Quick Summary of Traffic Lockdown 2.0

Rating: 2 Not a scam, but really not great either

The Good: It's not a scam.

The Bad: Hard to follow training. A system that simply wont deliver on its promises. Way too much hype.

The Bottom Line: A poor way to get traffic, that will cost you time if not money with limited results. If you want to learn how to build a real, sustainable business from home, click here to check out our top recommendation. It’s free to get started as well.

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Traffic Lockdown 2.0 Review

If anyone in internet marketing tells you that they don’t need traffic or don’t need more traffic, they’re lying to you.

A nice website, the best sales pitch, amazing products, superb prices: none of that means jack if you don’t have some decent traffic.

Getting traffic is easy, but getting traffic that is actually interested in what you have to say or offer, well that’s a whole different thing.

Targeted traffic can be obtained organically, but it’s a hit and miss process. More often the best sought of traffic is paid traffic, that way you know pretty much what you’re getting.

That’s why when I saw Traffic Lockdown 2.0 I had to pause and take another look.

What is Traffic Lockdown 2.0?

The hype surrounding this product is that it can get you thousands of visitors per day that convert, for free.

Not only that but apparently all you need to do is copy and paste and that traffic is yours.

I’ve read the first paragraph of the sales pitch by this point and my internal scam-o-meter is already in the danger zone…

The Sales Pitch

Traffic Lockdowns sales pitch is just filled with hype, hope and seemingly not much else. It tells you the story of how Shim, the guy behind this system, has found a “secret traffic backdoor” that allows him to make $2,000 a day.

Traffic Lockdown 2 sales pitch earnings
So. Much. Hype!

The evidence for this comes in the form of multiple screenshots showing traffic spikes, earnings and the like.

As is typical of these sorts of sales pitches, none of this can be verified as real, let alone as being a direct result of the tactics used in Traffic Lockdown 2.0.

From there the pitch continues by telling you that this system is so simple that it can be run on autopilot but with 4 steps.

Usually anything that says it works on autopilot is garbage: either it doesn’t really work automatically or it does but the results are pathetic.

Traffic Lockdown 2 testimonials

If you are looking to check the legitimacy of a product you might look to its testimonials. The ones here though don’t inspire confidence, with at least two of the photos being ripped from MySpace accounts and the locations don’t appear to match.

I could go on, but the rest of the pitch just continues to build up the hype of this system.

Buying Traffic Lockdown 2.0

The product itself is pretty cheap, I picked it up for just under $10 bucks, but that’s just the start of it.

After buying it you are faced with an onslaught of upsells. In total there are 3 upsells and 4 downsells – that’s 7 sales pitches to fend off before you can even get to your product, and that doesn’t include the final email list subscription you’re forced to do before gaining access.

Upsells are a part of marketing and effective, but this is just a cash grab pure and simple!

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The Members’ Area

Traffic Lockdown 2 members area

The members’ area is as confusing as the upsell circus you would have just defeated (or been defeated by).

Once you get to it there’s several promo links which have nothing to do with the system at all and are most likely Shim’s friends, customers or he affiliates with them.

When you finally get access to the product it comes in two forms: a short PDF and several short videos totalling about 50 minutes.

The System

After reading through this product, I am very disappointed. You see, even though Shim went on about having a secret backdoor to getting traffic, he has no such thing.

What he has is access to a minor website trying to make a name for itself: Empire Kred (EK).

What EK does is nothing new, in fact it’s not only old hat but it’s also ineffective.

The idea is simple: you join the website, look at other people’s sites and share your link for other people to look at yours.

EK is slightly different in that it gamify’s the system by offering points for looking at people sites and only allowing you to post your link when you spend points.

There is a huge flaw in this type of traffic generation though: it’s not targeted. You might get thousands of people looking at your site, but what you’re not getting is people looking at your site who are actually interested in your site.

All these people care about is looking in order to get the points to post their own links to get traffic.

As well as that the whole automation thing? Not strictly true, because you actually have to look at other people’s sites in order to gain points, etc.

Traffic Lockdown 2 missions
Random jargon for everyday words…

The training provides you with tons of links and phrases to use in your “missions” (the random term used to mean your web content).

Other than that there’s not much to it. The entire system is focused around how to use EK and how to use it effectively.

The thing is, with the entire traffic method being somewhat (well, very) flawed, the product has very little in the way of value.

As a newbie you won’t learn anything that will expand your knowledge (though you might get a life lesson out of it), as an experienced marketer you’ll quickly realise there’s no inherent value in this sort of traffic.

The Bottom Line

There’s a hell of a lot of fluff and nonsense going on with this product. The sales pitch is overhyped, bordering on scammy.

That being said, Traffic Lockdown 2.0 is not a scam – it offers a lot of content for the price, it’s just that the content is unlikely to help you get the traffic you want or deserve.

In my opinion, while you might get traffic with this system it’s unlikely that you will get anywhere close to the suggested level of earnings from it. You’re more likely to spend time and, unlike Shim says, money on getting actual targeted traffic to your site.

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