Sometimes I stumble across an internet marketing product that makes me sad to be involved in this community. This is a product that has been created with the sole intention of ripping people off, and providing zero value.

Of course this isn’t the only niche area that has its scammers and con-men, but the making money online sector certainly has a higher percentage of them.

Let me explain then, why you should avoid a little $7 product called Daily Cash Glitch.

The Pitch

The pitch is a two-step process, firstly a short video featuring the usual tactics including scarcity. The countdown timer at the top even says 0, yet they haven’t pulled the product yet. The only surprise there is that they weren’t clever enough to reset the timer…

Clicking through (no email harvester) you get to the main sales pitch.

The sales letter doesn’t fully explain what the product is apart from that it is some automated software that will make you earn lots of money with 2 clicks.

This pitch is typically over hyped, spammy marketing. It covers all the angles including needing zero skills or talent, guru bashing, failure, promises of a lavish lifestyle and a cheap way to make your dreams come true.

The system promises to help you earn over $1000 a day, which is an amazing amount of money considering you have no need for a skill set or experience.

The scarcity tactic here is shocking: they are peddling a $7 product and advise it will jump to a hefty $297 and 10% commissions.

Wait, what? Commissions? Yep, this is the first indication that this is not a true internet marketing product but in fact a Binary Options system.

Even excluding that, this is obviously never going to go above $7, it’s just their over the top way to add value and scarcity into the sales pitch.

The Product

If you do end up buying this product (which would be a mistake), then you will be taken to the “members” area.

This is a single page consisting of one step – buy hosting! Yep, there is no product here; it is another sales pitch to get you to buy hosting from a company called OptimalHosting.

I’ve never heard of that hosting company, but they are expensive at $15 per month for what looks like shared hosting (to compare, Hostgator charge about $4 per month for shared hosting).

Apparently once you sign up to the hosting you will get an email linking to all the software that your $7 just bought you…

Daily Cash Glitch Hosting

Yeah right! It’s clear at this point that you have just been scammed. Your software should be fully available to you after paying the $7 bucks, but instead they are forcing you to spend at minimum another $90 for hosting.

Time to get you money back!

Oh no, another problem. Their support email bounces back. Just to be sure I did another test on the email and the results that came back said it was a non-existent email.

Daily Cash Glitch Bad Support Email

I also did a check on the email to which you are supposed to send the hosting purchase receipt to in order to get your software, and guess what? Correct! It turned out to be a bad email address too!

Daily Cash Glitch Bad Orders Email

OK, so you have now lost $7, there must be something you can have to make up for it? What about this webinar?

The video in the members’ area takes you to another site: — This turns out to be a pre-recorded webinar (though I have my doubts it was ever real), that is basically a sales pitch for Avalanche X.

The main Avalanche X website is a blank page which is never a good sign.

After doing some Googling, it turns out that this piece of software is also very likely to be a scam.

Most people never get access to the software and the few who do state that it has never lived up to its promises and made them absolutely nothing.

The Bottom Line

I have not seen an out and out scam for a while, but Daily Cash glitch is most definitely a scam and one that you should actively avoid! This is yet another ClickSure masterpiece, and another reason to avoid them.

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