Quick Summary of Arbitrage Sugardaddy

Rating: 2.5 It's a very rudimentary introduction to web design and social media marketing.

The Good: The program introduces several useful resources, such as Canva. You are provided with some lesser known job bidding sites like unsplash and pexels.

The Bad: The longest training video is just 6 minutes and all videos merely introduce you to graphic design and social media marketing. The additional materials are merely public links and one poorly cobbled together template. The whole point of this "training" program is to have you buy the more expensive coaching program.

The Bottom Line: While this program isn't a scam, it's very rudimentary and won't have you scoring big clients with big budgets. There is better training out there, and even for free.

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Arbitrage Sugardaddy Review

Arbitrage Sugardaddy is a training program launched in August 2016 by Stephen Gilbert, who also launched Street Smart Profits.

What is Arbitrage Sugardaddy?

This program claims that it will teach you how to perform better and more profitable arbitrage in order to win clients for your graphic design and/or marketing services. You’ll also receive/learn the following:

  • “Secret sauce” tutorials that teach you profitable skills in just an hour (or less).
  • How to earn $214/day from those skills.
  • A ready-to-go business plan.
  • Full customer support.

What exactly is arbitrage?

Arbitrage is when someone who is hired to perform a job instead contracts it out to a third party for less money. The third party completes the job for the original hire, the hire pays the third party the agreed upon (lesser) sum of money, and the hire then turns in the contracted work as his own to the client or boss.

With this program, you’ll earn more money through arbitrage because you won’t have to hire any sub-contractors. How? You’ll learn the needed skills yourself. Arbitrage Sugardaddy promises to fully train you to do graphic design, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, etc.

I must admit, I was skeptical that just one program could train me on multichannel marketing and graphic design. So, I purchased the system to find out what it offered.

Inside Arbitrage Sugardaddy

After my purchase went through I was greeted by two upsells. The first one was for a supped-up version of Arbitrage Sugardaddy; it cost $67.

The other upsell was a two case study bundled report, which was priced at $47.

After I got through these two upsells, I reached the Arbitrage Sugardaddy dashboard, which offered me the following six training modules:

Arbitrage Sugardaddy videos and training materials:

1. Overview (1:44)- In this introductory video, someone named Tom E. introduces you to the course and tells you that you must maintain consistency in your efforts to succeed. He also advises you to follow all the course’s prescribed steps.

2. Canva (6:35)- Tom introduces you to Canva, shows you how to sign in, and then asks you to go through all the Canva tutorial videos, which are located on Canva.com, to learn about this software. “And then, you will go from zero to designer, in no time!” says Tom.

That’s right- you’re basically told to use a third-party software to learn about graphic design. I guess that’s what arbitrage is all about.

3. Facebook Marketing (3:24)- Don’t blink when you watch this training video on Facebook marketing, or you might just miss your entire training session with Tom. In a mere 3 minutes and 24 seconds, Tom introduces you to Facebook marketing concepts like uploading your profile photo (I kid you not). The entire time this video is running, you see only one screen- the one shown below:

Now, to be fair, there were some additional links and templates provided below this video. However, most of the links were simply copied sites that anyone might find online, not actual tutorials made by this program’s creator. Here is an example of the ‘helpful’ links I found below the video:

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Some templates were provided to get you started with approaching clients about your services. However, I had to wonder what kind of client would want to act on a services proposal such as this one:

4. Flyer and poster design (1:50)- Again, Tom recommends that you go to and use Canva to make flyers for your clients. That’s it. Oh, and here is a picture from the entire “video:”

Below this video, you see two training videos on Canva that were directly lifted from Canva. And in case you missed the proposal letter template from module 3, this letter template can be used for your flyer and poster clients. Does it look familiar?

Instagram marketing (1:15)- In this training module, Tom tells you how you can easily double your income by posting pictures to Instagram. Again, here is the entirety of what you see in the video:

Kindle & Ebook cover design (0:59)- In this video, you are briefly- and I mean briefly- introduced to creating ebook covers via Canva. The usual resources are posted below this video, such as the ubiquitous proposal template letter, “tailored” to someone who “is well versed and experienced in ebook cover design.”

Arbitrage Sugardaddy Webinar

Along with these six training videos, you also gain access to a webinar that is presented by Tom E. This webinar spans 1 hour and 14 minutes. When I first looked at this webinar, I thought I’d finally get some good, meaty material that would teach me about arbitrage. However, the webinar is mostly a front for getting you excited about an online community called Arbitrage Sugardaddy Success Circle, to the tune of $297.

There is some good, though very basic, info included in this webinar. Here is an example slide:

Also, as you continue to listen to this webinar, you hear Tom say he will teach you to outsource your work…wait a minute? Wasn’t the whole point of Arbitrage Sugardaddy to train you in some valuable skills so you wouldn’t need to outsource?

Yeah, I didn’t get it either.


There is a tab on the Arbitrage Sugardaddy dashboard marked “Bonuses.” However, when you click on this tab, all you see before you is a table of upsell products. Yay.

What I liked about Arbitrage Sugardaddy:

For its buy-in price of just $7.58, this training program provides you with resources, like Canva, that you can access and learn about as you develop your freelance career. The provided links make you aware of lesser-known places where you can look for new clients.

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What I disliked about Arbitrage Sugardaddy:

You are not going to win big-time clients by generating a few template-based flyers or sending out the generic query letter provided in this training. Furthermore, all the provided templates and training can just as easily be found by performing a basic Google or YouTube search- so why pay even $7 for this half-baked course? Finally, this cheap course is used as a sales tactic to get you to buy the bigger upsell item, which is a $297 membership to the Success Circle coaching program and online community.

Finally, this cheap course is used as a sales tactic to get you to buy the bigger upsell item, which is a $297 membership to the Success Circle coaching program and online community. However, if the $7 enticement product is of low quality, who’s to say that the expensive coaching program will be any better?

The Bottom Line

This program is a poorly produced enticement intended to get you to buy the $297 coaching program. If you are looking for actual training on graphic design and/or marketing, you’re better off signing up with Linda.com, Udemy or Khan Academy.

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