Quick Summary of The Millionaire Bot

Rating: 1 If I could give this a negative score, I would rate it -100!

The Good: There are NO pros to using this system, it is a scam.

The Bad: Everything about this system is a con, its just lie after lie after lie!

The Bottom Line: This "system" lies to you from the get go and offers only a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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The Millionaire Bot Review

There are some Binary Options systems out there that take their sales pages, hype and BS to the next level.

I’m talking about the ones that pull every single trick in the book to try and make you sign up to their scam system, in the hope that you are gullible enough to fall for their unethical and downright dirty methods of marketing.

One such system calls itself The Millionaire Bot and touts that it can make you $13,425 per day.

Is this true? Hah! I highly doubt it, let me explain.

The Millionaire Bot pitch

The sales page for The Millionaire Bot is rife with tactics to subconsciously increase your greediness and make you take the next step.

For example at the top of the site is a “YOU JUST MISSED” banner that allegedly details people who have just made money. The reality is that this is a script generated by the website that just cycles through some premade sentences – it’s fake!

The millionaire bot bad english 5

After this you get the hype telling you that this free system will make you over $13k a day with no experience.

Before I rip this apart, let me briefly explain Binary Options: it’s a method of trading on the micro timescale (think minutes rather than months) that involves you making a 50/50 call based on whether the commodity will go up or down.

For all intents and purposes it is gambling. The FTC note that Binary Options trading is a high risk venture, and there has been no proof that you can make money from Binary Options in the long term.

There is also no software that can accurately predict Binary Options – it’s relatively easy to see long term trends, but almost impossible to see micro trends.

OK, so it is “free” in that you don’t pay for the system, but you do have to deposit money in the broker account. The promise of $13k a day is pie in the sky, unless you play with about $20,000 a day making a return of that much is highly I mean who needs experience to make a random 50/50 call?

The video is a 17 minute long hype and BS fest.

It starts by showing you some account balances with incredible sums in them. If you have read any of my other Binary Options reviews, you may know that these account balances are very easy to fake. This particular video proves this by providing some very, very badly faked balances.

The millionaire bot bad fakes 2

Obvious and poor Photoshop job! (I added the red arrows)

The millionaire bot bad fakes

I think he used Paint to fake this screenshot.

I have zero artistic ability and I could do a better job than they have even with Microsoft Paint!

Then come 7 video testimonials from happy The Millionaire Bot users who have made lots of money. The first thing that should strike you is that no one says I made $25,148.25, it isn’t natural. In reality they would say I made over $25,000 or something to that effect.

The reason it sounds fake is because, drumroll please, it is fake!

These people have been hired from services such as Fiverr.com, in fact here’s two of them that you too could hire for a mere five bucks:

The millionaire bot a couple of fakers
The millionaire bot family of fakers

Then comes a video from a user who is allegedly showing a “real time” video of themselves making money with the system. Why is he wearing a coat indoors? And why an “hour” later is he still wearing a coat?

And then there’s the fact that what he showed you, even with him videoing it on his phone while being videoed, can be faked, and based on current evidence, it will be fake.

From the video outlines exactly how much money you can make, and uses the standard greed inducing technique of showing exactly what you could buy with this money: big house, flash sports cars, holidays with beautiful people and so on.

It made me laugh that the videos used for these expensive things still contained the water marks from where he obtained them, such as FashionTV. It kinds of ruins the effect don’t you think?

Then comes the sob story of how he, James Robinson the person behind this system I assume, was trying to make money but failing, but he went to visit a friend also called James who was making money by using software.

Honestly I at least think that’s what he said, the story was written in broken English and I think the narrator did a great job of not laughing while reading it aloud.

The millionaire bot bad english 2

It goes on and on like this, like some bad dream that you can’t wake up from!

The creator of the video also has the audacity to use some pictures of conferences, and plaster a fake The Millionaire Bot logo on their projector screens in order to help “prove” to you that they went around the world promoting this “genuine” system.

The Bottom Line

I did sign up to this system, and was greeted with a standard Binary Options sign up system wanting to take my card details.

Not that I would give them my card details because everything, absolutely everything, they have shown me on their website and in their video is a lie!

Oh and the card details will also route through a third party website that has nothing to do with The Millionaire Bot or the broker, which seems downright scary to me (can you say Fraud?).

I implore you, I beg you while on my knees; avoid this stinking pile of BS, run from it as fast as you possibly can!

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