Let me confess up front: I did not buy the Ultimate Wealth Package. We like to try stuff out at I’ve Tried That, but when something is a scam on its face, I refuse to contribute money. For this review, I’m relying on the victim experience of Tonus Locus at Scam.com and analysis by the incomparable Masked Guru.

If you haven’t heard of the Masked Guru, let me introduce you. He claims to be a big-name Internet marketer—a name you would recognize if he told you. Becuase he knows the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and Internet sales, he can tell you what works and what does not. He buys the gurus’ books and then rewrites them so he can republish the content for free without getting in copyright trouble. It’s brilliant. I’ll give you some of his gems about the Ultimate Wealth Package, but head on over to the Masked Guru and sign up for yourself to get all the details. It’s free, and you’ll have your awesome anti-scam superpowers in no time.

The Short Version
Ultimate Wealth Package is perhaps the mother of all scams, according to Tonus Locus. It’s a classic mob-style racket in which you’re told the only way to be successful with the program you’ve just bought is to buy an accessory, Program B. And you have to get Program B from us, they tell you. And then having bought program B, you’ll soon be told that in order for it to work, you have to buy Program C from us. And so on until you’ve sold your hair and are living in a van down by the river. The Masked Guru puts it this way:

The Masked Guru Says I’ve rarely come across a ‘guru’ as lazy as this guy. Half the ebook is stock photos of money, half of what’s left is Mark Warren informing us of his burger predilections, and the rest is cut’n’paste stuff from freely available sources. If I could give this crap less than 1 star I would. I really would.

The Long Version
Ok, you’re a stickler for details. Remember when we wrote about the requirements for making money online? Maybe Mark Warren has been reading our site because he covers most of those points, encouraging you to buy from his affiliate links at every step.
Step 1: Buy the ebook and program
When you sign up for Mark Warren’s Ultimate Wealth Package, the original price is supposedly $99. But you can enter a coupon code at the bottom to magically knock the price in half. Wow! What a deal! For your $50, you’ll receive a 24-page ebook. No kidding. 24 pages. I’ve written blog posts longer than that, and they were all free! But that ebook is just the beginning.
Step 2: Upgrade your membership to the “PRO package”
It’s okay if you just stick with the “free” website that comes along with your $50 membership and 24-page ebook. But if you really want to make it big, then you should upgrade. That will cost you $119.
Step 3: Get Traffic to Your Website
Now with the PRO package, you have all these awesome affiliate products to promote, but you have to get people to your website so you can sell stuff. How do you do that? Buy the traffic, of course. Sign up for “Get Visitors Now” for $49.95. Or you can get really serious and also sign up for Traffic Tsunami for $19.97.
Step 4: Sell stuff to your visitors.
How hard could it be? Even if you only bought the basic program for $50, your personal website will soon be up and running and you’ll discover that it’s an exact duplicate of every other sot’s Ultimate Wealth Package website. And what are you selling? Ultimate Wealth Package and other scams products hawked by Mark Warren! Congratulations. You’ve just paid him for the privilege of doing his advertising for him.

Want more money?
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Tonus Locus has this neat summary:

This dude Mark Warren (whoever he is in real life) is a fraud genius. He’s got a system that can magically turn a $50 customer into someone who can wind up paying $240 (and more) to do HIS advertising. It’s incredible.

The Masked Guru also summarizes effectively:

The Masked Guru Says this is probably the tawdriest, most incompetent most overrated bunch of crap I’ve ever had the misfortune to read. It has only one salutary lesson – even crap can be sold, if you disguise the smell long enough to get people to hand over their money.

That about covers it. Part of me wants to say, “If you fall for this garbage, you deserve to be parted from your money.” But the other part (Yes, I have only two parts) knows that when your luck is down, your defenses go down with it. Ultimate Wealth Package is crap. We’ve renamed it the Ultimate Toilet Package. Go sign up at the Masked Guru to get the joke and to read in detail all about this rip off.

What YOU can do
Scams like this one thrive on ignorance and emotional appeal. You can help put these guys out of business by spreading the word about this post and the dirty tricks of scammers that want to kick you when you’re down. Help us get the word out:

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  • Wealth Building
    Wealth Building

    Great information! Thanks for writing this. It is an honor to participate in the discussion.

  • Lisette

    So guys do you have any suggestion as to a legit way to make money online? I sign up for “surveyspot” but all they give is a chance to win for a $25,000 sweepstake.. I really don’t get any money. Can you tell me any business you know that work?


  • Marius Purcaru
    Marius Purcaru

    I have purchased this Ultimate Wealth Package and I think this is a definitively SCAM! I have been using this product for about 1 month and I wasn’t making money as they are saying (not a cent I made -although there were $30, I had to reach $100 dollars in order to cash that money; and this $100 will never be reached due to the weak contain of information onto the ads page-). SCAM 100%.

    I had to pay for the following in order to put all in ONE, for this automatic website to start “building” cash.

    But wait, there’re the additional costs that I had to pay, not knowing about them, only after paying the first to be paid, $50:

    a. I paid 50 bucks for the program
    b. Nobody mentioned before that I have to pay other $119 for a pro package (the default one will not bring you any hope at all…)
    c. You will “Get Visitors” for $50 [I think this was the amount of money]
    d. Mark called me asking me for $5000 personal to personal coaching program. This put me in the STOPPING the race.

    I’m ashamed I had to go through all these events, and that I lost maybe $200 [I wish I would get them back from the THIEVE], but this was a very good lesson and nobody will get any CENT from my pocket again.

  • laura george
    laura george

    I am ashamed to admit I fell for this one but quickly regained my senses and ask for a refund. I got all my money back except for 21.95 for a now useless domain name. But I considered this cheap for a lesson learned and I will never be scammed again especially now that I have found Ivetried that. Thanks guys.

  • Josh

    Every bit of the Ultimate Wealth Package is garbage. They promise that you will make money just from getting your “turn key automated website” and do not tell you what you will be doing. They also make it seem as though you are going to be making money by only spending the $50 it takes to buy the program. They do not tell you of the additional costs, which are as follows:

    program: $50 for today only (yeah,right)
    website: $119 for pro package (in order to make any real money)
    Get visitors now: another $50
    1 on 1 coaching program: $3600!!! (later, they tell you that most people invest $5000-10000 in order to be successful.)

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