I get a lot of questions asking about legitimate work from home jobs. Now, these questions are misguided as the the wrong question is being asked. What the asker is looking for are online money making opportunities, not work at home jobs. The distinction may seem subtle, but it’s actually quite large. Let’s look at the difference between working from home and making money online.

Making Money Online

  • You use the Internet to make money.
  • Examples of work: running a website, affiliate marketing, and search engine work.
  • You work for yourself.
  • Income is potential.
  • You are unsure whether or not you’ll make money.
  • Money usually comes from commissions or advertisements.

For most of our readers (and all of those asking the question), making money online involves learning new skills—very few people step in to this business and make money right away. There is a lot to learn. We recommend this route only if you’re looking for long term, possibly residual income. If you need money to pay this month’s rent, this is not the route for you.

Working from Home

  • You use the Internet to find job leads.
  • Examples of work: writing and editing, graphic design, and web programming.
  • You work for an employer.
  • Income is guaranteed.
  • You get paid on the completion of a task or job.
  • Money usually comes in the form of a paycheck.

Working from home as we describe it allows you to use skills you already have, so you can make money more quickly than if you try to make money online. There’s not a steep learning curve, so you can be pulling in some cash relatively soon.

So, what are you goals when it comes to money and the Internet? Let’s get a discussion going. Are you looking to be your own boss and venture into making money online? Or do you want to have a set list of goals given to you by an employer that will allow the work to be done remotely? Use the poll below and leave a comment with your opinions. I want messages people, messages!

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Join the Discussion

  • DD

    Some companies actually have work from home opportunities. Some of these companies include: American Airlines, JetBlue, Teleperformance USA, etc. Occassionaly these companies have openings for at-home agents to take inbound calls and pay on average of $9 per hour. Only draw back is that everybody wants then so there are few openings. Just keep checking back and an opening may be found.

  • Kay

    I guess I’m in a rather large group. Have missed getting scammed but it’s been close. Thank heavens for this group. It’s nice to know that there are some nice ones left.

    I’m in the spot of taking care of my Mother. She’s 88 and has cancer. I have to stay home with her so I need an income as soon as possible.

    I have been in sales for the last 7 years (real estate) and before that I was in banking (VP of Operations for documentation and accounting for the Commercial Loan Div.).

    If anyone can help, please send me in the right direction, I really need help and I can’t leave Mom by herself and I’m the only one she trusts. I have no other family who will help…I have to work.

    Thanks for any help..and this is a great Site!!

  • Joe

    Hi Shelly! Congrats on the coming baby. I’m glad you’re wising up to the scams out there. They often receive positive reviews by people who get a commission when you sign up. It’s a dirty trick.

    What kinds of work can you do? We might be able to steer you in the right direction.

  • Shelly

    I am in my mid twenites and know very little about making mony on the interent. I have paid into one or too scams that I google to check to see if they were sams and low and behold even after having positive reviews they still where.

    Thus I am one of those people who are very hesaitent to make any investment into a WAH add.

    I think my starting goals for a WAH job would be to have a set list of requirments! I have worked in a few office enviroments and have done countless projects for school to know that I like to wiat until the absoulte last miniute if I dont really have any set deadlines. Thus working under someone else helps me personally to accoplish m goals with a job.

    I am not looking to get rich fast. My husband has a good job so he is very able to support us at least to the degree that all our needs are met, our bills our paid, and we save some each month.

    However I will be embarking on the job of mommy hood next month and my ultimate goal is to find something I can make a little mad money on each month that will allow me to spend time with my child because I have old fasioned values that its a parents job to bring up their kid not some lady at a daycare center!

    I think i missed the contest entry date but wanted to get into this discussion and see some other people goals and opinions.

  • Thampi

    Internet seems to be full of scams but still there are some genuine avenues to make money through the net.In the first category that you said – using internet to earn – would be trading the stock/forex market online. If you have sufficient knowledge and the discipline to conduct it as a business venture and not get addicted to it as a gambling thing – you can surely earn a very good income without ever stepping out of your home !

    In the second category – working for a regular income- I know the following jobs that one can do from home

    1 Medical transcription – if you have the required skills to produce errorfree transcripts ,there are companies that employ home transcriptionists.

    2 Resourcer for recruiting agents – some recruiting agencies employ net based resourcers to vett the CVs to find the right match for specific job requirements with a small fixed component and a larger incentive for successul hirings.

    You are doing an excellent job in exposing the scamsters – but let us not overlook the positive side – that there are genuine opportunities out there – though a very small percentage , no not percent, some ppm ( parts per million ) !!

  • Trina

    Been looking a long time and all I find are scams, scams, scams. Am willing to “work at home” to begin just to pull some income in while learning and building “making money online” since it’s not quick income. Looking for something that I could do while traveling, doesn’t matter where you are located and being able to use your computer. Seems that you guys have a pulse on the real vs the scam. And when you have little or no money to spend trying to “help” yourself so others won’t have to, it’s really necessary to be in the know and not get “scammed” wasting what little money you can come up with. You guys fit the bill for being a help to be informed. As I’ve always heard “If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS” remains a true statement.
    Appreciate what you have to offer through this website.

  • Selena

    I would love to find a way to work at home simply to save gas on commuting! Not to mention the stress of traffic, the expense of “office clothes”, and the avoidance of constant interuptions from co-workers and a boss hanging over your shoulder. The flexibility to work early in the mornings, the middle of a insomniac nights, anytime while still being able to have a life beyond *work* is extremely appealing.

    I’m on the computer all the time anyway–might as well make some money at the same time, yes?

  • Cindy

    By the way I’m not a deadbeat I’m a first time homeowner that doesn’t want to lose my house. Times are tough!

  • Cindy

    I’ve been looking for online residual income for such a long time and all I find are scams. Has anyone won the book? I need to make mo money!

  • phi phi
    phi phi

    What I want is what those scams advertise. Some easy “do the work when I want type, talk to no one, simple, simple, no brainer, get rich, travel when i want, watch my kids grow up” job. The closest I’ve found so far: online stock trading. Oh yeah, and having your own ebay store.

  • Steve

    Since you guys are deadbeats, I’ll extend the mini-contest until Friday. All you have to do is leave a thoughtful comment to enter to win a free copy of our book.

  • Make money at home
    Make money at home

    Most of the people are willing to work from home, and because of internet marketing scams they are little bit affraid to work from home. For them this blog is really useful and the differences that you have shown between work from home and making money online is excellent.

  • Michael Dillon
    Michael Dillon

    I didn’t finish. Are you looking over my shoulder? ( envision a smiley face). Michael

  • Michael Dillon
    Michael Dillon

    Dear Steve:

    I have a feeling that s majority of your readers are opting for the Work At Home(WAH) option,at least initially, since many already have skill sets which are transferable to other job situations. Some of the many reasons in this area include:

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