I’ve Tried That is proud to present its first ever interview. Joe is one of the authors for the soon-to-be-released e-book, The Complete I’ve Tried That Guide to Telecommuting.Any views expressed are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect the views of I’ve Tried That, its subsidiaries, partners, or God.

ITT: Welcome, and thanks for sitting down with us.
Joe: No problem. [Tap, tap] Is this thing on? Steve usually does these media things.
ITT: Yeah, we asked for Steve, but his people said he had engagements.
Joe: “His people?” Steve has people?
ITT: I guess so. The message said, “The Stevemeister regrets that he cannot comply with your request due to scheduling conflicts.”
Joe: Huh. You must have asked for a slot during his happy time.
ITT: Can we move along?
Joe: I don’t have people. Is he paying for people out of I’ve Tried That funds?
ITT: We don’t know anything about that. We just have a couple of questions…
Joe: I bet he has his own stationery, too, damnit. I said I wanted that and he’s all “What for? It’s a BLOG. We don’t use paper.” And I said, yeah but it’s cool but he nixed it. I bet he went and ordered it for himself.
ITT: Joe, thanks for agreeing to talk to us about your ebook.
Joe: Yeah, sure.
ITT: Why are you launching an ebook?
Joe: Because we get e-mails all the time from people asking for help in finding genuine work-from-home jobs. This book is our answer to that call for help.
ITT: How will it help those people?
Joe: It will teach readers how to avoid junk ads, where to find real jobs, and how to land the job. Even if you don’t have your own personalized stationery, like Steve.
ITT: How is it different from all the other make money online ebooks?
Joe: Our book is all about jobs, not Web-based marketing. Predictable work, predictable paychecks.
ITT: When will the book be available?
Joe: We’re in the final 72 hours of the countdown.

ITT: In some of the early posts at I’ve Tried That, you and Steve both mocked ebooks saying they were all the same. Steve swore he’d never write one. So why now? What makes your ebook different?
Joe: Well, Tom, I’m glad you asked.
ITT: My name’s not Tom.
Joe: That’s okay, I’m still glad you asked. We decided to write this book because we see a real need. Tons of people are looking for ways to make some money working from home, but when they go online searching for it, they get nothing but scams and junk “opportunities.” And—
ITT: Isn’t that why you started I’ve Tried That?
Joe: —which is why we started I’ve Tried That. We wanted to create a place where people could go for first-hand information about all of these programs. You know, the real scoop instead of some affiliate marketer’s ass-kissing to sell more data entry job kits.
ITT: So why a book? If you’re already doing it with the blog, why a separate book?
Joe: Because people don’t read all of the content on the blog. Our traffic comes from search engines. People who are searching on the name of a specific program. They come to our site, read that particular review, then move on. They don’t see all of the other great information about working at home. The ebook brings all of that stuff together into a convenient form.
ITT: Wait a minute. So all that’s in the book is what’s already on the blog?
Joe: No. Bits and pieces are there, but the book expands on and clarifies those ideas. It nurtures the seeds, if you will, into tall, healthy plants.
ITT: Lovely.
Joe: Thanks, I thought of that myself. If Steve didn’t have “people” making his decisions, he’d see that I’m worth more than he’s paying me.
ITT: Look, internal personnel matters at I’ve Tried That are really none of my business, and you’re kind of making me uncomfortable.
Joe: Well, if you can’t run with the big dogs, you should stay off the ice.
ITT: Huh?
Joe: Never mind.
ITT: So the book…it purports to teach people how to work from home.
Joe: Not “purports.” That’s what it does.
ITT: It allegedly teaches people to make money working from home.
Joe: “Allegedly?” What are you, a government investigator? This is a terrible interview. Who hired you, anyway? Steve, no doubt.
ITT: You did.
Joe: Then why aren’t you saying what I told you? There’s no “alleged” or “purport.” It teaches people how to work at home.
ITT: Fine. What kind of money are we talking about?
Joe: That’s what’s beautiful about it. We’re not promising riches or pie in the sky. We’re talking about part time income. A couple hundred bucks a month at minimum with consistent effort.
ITT: Sounds life changing.
Joe: No, it isn’t. Aren’t you listening? It just means folks will have money to pay all the bills instead of just some of them. They’ll eat less Mac-n-cheese and more … whatever is the opposite of Mac-n-cheese. They could sock the cash away and use it as a really small pillow. It’s a supplement to their income.
ITT: Wow, with a couple hundred extra per month, I could buy a new PS2 in like three months.
Joe: Ok, but more important, a couple hundred extra per months might mean a Mom somewhere could quit her job at Wal-Mart and stay home with her baby. That’s what keeps me going. I can’t speak to what motivates Steve. A guy with personalized stationery is probably more egotistical than me. Go ask his “people.”

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