Quick background information: I’ve Tried That offers free blog installations. We’ll handle all of the icky technical aspects of setting up a blog for you and leave you with instructions on how to use it. I’m currently working on a free guide for anyone who sets up a blog through I’ve Tried That. It will feature my tips and advice for beginners based on my experiences as a professional blogger. Interested in setting up your very own blog? Click here for more information.

Blogging for Beginners

I’ve been working on the blogging guide for beginners for a few months now and have nearly completed it. However, I need your help in finishing it. I want to cover as many basics for beginners as possible. Here are the topics already covered. This is just a rough overview of the topics I’ve covered and each bullet point will be much more in-depth in the actual guide.

  • Introduction: What is a blog, benefits of having a blog, how to get started
  • Getting Started: Coming up with a name, idea, how to get setup
  • Using your new blog: How to make posts, edits, and manage your blog
  • Writing content: Finding topics, setting schedules, breaking news
  • Driving traffic: How to get people to come to your blog
  • Making money: Ways to make money, optimizing your site to make money
  • Conclusion: Wrapping up

Now, what I need from you is suggestions on what else you would like to see covered. Please leave a comment below or send me an email with any topics you would like to see covered or any questions you would like answered regarding blogging.



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  • Jason


    I feel that your understanding of email marketing is skewed. It is not blasting emails out to just random people that is spaming. Email marketing consists of advertising to people that willingly and knowingly accept email from you. Emails sent to these people would be realavant to the original reason they signed up to recieve emails from you in the first place. I hope that what I have said better clearifies what email marketing is and what it is not.


  • Vivi

    In the section on how to drive traffic to your blog, advise on using ways other than email. To be perfectly honest, I never read advertising emails sent to my mailboxes. For that reason, I have about 40 email addresses. I turn them off when I see predominantly spam coming in and create a new one.


  • Adriel

    I was looking for a mystery shopper job and I applied for this company called AboutFacecorp. com and well this site is a scam and what they did was copy the companies exact site so when you sign up it goes to them and not the campany. They would want you to shop a western union and rate it. They would send you checks that look real but indeed they are fake checks. Would just like to share that info with you. I also let the company know that this is going on and she relpied and said thank you and check the email that is comes from and she said no company will have live, yahoo, or hotmail as their email address. Just would like to share that info.

  • Jason

    Details on key word research break it down even some bogus example like thumbnails and go step by step through the key word process that would be awesome.

  • Halina

    I’d definitely put in a section on social media, SMO, and viral marketing through social media. Also, I’d include a section on online article submission and press releases.

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