The Jet Set Club sounds amazing doesn’t it? $25,000 PER DAY for exploiting a trade loophole. Sign me up and get me to that Jet!

Now hold on a second, let’s find out if it really is what it claims to be. Most of the time these products never really are that legit.

This Jet Set Club review is going to get to the bottom of whether or not you really will be jetting off to Hawaii this time next week.

Hint: Unless you already have a flight booked that I’m not aware of, you probably won’t be. If you do have one booked though, can I come?

Jet Set Club In A Nutshell

Let’s not waste any time! It’s another one of those Binary Options trading software programs that are littering the Internet right now. The good thing is that this one actually tells you what it is, and even explains how it works. That already puts it above 99% of the others.

Usually you’re told how it doesn’t matter what the product is, you just need to know that it works. You’re usually shown video after video testimonial from paid actors claiming this that and the other, in order to scam you.

This isn’t the case here, which is quite refreshing.

Does that mean it’s actually legit? Or does it just mean that the product creator knows people are starting to wise up to the Binary Options scam factory?

Let’s dig deeper.

How Does It Work?

Product creator Harold Turner claims that his software exploits a delay in the feeds between various trading feeds around the world. When the price is updated in The States for example, it takes a few seconds before it’s updated in Australia.

The software utilizes that delay by predicting which way a price is going to move, and letting you place a winning bet. In binary options, you just need to bet on whether a price will move up or down.

It supposedly has a 94% accuracy rate, which is enough to make you think it’s legitimate.

It’s like when you cheat in math and deliberately get one sum wrong so the teacher won’t accuse you of cheating.

What he DOESN’T explain is how the software has access to this data, how it can get the job done with only a few seconds delay in feed, and more importantly, why it doesn’t matter which country you trade in.

Also, why can it only work 94% of the time? If it’s taking advantage of a delay, it should work 100% of the time.

On top of that, I’ve never heard of this kind of delay before. The idea of a live feed is that it’s instantaneous. We’re not talking about live television where delays are there to stop you seeing an accidental boob-slip or anything.

Maybe they should have renamed this product “Trade Malfunction” and got Janet Jackson to endorse it. Maybe I’m just dreaming.

So You’re Saying It’s Not Legit?

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that, but I’m definitely saying that Harold isn’t telling you the truth. You’re not going to be earning $25,000 a day anytime soon, unless you create a trade product with Janet Jackson. Any takers?

In all seriousness, I’m trying to save you from losing $250 or more, and I’m going to show you exactly how it would happen and why this product even exists.

Behind The Curtain

The first thing that you should know is this product isn’t free like it claims to be. Well it is and it isn’t.

Yes you get to sign up for free and you get access to the “software” for free, but you can’t do anything unless you deposit a MINIMUM of $250 USD into a brokerage account.

You’re told that this is so that you actually have money to trade with, and that it doesn’t matter because that $250 will get turned into $25,000 in no time.

Of course, it’s strange that you’re told you can only use the software with two particular brokers, and that you MUST open a new account in order for it to work.

It’s also strange that you’re told these are the two reputable trading platforms that the product has worked with for months, when they themselves are band new.

I’ve been reviewing Binary Options programs for months and months, and never heard of these two before. Strange huh?

Well no it isn’t strange at all, not to me.

You see, this is how he gets his money. This is the purpose of the entire show. Both those brokerages pay him a fat commission when you sign up using his referral link. Look here:


And here:


Whichever program you sign up for, the only person making bank will be none other than Harold Turner and his affiliates. This is also why he insists on it being a new account that you open.

OK, He Gets A Commission, So What?

Just because he’s getting a commission and not being honest about it, doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that he’s created a legitimate product, but there should be some pretty big alarm bells ringing right now.

As well as earning a huge commission himself, he also put his product on Clicksure so that he can get a bunch of affiliates to help him promote it.

This from a guy supposedly earning $25k a day already?

What about the fact there are only a few spaces left? That’s what he said to you. Sign up now before your chance has gone.

Well how come his affiliates are out there making a killing promoting it to the masses?


No refunds eh? Scary.

You’ll Lose Your Money

You can’t get a refund when all you’ve done is deposit funds, but get this; you can’t withdraw funds unless you’ve made a certain number of trades. The trading “software” won’t work for you, so you’ll be left to place random bets and hope you’ve got some funds left by the time you’ve made the requisite number of trades.

Since you don’t even earn 100% when you win, it’s going to be hard to do that.

In case you hadn’t realized this by now. Stay away!

How Does Jet Set Club Compare?

Binary Options trading programs all come down to essentially one thing: You’re betting your hard earned money on a coin flip. Successful businesses are not built this way! You can’t expect to make money this way.

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing ways to make money from home since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

Let’s see how Jet Set Club compares…

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    Cornelis van den hoek

    Thanks for your view on Binary Options. I already wasnt feeling sure about that but wanted to start one of the many that is tumbling down into my mailboxes ……. Your opinion made me not do so, thanks !

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