I feel really sorry for the people of Greece right now. If you haven’t heard their, country is suffering from economic hardships and as a result the people themselves are suffering.

I’m not going to get into whose fault it was and so on, that really doesn’t matter to the average Joe Greek at the end of the day.

This is where my mind turned when I first came across Mediterranean Millionaire, a new Binary Options system.

It annoyed me as it used Greece as a focal point for earning vast quantities of money, even though most ordinary Greeks are really struggling right now.

Then I read through the sales pitch for this so called product and it enraged me further. You see I really dislike products that blatantly lie to you.

The Terrible Pitch

The point of the Mediterranean Millionaire sales letter is simply to get you stoked into how you too could earn millions and live off the coast of Greece, or the Maldives or wherever.

It doesn’t matter to the author of this sad little site that they are feeding you shovel full of lies and deceit just so you open your wallet and earn them a fat commission.

Lies from the Start

“Hi, my name is Nikos Stamoulis”

Well, that might be your name, but do you know what? That isn’t your face. If I’m really honest, it’s probably not your name either.

Say hello to Nikos Stamoulis:

Nikos Stamoulis

Now say hello to the very real Sotirios Kyrgiakos! This fine gentleman is a Greek soccer player.

Sotiris Kyrgiakos

As you can see, the very first thing that this website does is identity theft

If you are a sensible person then you would leave Mediterranean Millionaire right now and never go back. If you need more convincing that this system is built on lies then read on.

I can hear you crying, “but there he is stood with his car!”. Well, poor old Sotirios has been duped again as it is him and his beloved Ferrari, ripped straight out of Ferraris own magazine

“Whoah there fella, what if it is really just Sotirios selling this fine product under a pseudonym?”

Oh come on! Why would a soccer player who has played for big name European teams and earned 61 caps for his country and has a bank account with more money in it than you knew existed create this garbage website?

Now, let’s take a look at the other fine proof the website offers to confirm it is the number one way to make money online.

The picture of the family do indeed look like the perfect family for a millionaire (soccer player or not). The thing is my research confirms that this is a stock photo image used for advertising a Maldives resort.


The Maldives does look very pretty.

What about the boat? Same thing, you can actually hire that particular rental boat if you have the cash.

The house? Stock photo of a rental house…

Playing Mind Games

Everything on this sales page is designed to make you feel like you too could earn millions quickly and easily, all you need to do is sign up to this amazing system.

It isn’t amazing though, it isn’t new, it isn’t unique.

All it is, is the Binary Options brokers own software, so it is not even unbiased.

The creator of this website just wants you to click through and give him your email address (so he can spam you later) and then to sign up to the broker and deposit some money. That way the site author makes a big fat commission of about $250 or more.

How to Make Money

If you are still not convinced that Mediterranean Millionaire is an out and out scam, then let’s take a look at what it is promoting: Binary Options.

Binary Options is a trading system which earns or loses you money based on a 50/50 decision: will a number go up, or will it go down?

Of course, like any trade, if you have the skill, knowledge and expertise you can make it so that your wins outweigh your losses.

This system won’t give you any of that, like I said it is the brokers own software and the brokers make money off you win or lose, they just want you to keep playing, erm trading.

No, I mean playing because it is so like simple gambling to be ridiculous.

The FTC warns about Binary Options, especially but not limited to those brokers outside of the US, as they are rife with fraud.

As well as the risk of fraud you have to contend with the fact that you must win a high percentage of your bets, err trades, as the broker will take a commission on around 20% from winning trades and you lose your money if you lose the trade.

While you can make money from Binary Options, the likelihood of being successful, even moderately so, is fairly low.

The Bottom Line

I have three words for you: avoid this scam!

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