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What is Affiliate Marketing? How exactly will I make money?

Affiliate Marketing works like this: you help customers connect with other peoples products or services. You don’t have to worry about shipping, inventory, payments, customer service, or any of those headaches. What you do is help a customer find a product or service then rake in commissions whenever they make a purchase. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how the best and most successful methods of affiliate marketing.

Here’s a scenario. Say someone comes online and is searching for an acne cure. They Google ‘How can I get rid of pimples?’ One of the search results would then be an article you wrote on the topic (Wealthy Affiliate teaches you all about how to write articles, get them online, and get them included in search engines). Your article details various methods on how to cure acne. One of your methods is an acne cream. In your article you link to a company that sells acne creams. If the person reading your article clicks on that link and then makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale as commission.

So, no products, inventory etc. Just connecting people with products and services. That’s what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do.

Is there a lot of competition? How do I sell other people’s products?

Affiliate Marketing isn’t really limited. There are seriously millions of things you can market. If you can buy something online, there is probably an affiliate program available. Every member of wealthy affiliate is not promoting the same products/services. You pick and choose what you want to market.

There are a few major affiliate companies that anyone can sign up for. The biggest one out there is Commission Junction and they’re partnered with nearly every single online retailer. They handle everything from affiliate links to paying out commissions. You sign up for an account with Commission Junction and you can partner with any of those retailers.

Here’s a real example, say you want to write an article on a new TV that’s coming out. You can setup an affiliate account with Best Buy through Commission Junction (I think they offer 3% commissions), write your article praising the new TV, then link to the TV on Best Buy’s website. A reader reads your article, follows your link, and then makes a $2500 new TV purchase. You get a $75 commission.

I personally started working as an affiliate marketer a few years ago to bring in some extra income each month. I’ve since made it my full-time job. I work everyday from home for myself as an affiliate marketer. A training program like Wealthy Affiliate will really give you a leg up in getting started and that’s why I highly recommend you join today.

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I do have two criteria for you to follow.

  1. You MUST be new to the program and you MUST sign up by using this link or the link at the end of this post by the end of Friday.
  2. You then need to forward your confirmation email to so I can verify your purchase.

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