If there is one that that amazes me about online marketers, it is their ability to come up with new ways to re-package the same old crap they have done before. Binary Options marketers are experts at this.

Take the Pecunia Pact for instance. This particular binary option program, takes all the B.S. of every other Binary Options system out there and wraps it up with Roman history! Who would have thought that you could use Latin terms to promote a very modern scam?

The Pitch

The video sales letter is typical of Binary Options: it shows you how easy it is to deposit money and more importantly, how to make money from the system.

The pitch discusses how 10 years ago the author created an algorithm based on Roman economic history but only now with the advent of modern technology can it be used to make money.

What rubbish!

That pitch has been used time and time again by Binary Options affiliates. The only difference is how they package the ‘eureka’ moment for creating the algorithm.

I know you might not know this and that’s what they are counting on: ignorance. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you, I watch these videos week in, week out, and it is very clear that this “system” is just a rehash of previous ones.

The pitch goes on to tell you how you are one of a limited number of Beta testers, following in the footsteps of the 2014 Beta testers. Surely by now, a year on, it should be out of Beta?

pecunia pact fake testimonails

Look familiar?

The testimonials from the 2014 beta testers are interesting, at least one of them sells testimonials on Fiverr.com.  The sites authors can’t even confirm the difference between men and women, referring to them all as male.

The email testimonials are also dubious: none of them can be confirmed or validated, and it’s incredibly easy to fake an email, especially when all you get to see is a small screenshot.

What about the trading information? That looks legit! Nope, the data is being pulled from a very dubious looking website called Binarybonus.net.

Pecunia Pact binarybonusnet

This is another site I have come across before, there is nothing legitimate about it that I can find. This site screams to me of a system built and used by one or more Binary Options affiliate in order to help legitimize their sites.

Pecunia Pact also includes some certification marks on the site. These look professional and at a glance help to improve the legitimacy of the site, but if you take a second to look at them, they are meaningless.

Pecunia Pact certified

My favourite is the Verified Professional mark. Verified professional what? By who? I like to think of this as a Verified Professional Scammer mark.

Signing up to Pecunia Pact

The flow of the sign up process matches virtually every Binary Options sales pitch out there. Honestly I think there’s only one guy that makes these sites as they are 99% cookie cutter sites.

Anyway, after giving them your email address (so they can spam you), you then have to sign up again, but this time it’s for the Binary Options broker disguised as being part of Pecunia Pact.

After being signed up to Big Option who is the broker, there’s a short video prompting you to hand over your cash.

This is the final point you can walk away from this system without losing any money.

The Software

I’ll be honest, I did not fancy handing an unknown company my money, and especially one in a high risk industry promoted by an affiliate who’s about as trustworthy as a guy in a bank with a big bag marked Swag.

As such I didn’t hand over my money and get access to the software.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter. There is no advanced algorithm or special software made by the affiliate.

There is software, but it will be designed and made and implemented by the broker, the broker that does not have your best interest at heart.

The broker is also a company that is either in the UK or in British Anguilla, or more likely just using those as shell corporations. Either way, you have no way to enforce a complaint, and no way to know if these guys are even regulated.

This is of course a little bit of speculation, but based on my extensive experience with this type of product and the signals from both the affiliate website and brokers website, I’d be willing to put money down on what I’ve said.

The Bottom Line

Betting on binary options is always a risk, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it every single time in the future: avoid Binary Options!

The fact that the affiliate website is based on lies and trickery, it doesn’t look like the broker will be much better either – If they were a legitimate company they would be quashing affiliates that promote them like this as they get tarred with the same brush.

If it looks too good to be true, then it is.

Pecunia fuge hunc modum continentes!

(Avoid Pecuna Pact!)

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  • stark

    hey, can you write a review of binary trading website called “empire option” ?

  • Kinya

    That’s really messed up. How can a person legally make a living off of doing this to someone in the US? Don’t we have laws about binary options? Or am I just being overly hopeful?

    • Gary

      I hate to admit it but I fell for this scam and I continue to
      receive offers for other binary option systems from them.Probably how they make a lot of money,as refferals to other scams. I have learned my lesson though every binary options software company I have been associated with has turned out to be a scam. There are some good brokers out there but you still have to be very careful about how you trade with them.

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