Quick Summary of The Aussie Method

Rating: 1 This scam deserves 0 out of 5.

The Good: There are no pros to this system, it's an out and out scam

The Bad: It lies to you from the get go, filling your head with promises of riches, but doesn't have any substance to back it up.

The Bottom Line: This "system" only offers a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

The Aussie Method Review

One day I will come across a Binary Options scam that isn’t obviously a scam.

Take the Aussie Method for instance – I looked at the sales page and within seconds recognized Fiverr.com actors, stock photographs and faked data.

Let me break this system down for you, so that you will be convinced never to use it.

The Pitch

As mentioned, pretty much everything on this sales page is a lie.

Ignoring the sales video for now, the page itself starts with a picture of a handsome Aussie guy named Jake Peru. Perhaps that’s his real name, perhaps not. What I know for sure is that that is not his real face!

Aussie Method Jake Pertu

I found 8 pages of Google results for this image.

Hidden away next to this stock photo is a guarantee that you will 100% make money with this system. That’s quite some guarantee, plus it’s also really vague. Of course you can make money with Binary Options; after all it’s a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. It doesn’t mean that you won’t lose more than you make though!

After that follow various “proof” from supposed satisfied customers. Unfortunately, none of this can be validated, and the Facebook and Twitter feeds are confirmed fake: they are not embedded links from those companies; instead they are generated on another Aussie Method page. Plus the @aussiemethod twitter handle does not exist.

Aussie Method Guarantee

What about the live trades, surely those are real? Maybe they are real trades, but they are unlikely to be as a result of this system.  They come from a website called clicktowebinar.com, which is a blank website, so I would safely put money on this data being faked.

The Aussie Method sales video

The sales video starts off with aq gentleman I have seen many times, alongside his family, in various Binary Options trading videos.

If he had truly made all that money via all those systems, he would be a multi-millionaire, rather than selling his video testimonial services for $4 on Fiverr.com!

As such, consider his testimony as biased at best, an outright lie as worst.

Apparently, the Aussie System made him over $480,000 in the first month – that’s $5.7 million a year, and unbelievable sum and you really shouldn’t believe it.

Even the next few faked testimonials state they made $600k and $700k in a month. Ridiculous!

Jake come up next and provides a bold promise that if you don’t make “hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next month”, he will pay you $10,000. Remember, nothing so far on this sales page has been real, so why would this generous offer be any less of a lie?

Aussie Method 10k

Sure you will, right after my unicorn shoots a rainbow out of its butt.

The video rolls on and on, spewing the same falsehoods and trying to get under your skin and make you greedy. It promises life changing wealth for a small investment and very little work.

Have you ever received one of those spam emails from Nigeria offering you lost of cash for a small investment and very little work? Did you fall for it? No? Good, but can you see the similarities between that well known scam and this modern version of it?

Signing up to the Aussie Method

As expected, after handing over my email address I was sent to a “members” page where I needed to sign up to a Binary Options broker and deposit some funds.

As with more and more Binary Options scams, there system for taking your card information routes through a third party website called Binary Promos. This website is unregulated and very little information can be found out about them.

If you think that sounds safe, especially when taking all the previous deception, then go ahead, hand over your card details. Just don’t come crying back to me when your cards get maxed out.

The Bottom Line

The Aussie Method is a straight up Binary Options scam.

Nothing about it is genuine, form the use of paid actors and stock images, through to the faked trade data and wild promises of riches.

Unless you win the lottery, or get inheritance form a rich yet distant uncle, there is no way to make that amount of cash that fast with little work.

Anyone who says otherwise is simply trying to empty your wallet for their own benefit.

How Does the Aussie Method Compare?

It doesn’t. It’s not a real opportunity. It’s a program designed to rob you of $500.

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  • Kim

    I received yhis money maming scam from a clairvoyant they must all be in cahoots with each otber i have been done by these scams before once they get your phone nu.ber they never leave you alone tbey try to pressure you constantly for more and more money and it is hard to get your money back oh and watch out for the ongoing fees that they dont tell you about .. you can get some of your money back ..Im glad I checked this one out thanl you so much for stopping me from making another mistake..Scammers , scammers they are everywhere !! It is a sad world we live in …

  • Cheryl Rix
    Cheryl Rix

    I deliberately took this bait to see how far it would go and went right through to the registration stage where of course, you’re asked for your “investment”. Within minutes I had four phone calls, three of which I missed. The call I picked up was someone called Michelle Richman (love the irony!!) who proceeded to hard-sell me. Had a go at insulting my intelligence, deriding me because I couldn’t understand that this was an “investment and not a spend”, and did I “really expect to earn millions by contributing nothing?”. They are persistent and aggressive sales people and it’s easy to see how you could be intimidated into completing this transaction. Even though I told her several times my reasons for not wanting to proceed she would counter with something else. I played along because I had no intention of following this through. It was my pleasure then, to read her my version of the riot act and deliver her her pedigree. In the end there was nothing further she could say. After I’d told her in no uncertain terms I wasn’t proceeding and ended that call, her “supervisor” rang me a had a go. I left him with the same ringing ears and in need of a stiff drink – there was nothing he could come up with to convince me. Maybe they’d like to employ me?? Haha. Revolting people. Still it was a bit of fun sparring at their cost on an otherwise dull Thursday evening!

  • Peg k
    Peg k

    Oh my goodness
    I signed up
    Didn’t deposit
    Had a man John cooper ring me within seconds of signing up
    I didn’t answer so he emailed me saying to answer my phone because he can see me online
    Thanks to this site and the hundreds on Google saying its a scam
    Lesson learned

  • Godson

    i stumbled over the Aussie method and the way it makes “MILLONIARES” in seconds which i doubted. i had signed up but hadn’t have enough money on the credit card. i then began to wonder why there is no Nigerian who have seen this method, hence i have to goggle the aussie method only to get the revelation that it is a SCAM. THE TESTINOMY PAGE in the facebook or twitter can not be contacted. THANKS i did not put in my money & i will stop futher financing of that my credit card, Who knows what they are up to. A THIEF CAN DO ANYTHING. thanks to goggle.

  • Rossco

    I was signing up for this but didn’t finish. It smelled, so did a search and found this page. Since then I’ve received another text (making 3 all up now), but the last one had a number to text to “unsubscribe”. I didn’t text back. Here’s the number if anyone is interested. 0409739144. Probably disconnected…

  • Andrew Osullivan
    Andrew Osullivan

    I found it weird that he claims its hundreds of thousands per month yet if you look at the Q&A section it says 800 – 1000 per month. that’s not hundreds of thousands in my book its 30,000.
    Lie 2. the video says he will never ask for your credit card details yet to get started you need to fund your account- using a credit card.
    Lie 3. the video says its not stocks or shares or anything of that nature but when your look at the accounts page to fund your account it looks awefully like it is.

    I was going to join to but after doing a check on the system and seeing what i have from so many people it’s a wonder he hasn’t seen sued for fraud. After all he is taking money from people under false pretences. fraud by deception i think they call it here.

    • Andrew Osullivan
      Andrew Osullivan

      Also after enquiring about the business i received this email

      From: Support Maxoptions
      Sent: Tuesday, 16 February 2016 8:28 PM
      To: Andrew
      Subject: Re: When you were offline (via LivePerson)

      Hello Trader,

      Thank you for contacting MaxOptions.
      I have sent for a representative to contact you in order to assist you further. May I please have a time frame and phone number verification, that is best for you to be reached on? Thank you.
      He or she will help you understand our company more accurately; help you get started.

      Best Regards,
      Karen Smith

      I replied by saying no thanks and adding they should google aussie methods and see the 750 , 000 topics about aussie methods that 1 after another are bad comments.

      Hope this helps you guys to not get involved in this rubbish.

  • Brigitte

    I recieve text messages from them at 11.30 at night and I haven’t even signed up with them. They must have got my phone no from a survey and I can’t opt out n I can’t find an email to contact them. I’m glad I have seen these reviews. I must break contact!!

  • ann travers
    ann travers

    the arseholes are scum and I have told them one more email and they will be reported to authorities. do not fall prey to scum like this

  • Rick

    glad i found this they are doing same video to UK but is called britmethod !! this time guy in video is called Jason Taylor same story £10k if you don’t make money, it signed me up to magnum options, i had sense not to deposit but within minutes a kelly bridges from the broker tried calling, can you add this to yourinfo so people searching might find

    • Chris

      Lol, did the same thing. Didn’t deposit and within seconds my phone rang.

  • Justin

    Why are these scumbags not in jail? This is straight fraudulent, why havent they gone bankrupt with charge backs>?????????? Everyone that reads this and has been scammed by these assholes, chargeback the money and contact consumer affairs victoria.

  • Kat

    If you’ve lost money to this company and it’s within a short time frame go to the bank and dispute the transaction and report them for fraud.

  • Ramon Fuller
    Ramon Fuller

    I lost $500 with the Aussie Method. I funded my account with US$500 and was given US$1,000, within 8 weeks my account was $250. I tried to withdraw my money and was told I had to turn it over x times which did not. So I could not withdraw my money. I continued now my account is $170 and I cannot withdraw it. The Aussie Method is a SCAM for sure. I contacted them and got no good reply.

  • Janine Paule
    Janine Paule

    Luckily I did not have enough money on my credit card and so was not able to give them the $250 they asked for to start the ball rolling or NOT. I e-mailed them to ask them some questions after trying the live chat with no response.

    I wanted to know about the way or withdrawing funds. Five hours later (after saying their support is available 24/5 (or 24/7) I have had no reply from either aussiemethodsystem or AAoptions.

    So after reading the above I will not send them any money and forget I saw the presentation.

    Thank you.

  • pete monceau
    pete monceau

    I tried the aussie method, and yes it is just another scam. At this point I am going to drive them nuts by constantly trying to get my 10k guarantee money.

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