist you somehow in that project.

    Best wishes

  • Cindy


    I’m one of those “grateful” fans. I was considering a company to work for for a few months, but couldn’t push myself to go through with the application process. I was flat out afraid it was not what I thought it would be. Sounded to good to be true. But after reading your emails and your website I’ve tried that* I decided, what the hay….I’ve been working at home with a call-center for about 7months now. Very reputable company and you REALLY do get paid! LOL…..

    After that great advice – I decided to purchase your $7 ebook on work at home jobs…. I haven’t tried any of them yet – but I’m sure they are just as good as the recomnendation for the call center.

    I’ve also taken your 7-day email course and I’m seriously thinking about continuing on with that program – – I just have to find the time to dive in to it!

    Thanks for all your awesome information – I read everything you send via email — because I have experienced what you promote and LOVE IT!

  • Deanna

    I bought your 121 Hidden Online Jobs ebook and I have to say that it is priceless. I have already started making money from some of the jobs you recommended, mainly writing articles for eHow. I really appreciate your honesty and I love your website. You’ve provided so much information and guidance for me over the past year.

    Also, to all the skeptics out there. WA is NOT a scam and Steve is NOT a scammer. I was a WA member for a couple months after being laid off my job. After finding another full time job, I was no longer able to devote the time necessary time towards learning internet marketing so I decided to cancel the membership. But I hate working for “the man”, my hours stink, and I never have enough time for my family. I am ready to go for it again and will be signing up for WA again very soon. I know for a fact that everything Steve says WA offers is 100% true because I’ve seen them with my own eyes. I am not a WA affiliate, I’m not even a member right now. I won’t have any monetary gain from making these statements. I just think it is important for everyone that reads this to know that WA is the real deal and so is Steve. We should all be grateful that a person like him is here to save us from all the real scammers popping up everyday that just want to take all our money.

  • Gcompc

    I haven’t purchased the $7.00 list yet because I don’t need it for now. Just by staying abreast of your site and getting the emails I’m doing really good for making a few dollars a month, you do your job too well . I’ll not become a millionaire but just by taking a few of your tips and signing up for different things it has worked out great.

    I have a home business that’s barely breaking even every month so far but in between doing nothing and not looking at TV here’s what I’ve gotten from Steve.

    I signed up for several survey sites (7 at this point) and have made about $200.00 in cash and gift cards over the last few months. I also write for Textbbroker which accepts articles from the non expert.

    I worked as a Search Engine Evaluator for about two months and made about $850.00. The surveys keep me pretty busy and the little rewards add up, you can use them for grocery coupons as Steve stated and that can add up.

    When I add it all up, writing articles, coupons, doing the surveys, just started being a website tester at $10.00 a pop, it adds up. Some of the things aren’t consistent but having an arsenal of different things to do can keep you pretty busy and a small source of revenue keeps rolling in and it’s kind of fun to do. The thing is once you get in the mindset the opportunities sort of snowball because you’re focused on these type things.

    So thanks Steve and my advice to anyone else is just go through the site look at online jobs and the tips from Steve and you can build these little gigs into a constant source of revenue.

    To finish, the great thing as with Steve I have not ran into any scams at all!

  • Rachashael M. Gates
    Rachashael M. Gates

    You have been very helpful to me as has Eddy Soloman. I got your $7.00 list and think it is really good and am currently working on getting started with it. I am 60 years old and am retiring from working. I also am a member of wealthy affilliate. I currently make about $50.00 a month off stuff but I haven’t really jumped in yet because I still work but that is coming to an end soon. So keep up the good work Steve!

  • Eddy Salomon
    Eddy Salomon

    This was like looking in a mirror and reading the silly emails I get. I hate to say it but it feels good to know I’m not alone when it comes to some of these emails and comments.

    Fortunately when you provide value the way you do, you get far more positive comments than negative. The problem is that our industry pumps out this false mantra that anything that requires a fee is a scam. But they fail to make the distinctions that in certain scenarios fees are okay provided you do your research. A home based business usually requires a start up fee. Training and education usually involve a cost. An ebook that teaches you how to do something usually involves a costs as well. But if people blindly follow the over simplified advice being pumped out there that’s why they start looking at you sideways when you’re selling an ebook.

    The great thing about owning a blog like this is that you can teach people the distinctions and educate them. Because it’s like GI Joe use to say, “Knowing is half the battle.” lol Yo Joe! lol

  • Audrey Kroll
    Audrey Kroll

    Steve,, I have really appreciated all the information I have received from you.It has been extremely helpful. and it is great to know there are still good people, who have made their money by helping others. Thanks!!Audrey Kroll

  • Joe

    Hi Steve,

    I enjoyed reading those emails you posted here, that you receive from your readers. hehehehe. It gave me a little laugh! Anyway, I think that people who get angry with you, have far more pressing issues to deal with than anything you might say here on your site. They just use you as a convenient vehicle to vent their frustrations.

    As for your 121 hidden jobs guide, I have not bought it either. Not because I didn’t want to fork out 7 bucks to you, or I thought u were just scamming for bucks, but like the other comment from the lady named Rae, I too am from Canada, namely Vancouver (you know, riot city, hehehehe). I just figured those companies you have listed are probably mostly American organizations that Canadians could not work for. Having said that, should you ever decide to do another guide with just us little old Canadians in mind, I would pay you the 7 bucks ( 6 bucks American I think-hehehe).

    Anyhow, you do good work here on “I’ve Tried That” Steve, so don’t ever let the nay-sayers get you down my friend. Keep it up!


  • Rae

    That $7 guide is worth more than that. It wasn’t that useful to me for two reasons (I’m in Canada and I have a mobile lifestyle that doesn’t allow me to have a landline), but that hasn’t stopped me from recommending it my readers. I was a little leery when I got on your mailing list that eventually led to you promoting Wealthy Affiliate, then I knocked my skepticism on its a** and told it that you had proven yourself, so if you say that WA is worth the money it probably is. Plus, how is promoting WA any different than my promoting products I know are the best in their category? You have just as much right to profit from your knowledge as anyone. Thanks for a great site and these invaluable resources.

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