Quick Summary of Thousand Dollar Days

Rating: 1 A rating of 1 is too good for this system.

The Good: There are no pros, it wasn't even an enjoyable sales pitch!

The Bad: Everything about Thousand Dollar Days smells of scam.

The Bottom Line: The only guarantee on offer here is that you are guaranteed of being suckered into a high risk, no money making venture: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Thousand Dollar Days Review

Binary Options systems are all the rage currently in the make money online niche. Indeed, there are so many of them, you can barely browse the internet without stumbling over one.

Clicksure, a less than reputable market place for products in the make money online niche, currently promotes over 200 Binary Option systems and that number seems to grow by the day.

In case you’re not aware Binary Options is a type of financial trade where you bet against a stock or commodity (normally monetary exchange rates) going up or down. If you guess right you get your money back with a bit extra, minus a broker fee.

The problem with Binary Options, is that it is high risk – very high risk. The FTC requires a disclaimer for sites that promote Binary Options because of this.

Most of the Binary Options systems out there tell you through one story or another that they have a marvelous way of beating the odds and guaranteeing you huge pay days.

Unfortunately most if not all of these are scams and lies, with the sole aim of getting you to sign up to the trading broker so that the affiliate can make a quick, but hefty, commission.

Thousand Dollar Days is one of the latest Binary Options systems to appear on the internet, so let’s see if it is yet another scam, or if it is somehow different to the rest.

The Thousand Dollar Days Pitch

As with most systems like this, the sales pitch revolves around a sales video.

The re are no special tricks on the sales page, which is unusual but at least one saving grace. It does state that there have now been 1907 consecutive days of $1000 trades but there is no evidence to back this up.

The video itself starts with audio from some “customers” stating how Thousand Dollar Days has made their life better.

There is no evidence to confirm who these people are and they sound like paid actors to me, their statements are just too much like sound bites to ring true.

The narrator states his name is David Sampson and that he is the head trader and co-founder of Thousand Dollar Days.

Personally I could find no information about this guy. If he was a real trader there would be something out there linking him to this system: a website maybe, or a LinkedIn profile, just something.

Instead, he’s a ghost, which is unsurprising as he is likely a made up character designed top promote a scam.

Thousand Dollar Days

The sales pitch makes a big fuss over how there are no fees, no hidden catches, no hidden payments and no membership or subscription fees

Apparently what they do is link their account to yours, so whatever trades they make, your account will make too, guaranteeing you $1000 minimum a day.


However, all this fluff about there being no costs, is a little bit of misdirection. Yes there are no hidden fees, and no membership fees, but there is still a cost. It says that what you will actually need to do is at the end of each month “donate” your least profitable day to them. That sounds like a cost to me!

I’ve heard of this type of thing before and never seen or heard of it being enforced, and there is no contract being pushed. I believe that this is just another way of legitimizing the sales pitch, of giving you a reason why they are providing this so called system for free. This is because a lot of people when offered something for free instantly look for the catch, so by providing a catch up front, it takes you off guard.

The video starts to provide so called proof by showing a video apparently made by one of the Thousand Dollar Day users. This video looks professionally made, in fact it’s seamless with the main video, and while it states it is made live, it cuts from various time periods.

The user, Kevin Anderson, once more sounds like a professional voice actor (well, someone found on Fiverr.com at least). While I can’t prove it, the video could very easily have been doctored and even if it is real there is no way to confirm that the money earned is as a result of this system. In fact it’s a common technique by unscrupulous marketers to use earnings made on different products and affiliate commissions to make a different system look profitable.

Thousand Dollar Days promises the world


I believe there is some rule or method in marketing where if you repeat something enough times it must be true. The Thousand Dollar Days video seems to state every 30 seconds or so that they guarantee to make you $1000 a day.

I mean this is a big promise to make, I don’t know of any legitimate trader that would guarantee this level of earnings on a daily basis. There’s also nothing backing this up except the potentially empty words in the video. Even their (government required) disclaimer states that:


Which means that, actually they can’t and don’t guarantee anything.

The video then begins to slam into other make money online videos that promote their systems with outlandish claims and pictures of flash cars.

What they are trying to do here is instill a sense of legitimacy to their own system. I mean if someone said that you could earn a million a month and someone else said you could earn $30,000 a month, suddenly the least crazy statement seems valid.

The video goes on and on about how they have a killer team of professionals and how they guarantee a daily income, and so on ad nauseam.

The Bottom Line

After signing up with this system, lo and behold they need you to make a deposit at the brokers. Of course, this was their final objective, because if you add funds to that account, the Binary Options affiliate behind Thousand Dollar Days will get a big fat commission. And you get stuck with a useless piece of software that loses your money.

The thing with all of the Binary Options systems out there, is that they can make a lot of money. Unfortunately, the ones making the money are the ones promoting the systems rather than the ones using the systems!

Thousand Dollar Days is no different, it is simply designed to make you part with cash to the benefit of the affiliate.

Avoid this, and avoid Binary Options in general!

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