How often do you search for something on Google throughout the day? How about per week? I’d be willing to bet that number reaches into the hundreds, if not thousands. Now, what if I told you you could be making money while searching Google? Well, you can. A program called SwagBucks will pay you to search Google.


Best of all, it’s completely free to join and they do pay. In fact, I’ve cashed out over $400 in just a few short months!

What is SwagBucks?

The concept behind SwagBucks is that they’d pay you for using their search bar to browse the web. They make money through Google’s sponsored results and then pass some of their earnings on to you in the form of SwagBucks.

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All you have to do is use their search bar and every so often, you’ll be awarded SwagBucks which you can redeem for cash or prizes. The best part is the SwagBucks search bar uses Google, so you’ll get the same results you’re used to, but now you have a chance to make some extra money. It takes no extra effort on your part either. It’s a fun way to make some extra money each month.

But searching online isn’t the only way to earn…

More Ways to Earn

SwagBucks is a HUGE site with plenty of opportunities to make some extra money for doing tons of activities online. Including…

  • Daily Polls – There is a daily poll you can answer each day and you automatically win a small handful of SwagBucks for doing so. It takes about 5 seconds to take the poll. So easy!
  • Complete Offers – You can get paid SwagBucks for completing offers. Most are free, but they require you to give away your email address and personal information. I haven’t ventured into this area yet, but it could be a great way to pick up a few extra SwagBucks if you don’t mind signing up for things.
  • Use Coupons – This one is a personal favorite of mine. You can clip grocery store coupons and get paid 10 SwagBucks every time you use them. They are real coupons for regular day items as well. I clipped ten coupons one day for a savings of $8.45 at the store and made 100 SwagBucks for doing so. This one is a no-brainer to do. Win-Win!
  • Surveys – This is a new feature at SwagBucks, which rewards you if you complete surveys. I haven’t completed any yet, but there are currently 64 surveys available for a total of over 5000 SwagBucks. There’s a lot of potential here if you have the time to partake in all the surveys.
  • Shop – You can shop online at thousands of retailers and earn 2 SwagBucks for every $1 you spend online. If you’re shopping online already, you can now make some extra money off of your purchases.
  • Trade In – SwagBucks accepts old cellphones, video games, and books and will give you money if you send them in. Personally, the trade-in value is not worth it for me. I have a phone here that’s two years old that I paid $400 for and they offered only 1000 SwagBucks, which works out to almost $10. If you had junk you were just going to throw away, this might be a good deal then.
  • Referrals – Finally, SwagBucks offers a referral program that will match up to 1000 SwagBucks earned by your referrals. The 1000 SwagBuck limit is kind of lame, but it’s still better than nothing. Sign up and get your friends and family hooked for a bit of extra cash!

There are even more ways to earn that these as well. There are hourly giveaways, hidden rewards, SwagBucks for watching Internet clips/ads, and many more ways to earn as well. It’s fun, free to join, and a great way to get some extra money.

So far I’ve made…

My experiences thus far have been pretty stellar. I joined SwagBucks just a few months ago and here is my current status with the program.

Cash Out Totals
Amazon Giftcards: $220.00
Southwest Airlines: $200.00

So far I’ve cashed out a total of $420.00 in just a few short months!

The majority of this came in just by using the SwagBucks search page. I set my personal homepage to SwagBucks, use their search bar anytime I want to navigate to anywhere online, and I make money. A month ago, I was just using Google. Now, I’m still using Google, but I’ve been paid over $400 just to do so!

Amazon $5 gift cards are one of the cheapest prizes to redeem and you get the most bang for your SwagBuck with them. I did nearly all of my Christmas shopping online this year and these Amazon gift cards really helped me cut down on the costs.

Sign up for a FREE SwagBucks account right now!

As you can probably tell, I highly recommend SwagBucks and suggest you join as well. It’s a fun, easy way to pick up some extra cash doing something you already do.

I suggest you click here and sign up for a FREE SwagBucks account right now. After you sign up for an account, click on the Search page and set it as your homepage. Whenever you want to go anywhere online, all you have to do is click home, do a search, and go where you need to go. You still get to your site, but now there’s a possibility you can pick up some cash.

Be sure to share your experiences in the comment section below. I’d love to know what you think of the site.

Click here and sign up at SwagBucks now!

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Join the Discussion

  • Jamey

    Yes, I’ve gotten a $10 dollar Amazon card from Swagbucks, but the problem is that they ask for WAY too much personal information with the various tasks you may carry out. So if you don’t mind trading in your private and personal information for a few bucks, then go for it.

  • CM

    Sweet, man! This looks great! My parents probably won’t like it, but oh well. Now I can save up for my Wii U!

  • Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson

    I think swagbucks is great!! There’s hardly room for complaining and criticizing since they are more or less giving you free money…or paying you to sit on “what ur mother gave you”. I don’t know the differences between them, yahoo, or google, but i don’t care..because i’m getting paid.

  • Steve

    If you’re not getting the results you want, search SwagBucks for Google, then go to their site. You get a bonus search, an extra chance to win, and still get to where you’re going. Win-win-win.

  • Hesham Elkouha
    Hesham Elkouha

    I have tried the website, the problem that the results are far a way from Google results, I have compared them, completely different results!!!

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