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  • Marco

    This is the best scam review for Millionaire Blueprint I found, facts not opinions…
    Thanks for your work and continue like this!
    All the best

    • Kobus

      It is a scam. Do not deposit money. Lost all.

  • Nima

    Hey there people here they already left a message called Walter carter and Walter Green a digital stealer if I am not mistake? So I will be much more hopeless if there is true so I was so eager to start business with both to be a rich and powerful man with them . I am so glad if some trusted and legal units and committee will prove the honesty or working csams both men either. God bless all (;

  • M

    If you go through my police compalint,,, you can stay away from this scam…If already trapped, immediately approach your bank and file dispute against the transactions made to them. Then complaint to police and authorities…

    Dear Sir, 06 NOV, 2015.
    Sub: Online Scam complaint.
    I am a victim of an Online scam, which is pretending to be a genuine online share trader called “”. I have lost Approx. AED26000 (USD7000)because of their cheating. They are so organized bunch of cheaters that the first search on any search engine will give us only the good results about them and every step they make will seem to be genuine.
    I happened to be hooked up in this trap through a news posted in Yahoo news which was linked to Al Jazeera news. As per their advt. video (Free Money system), I initially put $250 and sent all the ID details and card copies as per their request. Then I was approached over by their Account Manager, one Mr. Vladislav Stoletniy & Mr. Duke(for TVF) through phone(UK No.)/Email & Skype, who forced me to put another $2000 by saying that, as I am unaware about the trade, I need to put minimum five thousand dollars to get professional help from him, and he will make 3-4 times in a week. After making 2-3 successful trades, next day he called me and said that great financial event is happening and he is going to make $30-40K USD and for that he need some money and can be withdrawn in 3days. I said I am in my office and cannot do any transaction upon which he forced me to get all my credit card details, which partially he already had from the docs I sent. Then he pulled out the entire money from my credit card and even overdrew the limit. He then made my entire trading account zero by making false trades. Moreover they had done all this by saying that I will not lose a single penny as they have signed bonus agreement to protect all my first trades.
    Since all this happened in a few days and I hadn’t signed the TVF form as they wanted, they started bugging me for the TVF form to be signed. They tried to hack my personal & office computer several times, which I suspect is might be for this reason or to get further getting my banking details and other personal details. Immediately after recognizing the cheat, I complained and put dispute request to my Emirates NBD bank for all the 4 transactions made to them from my cards using the Debit/Credit card user protection facilities.
    When they approached me to get the TVF signed, I argued them regarding the trade protection they promised and they had to add back my money of 7000USD to my TRADE A/c in their website to get me TVF signed, which I know will not come into my bank a/c once the TVF is signed. The current Email conversations with them attached.
    I don’t know, how you would be able to help me in this, but can definitely support my bank in their investigation procedures and mainly protect each and every person in UAE, who might have a chance to fall into this trap.
    The last calls I got from them which was in my log and which I did not attend: +442036951973, +448708200084. Another one which I attended is +33170700060. All the mails & screenshots and the bank dispute request associated with this is attached for your reference.
    The Email communications & screen shot of the online trading website are attached with the mail for your reference. Also the video link which was attached with the ‘work from home news in yahoo’ and some links which are related with the complaint forums are also attached.

  • Maritza Breitenbach
    Maritza Breitenbach

    IT IS A SCAM! I have not even finished my registration and the money were taken. 12 emails later, no happiness!!
    They owe me 250 USD.

    • Amy

      Did you ever get your money back?

  • Mervyn

    I think I just got scammed before I read this article
    I looked at Walter green free money system and followed the instructions on the site it brought me to an account which I filled in the details for and then it brought me to binary book page I then got a call from the binary book agent and he told me how to. Set up my account and then offered me €100 if I deposited €250 into my new account I then told him that I already did.
    He told me that he never heard of Walter green free money system and would I like. To deposit money but again. It was a bit concerning when I heard this guy as he was from India I think and didn’t understand all of a sudden what I was saying to him and he is going to talk to his senior advisers in the morning
    And get back to me
    I’m wondering is the two companies connected and if not why did one website bring me to the other
    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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