Earlier this week, we gave an ultimatum on redundant scam reviews. Now, instead of giving complete reviews on survey companies, we’ll list the ones we like the most and give quick little blurbs about the company. If it’s on the list, we approve of it.

1. Survey Savvy
SurveySavvy has been my personal favorite survey site for a little over a year now. I’ve been invited to a number of web surveys and have even participated in a few real life studies. They pay handsomely and always on time. Be sure to keep your member profiled updated and refer your friends as well to earn extra cash on the side.
>> Click here to sign up with Survey Savvy.

2. The LightSpeed Panel
The LightSpeed Panel comes in a close second only due to the fact that you have to convert points into cash first instead of directly cashing out money. Aside from that, they have an excellent reputation and their survey frequency is unmatched. Be prepared to spend a lot of time selecting little radio boxes, but don’t worry either. That’s a good thing.
>> Click here to sign up with the LightSpeed Panel.

3. Greenfield Online
I’ve just recently joined Greenfield Online and I can safely say, I’m impressed. There are never a shortage of surveys and most of them are quick and painless. They have an excellent support staff and everything is easy to understand. I highly recommend trying this program out.
>> Click here to sign up with Greenfield Online.

With that, we have finally filled our ‘Top 5 Most Recommended Programs’ and I invite you to try out everything on the list.

The list was designed to help you make money online and only the best opportunities are listed. It is subject to change and we will notify everyone accordingly. The completion of this list marks a big milestone for us here at I’ve Tried That and I highly recommend you subscribe to our updates to track our everyday progress with new programs and products.

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  • Julia

    Okay, never mind. I just got an invite from Greenfield that specifically tells me that if I take the survey I will get an entry into their sweepstakes. Yeah!

  • Julia

    Did you notice that Greenfield changed its format? It used to tell me if the survey will earn me $2, $3, or just an entry in their sweepstakes in the e-mail invite. Now, they just offer a list of “criteria” to click on then take me to a survey without letting me know if I will get paid for it. I like their old format because I will rather do survey that pays me $$ only; of course, their current format represents a better “scientific” method of doing surveys.

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