Our goal here at I’ve Tried That is to warn you about scams before they hook you. The idea is that people who are about to buy “Secrets to Making a Million Dollars Without Work” will pause before hitting “buy now.” During that pause they’ll do some research and find out the truth.

Sadly, that doesn’t always happen. We still get a lot of comments and email from people who have already taken the plunge and then go looking for info about the new money-making program they now own. See, it’s supposed to go the other way around, people.

Ah, well. Live and learn. If you’re here because you’re suspicious about the “training kit” you just bought—and that little warning voice in your head slept in or something—here is a list of good indicators that you’ve been scammed.

Top 6 Signs You’ve Been Scammed

  1. Your emails bounce or are not answered.
  2. The materials you receive are shoddy. Poor writing and grammatical errors, straight block-style layout are giveaways. If you get something in the mail, it’s photocopies. We know some enormously successful creators and sellers of “how to make money” books and courses. They are extremely careful and their products look great. Scammers don’t care about the presentation because by the time you see it they’ll already have your money.
  3. The product includes reassurance that what you’re holding is not a scam. We’ve never read a legitimate make-money-from-home ebook, never enrolled in a legitimate program that wasted a single word saying it’s not a scam. I think it simply does not occur to honest online businessfolk that they would need such a disclaimer.
  4. When you take a closer look online, you find that the only people who like what you just bought are the ones who are selling it. We have run a cross a lot of programs that offer generous commisions on sales. Some of them even offer payment on clicks and leads. But you’ll see that we don’t promote very many things here because we value your trust. You’d stop trusting us, rightly so, if we raved about garbage just because its makers will pay us.
  5. You log in to the “members’ area” or “wealth toolbox” or “secret money cave” or whatever they’re calling the online part of what you bought, and it’s loaded with ads for other programs.
  6. The materials you receive tell you to buy more memberships or products to truly be successful.

You might be reading this too late to stop you from wasting money. But it might not be too late to get your money back. And the post might also help you move on. You can face the fact that you’ve been had and build your strength to fight another day.

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  • Snowpaya

    Funny how these things work, don’t they? I came across this website wondering if American Diversified Publications was a scam. Lo and behold, this website is a godsend! I decided to put Project Payday to the test as well with this website.

    I suppose the main reason I’d never really been scammed before was because I didn’t have the money at the time to invest in something like that. Lucky me, because if I did have the money at that time I’d have invested in it without too much of a though.

    I think these signs that you’ve been scammed and signs that offers are scams are really good. In today’s society, not enough people DO THEIR RESEARCH when buying into things. I plan on spreading the word everywhere I can!

  • Steve Berrow
    Steve Berrow

    Hi guys,

    When I am surfing the traffic exchanges and I come across a site promising easy money for no work I just ignore it, you can’t make money for nothing, even on the internet. You still need to put in some effort.

    If I do see something that interests me I Google the name of the opportunity in the box and add the word “blog”. I usually find some blog somewhere talking about the, “Opportunity” and that persons experiences, good or bad. In fact, that’s how I came across your site!

    Keep up the good work.

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