Quick Summary of Freedom5

Rating: 1 It's just an ad pack Ponzi scheme.

The Good: At just $5, Freedom5's ad packs are fairly cheap. So, if you buy an ad pack for $5, at least you'll lose only $5.

The Bad: There is no real product or service to promote except for the ad packs. The company encourages you to pay in untraceable Bitcoin funds. A 5 level deep affiliate system strongly indicates that this is a pyramid scheme. An unrealistic 500% ROI is promised.

The Bottom Line: Don't waste your time and money with this obvious pyramid scheme.

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Freedom5 Review

Starting this June, there is a new income opportunity called Freedom 5. This program claims that it will help you earn a steady, passive income by completing just a few daily online tasks.

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Is Freedom5 a genuine money-making opportunity?

What is Freedom 5?

The Freedom5 program claims that it is a revenue-sharing (revshare) and income-generating system that relies on member purchases of advertisement packages, or ad packs. The ad packs cost $5 and pay out $25 when they expire. That means that there is a 500% return on investment, or ROI, with Freedom5.

Freedom5 asks its members to make purchases using Bitcoin currency.

Ad pack ads can be posted on member pages or on the company’s website. Income is generated when those ads are clicked.

Members are encouraged to use the money earned from their expired ad packs to purchase additional ad packs. Members are also required to click on at least five ads per day to remain active in the revshare program.

Freedom5 states that members earn a 5% dividend share from the program’s revenues.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, members are asked to recruit other affiliates into Freedom5. The program has an affiliate commission structure that pays up to five levels down.

Is Freedom5 a good income opportunity?

After looking over this program, I found that Freedom5 operates like a majority of the ad pack programs that are currently being touted online. In essence, as a member of Freedom5, you buy ad packs and click on ads. While this business model is a simple one, it comes with several major problems:

1. There are no outside customers.

The people clicking on your ads are Freedom5 members. Conversely, the ads you’re clicking on are posted by other Freedom5 members.

It doesn’t take an economics genius to realize that Freedom5 is a self-perpetuating system- and self-perpetuating systems don’t work!

2. The ads are on the company’s website only.

Freedom5 says that your purchased ads can be placed on your own member web page within Freedom5 or on the company website.

The last time I checked, ads that do well and actually convert are not posted on a small company website like Freedom5. Ads that do well “live” on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or on directory sites like Google and Bing.

For ads to do well and generate income, you need major traffic sources coming in and converting (i.e., making sales). A small company website isn’t going to cut it.

3. When do ad packs expire?

Freedom5 states that member ad packs make an impressive 500% ROI upon expiration. The problem is that even Freedom5 doesn’t know when that expiration will occur. It could take several months…or even several years.

The problem with ad pack expiration is that it depends on how well the ads perform and get clicked on. If the ads are posted only on Freedom5, their performance could be lackluster and never approach the advertised 500% ROI.

4. Affiliate recruitment is emphasized.

Current Freedom5 members are heavily “encouraged” to recruit other members into the program. A rather impressive affiliate commission structure is proposed that passes commissions from new recruits and their ad pack purchases down to five levels.

Whenever a system relies on new recruits for its profitability, that system is often termed a pyramid or Ponzi scheme. In the case of Freedom5, new recruits are the only source of new money because there are few, if any, outside customers clicking on and purchasing from the placed ads.

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5. Outrageous claims are made.

Freedom5 makes bold claims that it’s a completely new system (it’s not), offers total financial independence, requires very little work, and offers members a whopping 500% ROI. If this is the case, why would Freedom5 even require promotion? A system like that would sell itself.

Many online and “get-rich-quick” scams make the same bold claims of easy money for little to no work. In truth, sustainable businesses and income opportunities require major investments of time and effort before they deliver on their promises.

6. Freedom5 is a repurposed nutrition website.

Wayback Machine is a very useful tool for researching websites. In the case of Freedom5, Wayback Machines shows that it’s been around since 2004; however, in its 2004 iteration, the website offered health and wellness products, not ad packs.

zzzzThe site then goes completely quiet until 2015, when it emerges in its ad pack-selling format.

7. Bitcoin is an untraceable currency.

Bitcoin certainly has its proponents as an alternative currency; however, it’s interesting that a small-time operation like Freedom5 would tout using Bitcoins instead of “regular” currency like dollars. One reason that comes to mind is that Bitcoin is untraceable. Also, once you spend your Bitcoins, how are you going to file for a refund- and with whom?

Incidentally, Freedom5 offers no refunds on ad pack purchases.

Our summary of Freedom5

Like a majority of ad pack schemes (ahem, scams) going on right now, Freedom5 is a lot of hype and big promises on the outside with very little follow-through.

You are not going to have a real online business if all you’re doing is posting ads on a single low-traffic website and relying on conversions.

Furthermore, you risk losing your entire investment if Freedom5 suddenly closes shop or gets in trouble with the FTC.

Our best recommendation is to stay away from this “income opportunity.”

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