Quite regularly, readers will speak up in the comments or in emails to us about programs that have worked for them.

This is exciting for us to see because it means the community is starting to spread the word about good things that work and things that don’t. It also spreads around the responsibility. With new “opportunities” popping up every day, it’s great when we get a hand from people who are out there trying things out, too.

Money Making Tips from Readers

For example, we got this one recently from Jenn:

Your site seems to have some really genuine info, so I thought I would recommend a good place to earn money towards your child’s college: Upromise.com. It gives you cash back for purchases both online and in stores (even grocery stores) and transfers it directly into your college savings plan every month. I earn around $400/yr with this program just from the shopping I already do, and recommend it to anyone with kids. (There is no cost for this program either!)

Halina gave us an update on Textbroker.com (click the link to read the whole thing):

I wanted to leave an update on Textbroker since writing about this site a few weeks ago. I am coming up on my first payout and will have close to $85 going into my Paypal account. I have written 15 articles by now, some as small as 200 words and some over 800 words. My pay rate has been 1.4 cents per word. I have not had a single article rejected or not paid for, though I did have to revise two articles with some minor changes.

An anonymous person wrote a comment to ask about Atomicblogging.com:

I was wondering if you guys have heard of Alvin Phang. He is the creater of Gathersuccess.com and he has a lot of good content on his blog, but he also promotes and sells products using the same tactics and flashy pages as the scam sites. I am wondering if he sells products of real value, or if they are just scams like everything else. For instance, one of his products is atomicblogging.com – Just trying to figure out if this is any good or not.

I tried to write back, but the email address was fake. (What’s that about?) We don’t know anything about this product except that it features verifiable testimonials from names we know and trust, such as John Chow and Yaro Starak. If anyone would like to check it out, we might be willing to pitch in a few bucks for a review. Write me at joe[at]ivetriedthat[dot]com.

And keep those tips coming! Really, if you don’t read the comments section, especially in some of our older posts, you’re missing some of the best stuff on the whole blog.

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  • Carolyn Bennett Sullivan
    Carolyn Bennett Sullivan

    I bought underground cash secret and yesterday I receive an email from a “melissa” claiming that I can earn a $450 commission by upgrading by Sunday, Feb. 8th. The link takes me to underground cash secret. So, I tried to call them got cut off 3x and I emailed them through their site. No response. Any idea what this is about? And what am I supposed to upgrade to? I’s appreciate any knowledge that you’re willing to share. Thanks for all the great work that you do.

  • Adam Jackson
    Adam Jackson

    Great site – you’re in my RSS reader and I read basically every post. I did notice in my reader (and on your site) that a lot of the Google Adwords that are run on your site seem like they’re advertising the very scams you’re helping to debunk.

    You’ve probably already thought of it, but it’d be cool to see each Google Ad of this ilk that runs and then an analysis of whether the program is legit or not. Each probably deserves its own post. Talk about attracting great organic traffic …

    Anyway, love the site, keep up the great work.

    Adam Jackson

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