I know, I know. I’ve been plugging these free blog installs too much over these last few posts. Well, this will be the final post regarding them. Be sure to read this entire post though!


I just wanted to publish a couple of testimonials from readers who have followed my instructions are are now operating their own blogs.

Steve was wonderful in setting up my blog. I am impressed with the speed in which it was set up and ready to go. In only two hours Steve had my blog set up and ready for me to start blogging. The information he provided was very useful and the instructions clear and easy to follow. Overall I am extremely happy with my new blogsite!Frances – http://www.grlcraft.com/

The next testimonial is from someone working on a personal blog and didn’t want their name or URL revealed.

I was a bit afraid to start my own blog. I have no technical background and mostly use the Internet to just browse websites and to respond to emails. I have had an idea for a website for a few years now, but I knew nothing about starting my own website. Steve’s offer to set everything up for free was the answer I was looking for. Well, let me just say that the instructions were so easy to follow and Steve had my blog online within 30 minutes of emailing him!

I’ve been a blogger for about two days now and I can see this quickly forming into an addictive (and hopefully profitable) hobby.

I’ve setup seven blogs so far since last Wednesday. If I helped you out, send over a testimonial so I can publish it on this blog! You’ll get some free publicity and a link back to your website.

Expanding on the Instruction Set

I’m currently working on expanding the instruction set to include a detailed series of pages explaining how I drive traffic to my blog and then convert that traffic into revenue. That’s right, you’ll learn the exact methods I use to make money online. Will I be giving away every secret of my success? Well, of course not as I don’t want you to run me out of business. But, I will tell you how you can get started with making money on your new blog. This information will only be available to those who take advantage of my free blog installation service. I am not developing any sort of program or membership site that will cost you money. Anything I write will always be completely free for those who follow my instruction set to setup a new blog.

While I develop this next section on how to make money with your new website, you should take this time now to setup and get familiar with your very own blog. The process is very simple as evidenced by the above testimonials. Interested? Click here for more information.

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