Just about anywhere you turn for economic news, you get nothing but doom and gloom. Unemployment claims are up as the US economy has shed something like a gazillion jobs over the last year (give or take a million). Gas prices are creeping up again, while food prices never really came down. Economic news from other countries is bleak, too, with bank bailouts and tanking stocks dominating the headlines from Albania to Zimbabwe.

As a result, more and more people are turning to the Internet for ways to supplement their incomes. Some are looking for jobs, some are looking for get-rich-quick schemes, and some are just looking for information about online opportunities because they’ve heard about people who are making money online.

This combination of factors makes for a perfect storm in our little corner of cyberspace, the make-money-online-and-work-from-home-cum-scambusting niche. We fondly think of it as the Everything to Everyone niche, and it’s no small task being everything to everyone one, let me tell you right now. We piss off plety of people, which means we’re miserable failures of being everything to everyone. But being Something to Someone just doesn’t have the same ring to it, you know?

But what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, the perfect storm. More people searching for ways to make money online means more traffic to sites like ours, but also more scams. Just like slime expands if left under a rock with no sunshine, scams multiply when scammers see a growing audience of potential victims. It’s sad but true that a larger audience of potential victims means that more people actually fork over their hard-earned money to a liar or a thief.

That’s why we want your stories. We need your help to smell out the good opportunities and call out the bad. If you have been hurt by a job loss or income downturn and you’ve turned to the Internet for answers and potential money, we want to hear from you. We want to know things like the following:

  • How did you lose your job?
  • Why did you go searching online for help with money?
  • What have the results been, good and bad?
  • What kinds of help/answers are you looking for?
  • Anything else you think is important to your story

We know that a community of people acting toward a common purpose can accomplish amazing things. So if we get enough stories, we know that we can figure out what people are looking for, sniff out what’s working, and keep hollering about things to stay away from. We’ll all get through this together, but you have to speak up. Please?

What’s In It For Me, Joe?

Ok, fair question. We’ll give away five Telecommuting Guides to the people who submit the most enlightening/informative/helpful stories between now and the end of the week. Use the “email us” link at the top of the page. What does it take to win? Answer the questions in the bullets above truthfully and fully. It’s that simple. And to sweeten the deal, we’ll kick in a $20 cash payment to the story we like the best. (You must have a PayPal account to get it.)

Ready? Set. Go!

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  • Sheryl barker
    Sheryl barker

    Back in 2002 my son talked me into getting a computer. I was at the time into astrolgy and went to this one site quite frequently.Though that website I met 2 woman one of whom I think was a sister in my past life. She has since then passed. The other woman started to email the webmaster of this site and one day she asked me if I wanted a job as a chathost.It is an on-line entertainment site which I knew absolutly nothing about.After a week I decided to try it and was fully trained by my boss.I had another full time job offline and worked part time at this site.6 years later the site closed due to the passing of that bill that Bush signed about overseas and gambleing.I was out of a job and crushed.About a month later through a contact that I had made at the now nonexsistant site I got a new job that was fulltime and been there for 2 years. I remember when the first winter I was jumping for joy I could stay home and clean the snow off my car! Then last year I decided I wanted a garden so I looked for frugal gardening sites which led me to a bunch of other sites where I get freebies and samples which really helps the budget.I also learned how to make a indoor worm bin for compost.I have been through those scam sites and have narrowed my contacts down to the most legit ones and have a few sweepstakes sites. I won $20 today which made me drop my jaw lol Now I`m reshearching and gathering up my resources and plan on putting my own site up.I have learned NEVER to pay anyone anything for whats supposenly supposed to make you rich and make crazy money in one day.I like the idea of getting something for nothing and working fulltime from my home.

  • David

    I am a university student and work part time on the side. I am getting married this summer. Though the idea seems less and less popular with each passing generation, I hope to raise a family. Because I want to be around while my children are growing up, the idea of working in the home became quite appealing to me.

    After doing much research, I am ashamed to say that I fell victim to two different scams. The first one was PartnerWithPaul.com, a website which has already been described in more thoroughly than I could ever hope to on this blog. The second one was
    you-found-me-people-search.ws/tissa.htm. It shows a happy man with a large house, and “proves” with a copy of his 1099 form that he has already made millions of dollars online. Preying off of the fact that some people try to keep their eyes open for scams, he gives the viewer some “insider information”. Tissa tells us that the way to make money online is not by buying someone’s program, but by spending thousands of dollars on advertising. He has already taken the monetary risks necessary to make money through affiliate marketing, he simply wants us to join his program. Tissa’s website offers a step-by-step process that helps the subscriber to develop a niche search engine and promises that each subscriber will have much traffic on each of their websites.

    I have had an outstanding zero hits on my website. I’m only out about 50 bucks, but I’d rather have that money back. Tissa makes money through the websites he sends us to in order to create our search engines, but offers no education about making a website appealing and capable of attracting traffic. Compared to some of the other scams out there this one isn’t that bad, but it’s always frustrating to have someone earn commission on a business investment that anyone can do (probably with more efficiency) on their own provided they do a little research.

  • Aitza

    Hello guys,
    Well, for what its wotth, here are my two cents.
    After working for some years with the industry, I pretty much came to the realization that there are other ways to gain income and I started toying with the idea of “What about working online?
    No I did not loose my job. I resigned. I decided to check online as another way of generating income. The results have been more good than bad but I am still at the info stage which is alright with me for now since there are thousands of ways to generate income I am leaning towards affiliate marketing and promoting e-books.
    There was an ad that I checked out which supposedly would help you set up a free site. The advertisement explained that they cannot make money until you do. Clicked on the link (with some reservation but curiosity got the better of me) and it lead me to a page where an upgrade was being offered for a price. I clicked on the free site link (ignored the upgrade offer) and was given my password. I proceeded to submit my e-mail and password.
    To my lack of surprise I got a ” not logged in ” Repeated the process again and again but kept getting the same message over and over again (not logged in).
    It is really sad that there are people out there willing to just take advantage of those who are in need of extra income.

    The site is: http://www.affiliatesitex.com/?hope=jobkill101

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