Once December hits, I avoid all major retail stores and stick to shopping online only. Dealing with the crowds, out of stock products, snow, and the general chaos is not for me. I’d much rather sit in the comfort of my own home and have people bring my purchases to me. (God, I love the Internet.) Here are a few tips I’ve gathered to save big while shopping online.

Save money with cashback bonuses

Sign Up for BigCrumbs.

What is BigCrumbs?

It’s a way to save money on nearly anything you buy online. You sign up for a FREE BigCrumbs account, use their links before making a purchase, and they’ll give you a certain percentage back on your purchases. It’s seriously that easy. Hell, I’ve personally managed to save over $300 in bonuses. Think of all the times you could have saved on purchases.

One of my favorite aspects about the BigCrumbs program is the referral program. If you refer another user to BigCrumbs and they make a purchase, you both make money. They save money on their purchase and you get a bonus percentage for telling them to sign up and this goes on for five levels! Refer your friends and tell them to refer their friends and everyone will save!

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Signup for Amazon’s free trial of Amazon Prime

Without a doubt, I do most of my shopping online at Amazon.com, but the biggest drawbacks with shopping online are the shipping costs. Amazon has a super free shipping deal, but it usually takes over a week to receive your items that way. Still, it’s hard to complain when it’s free.

However, Amazon decided to up the ante this holiday season and totally rock the socks off of all its shoppers with free 30 day memberships to Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime offers two things:

  • Unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping
  • An option to upgrade to One-Day Shipping for only $3.99

And you can reap the benefits of Amazon Prime for 30 days for free. That’s 30 days of two-day shipping at no cost to you. If you’ve tried Amazon Prime in the past, you can join in again. God, I love Amazon.

Click here to sign up for 30 days of Amazon Prime ABSOLUTELY FREE!

How to prevent Amazon from charging you for a full year.

Amazon is giving away trial memberships to Amazon prime for one month only. Your account will automatically renew for a yearly membership at $79 if you don’t decline to upgrade. If you’re extremely satisfied with Prime and wish to keep it, then by all means do nothing and you’ll be set with free shipping for a full year. However, follow the steps below if you do not wish to upgrade.

  • Login to your Amazon.com account and go to the ‘My Account’ page.
  • In the third box down under the ‘Account Settings’ header is a link to Manage Prime Membership, click that link.
  • On this page will be the following text: “Your trial membership will upgrade to a full membership for $79 automatically.” Immediately after that text is a box that says DO NOT UPGRADE. Click that box and you’re all set. You will still retain all of the benefits of Amazon prime until your trial membership expires.

Earn double in cashback bonus when shopping with Discover

Finally, this may sound a bit counterproductive to savings, but if you put all of your online purchases on your Discover card, you could earn double in cashback bonuses. I personally shop exclusively with Discover. One thing I don’t do is spend more than I can afford. I never carry a balance and zero out my card as soon as the purchase goes through. By doing this, I’ve earned over $500 in cashback bonuses from Discover alone! Discover PAYS ME and it feels great.

If you already have a Discover card, login to your online account and go to the cashback bonuses page and you’ll be given an option to sign up for double cashback bonuses on nearly all of your holiday shopping.

Earn DOUBLE Cashback Bonus on up to $1,000 in holiday purchases at department stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores or any online shopping with your Discover More card from November 15th through December 31st.

Now, if you don’t have a Discover card and live financially stable, I highly suggest looking into getting one. There are no annual fees and tons of ways you can save with it. They’re currently running a promotion that if you spend more than $600 in your first 3 months of having a Discover card, you’ll get $50 applied to your cashback account.

Click here and apply for a Discover card today!

Those are all of my tips. How do you guys save money during the holidays?

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