I’m now able to reveal the project that has been taking up most of my time these past two months. It’s a free browser extension that tracks Amazon Deals and it’s an absolute must-have for avid deal junkies like myself. To celebrate the launch of the new site, I’m also giving away an Amazon Kindle Fire.

Yeah, you definitely need to check this thing out.

Announcing: We Love Deals!

My new site is affectionately titled We Love Deals. It’s a browser extension that installs an icon on your toolbar, that lets you know every time I find a deal or coupon code available for


Whenever a deal is posted to the extension, the browser icon will update letting you know a new deal is available. Be the first to get to the deal before it sells out! I took a screenshot of the icon in its normal state, and again after a new update has been posted. The other icons are there for a size comparison.

Here’s a screenshot of the extension in action!

Amazon Deals Window

Click on the heart icon and out pops the deal window with the newest updates since you last opened it. Click on a deal you like and you’ll be taken right to Amazon. We Love Deals is fast, easy to use, and saves you both time and money.


Each month I’m going to hold a contest to reward the regular users of We Love Deals. It’s just my way of saying thanks for all of the support. I’m going to give away Kindles (this month is a Kindle Fire!), Amazon gift certificates, and more!

There will be a new prize announced at the start of each month. Every contest will be completely free to enter with bonus entries for following us on Facebook and sharing the contest with your friends.


Continuing my whole “giving back” theme, I decided to start donating a portion of the extensions earnings to charity! All on the earnings made on the 1st of each month will be donated to a selected charity. I’ll be drawing recommendations from the community as well. If you have a favorite charity you’d like to see supported, you’ll be given the chance to nominate it as We Love Deals’ charity of the month!

As an added bonus to celebrate the launch of the new site, I’ll be donating 100% of the earnings made on both Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th to THON. It’s an amazing 2-day dance marathon at The Pennsylvania State University’s Main Campus that has raised over $78 million dollars in 29 years to help combat childhood cancer. They raised over $9.5 million dollars last year alone!

If you have a minute, click here to check out THON’s website and see some of the amazing things being done to help children who are suffering through pediatric cancer. It really is an amazing cause.

Enter to Win a Free Kindle Fire!

To celebrate the launch of We Love Deals, I’ll be giving away a Kindle Fire to a random user! It’s free to enter. You do need to be over 18, a resident of the United States, and have the extension installed. If you meet those requirements, all you need to to do is submit your name and email address to enter!

For more details and information on how to enter, check out our Amazon Kindle Fire Giveaway page. You do need the extension installed to win! So make sure you install it while you’re there!

That about wraps it up! Click here to go to We Love Deals now! Install the extension, give it a try, and enter in to win a Kindle Fire while you’re there!

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  • Kerry

    Random note, i installed it but instead of a heart mine is the black amazon logo box with the a and the orange line under it. Love that you made this, but thought I’d point out my sad lack of a <3

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