Back in the day, way back when I was Steve’s age, we didn’t go to the Internet to look for a part time job or extra income. We went to our local paper’s classified ads section.

You young punks won’t believe it, but we all used to read these things called newspapers. They were delivered to your home daily and contained local and national news and advertisements. And get this—they were printed on paper. No, really!

They had this section called the classfied ads where you could buy and sell just about anything. Even more unbelievable: we used to pay the newspaper to list our ad for whatever we were selling, like our record players and 8-track tapes and perambulators. (True story: My 8-yr-old son asked me a couple of weeks ago if they had electricity when I was growing up.)

Those classified ads were good places to find jobs. Oh, sure, there was an occasional envelope-stuffing scam, but nothing like today’s online classifieds.

The Internet has brought the world to our fingertips and created untold new ways to make money. Unfortunately, it has also created a bazillion ways for other people to take your money.

Today’s Online Classified Ads Are a Jungle

You no longer have to pay to list an ad. Maybe that’s why job ads are so full of junk. If people had to pay to list their junk, they’d think twice. Home-based jobs sections are particularly nasty.

Take a popular local classifed site as an example. For the Salt Lake valley, this is the online equivalent of a local paper’s classified ads. This section is the home-based business/network marketing section.

If you would like to make six figures per year, if you want daily pay guaranteed, or you want to take back your life, or you want to be in front of an $18-billion wave, or you are a driven, honest, searching individual, this is the place for you. Just look at all the opportunities! With all these PROVEN systems for making money, why is anyone struggling financially? There’s no excuse for being broke! (Psst! Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one who’s all steamed up getting ready to write to me. Keep your shirt on. That was snark.)

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned in my relatively short time watching the work-at-home industry. People who are successful don’t need overstated classified ads. Real opportunities don’t chase you, you have to chase them. They might call your name once or twice, but it’s sotto voce and then they move on. They certainly don’t shout in your face.

I haven’t tested this scientifically, but I’m pretty sure there is a direct correlation between the number of capital letters and exclamation points in an ad or sales page and its level of scummy scamminess. The more flashy colors and images, the less truth the opportunity contains.

Have you bought our ebook yet? It’s only ten bucks, fer cryin’ out loud. It shows you where to find real work-at-home jobs and how to separate the junk ads from the legitimate work. (Most of the jobs it shows you how to find are in writing and editing, coding, graphic design, and other computer-intensive fields. It’s probably not for you if your computer skills stop at browsing the Internet.)

Because it’s Saturday and the sun is finally shining here, I’m in a giving mood. I’ll give a free copy of our book to you if you made it to the end of this post and are one of the first five readers to email me and ask for one. Write me up: joe[at]ivetriedthat[dot]com.

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  • Deb

    I am loving this blog!

  • Melody

    I wonder if anyone is using conventional media as a marketing tool for their site..then again, newspaper ads are expensive..

  • Matt

    If you have to pay someone to “work” for them, move on! It’s that simple!

    Joe wrote: “People who are successful don’t need overstated classified ads.”



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