*Disclaimer* Video tutorials are become popular and some people love them. I do not. Therefore spending 2+ hours sitting and watching a video that has no action, suspense, spaceships or dragons makes me grumpy. The review may reflect that grumpiness.

Today I will be looking at a product that has been out there for a while. The Money Trigger by Alex Jeffreys, a Brit, was released in late 2012/early 2013, but may well just be hitting your inboxes as it is being re-released this month.

The product itself is fairly inexpensive as far as Internet Marketing products go. It comes in just under $10 bucks, and although the affiliate page mentions some upsells, I actually didn’t encounter any (or I may just be getting better at ignoring them…).

The maker clearly states that no experience, traffic, skills, product, authority and more is needed to be successful.

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Never a good sign. But, he does offset this by promising this isn’t a push button system and that hard work and dedication is required.

This does leave me with some hope for the product after all.

What Do you Get

When you enter the member’s area, it may seem, at first glance, that you get surprisingly little. I actually thought the member’s page was an upsell, but reading further showed me that in fact that page is the product itself.

Looking deeper, the main product is a video that is just over 2 hours long.

You also get a PDF mind map thrown in and 4 extra videos, ranging from 30 minutes to two hours.

That works out at about 6 hours of solid video training. (Personally, this is my worst nightmare!)

I am not a video fan unless it’s a blockbuster, I like my training in written form and there is very little of that in The Money Trigger.

You also get thrown in 3 additional e-books that are unrelated to the product at hand, but it’s always nice to get a few freebies tossed your way.

There are also a further 4 shorter videos and an application to be coached by Alex. There is no visible cost associated with the coaching; however, one of the questions refers to the amount you can invest and this leads me to assume there is a cost associated with it.

What Does this Product Give You?

Working through the video, it is clear that Alex is a casual, relaxed orator; he in fact does conferences and speeches. The audio quality is good and his speech is clear.

The content is very much aimed at newbies, though Alex believes, and I agree, that others may get benefit out of the video as well.

The first hour takes you through some of Alex’s history and then he starts to discuss some case studies of students of his, all in different niche areas and all at different levels.

He discusses The Money Trigger in each case, which is a point in time that the person realizes that they are not succeeding and try to do something about it.

While the case studies are interesting, I found it highly irritating that the narrator is reading blog posts to me. Just give me a link already! I can read it quicker than you can say it!

The sum of these case studies is to instill in you a sense of bringing it all back to basics, to realize that “Facts tell, and stories sell”.

He is keen to get you to realize that you are selling to people, not just to mouse clicks. He wants you to learn how to connect with your audience, to be real and not to “fake it till you make it”.

One core element of his speech is that you have to become an adviser who is in turn a marketer.

I like the subject and his philosophy on this; we often forget that we are dealing with people, just as often as we forget that we need to sell. There is a balance, and that I think is what Alex is trying to say.

He goes into an overview of his process for getting into the mindset of your “prospects” and it is enlightening. Even though the actual process is in effect simple, I don’t think enough of us do it. We tend to create a product, be it a blog post, free e-book or even a full blown digital or physical product and expect it to work.

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In effect, Alex is trying to teach you how to use basic market research to understand your clients and to produce a product based off of that research. Sometimes it included surveys but at its basic even blog posts comments help with ideas and understanding the mindset.

The Bottom Line: Is the Money Trigger a Scam?

The core product here is a motivational and idea generating video, it isn’t a step by step guide, and it doesn’t have to be. There are some interesting points made, though I feel that this could have been made into a more compact video

For the price range it isn’t bad at all, though you have to realise that this is more like a recorded coaching session than anything else.

Personally, I would have appreciated a transcript or at least bullet points as to what is happening, plus video markers for certain points in the video – “oh what was it Alex said about such and such? Oh, 2 hour video…”.

Will this make you money? No.

Will it motivate you to make money? Will it inspire you to rethink your online money making strategies? Maybe.

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  • M.T. Davis
    M.T. Davis

    I have personally had the misfortune of dealing with Alex Jeffreys in the past, and can tell up front was taken for $1000. two weeks into his program I asked for 1/2 back and was politely told to go F%&# off!
    His programs are useless mind maps (that go nowhere) upsells, downsells and everything in between. Its the same garbage any other self proclaimed “GURU” pushes. He is what Scams are written about. Save your money! Its the same old rehashed garbage just repackaged!

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