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Scam Email #1

Hello there,

Got your profile from

My name is Brown Gibson & We are British family living in United State. currently have two kids named Monica and Harry i live in United United State at NY.
We are an easy going fun family with a fairly hectic lifestyle! I work full time and the children have a full set of activities they enjoy. I have a very loving family & will welcome the right candidate & make them feel very welcome and respected in my house. I am seeking an Au Pair who is honest, reliable, kind & considerate.

I would like some English to be spoken, but am happy to provide & pay for an English course for the successful applicant! I am looking for someone to join our family and help take some of the day to day pressure off me so that we can all enjoy the good things of family life. As a family we enjoy barbecue (weather permitting), socializing, generally having fun, reading, computers, TV, the boys love computer games and my daughter arts & crafts. Food is another great love of ours – given the time I enjoy cooking. We are practicing Catholics but accept and respect others beliefs,Care for 2 children (5yr old & 7yr old) from 7 am – school at 8:45. Walk the children to school and pick them up again at 3:15. care for the children from 3:15 – approx 6:30 including feeding them we will like to pay you 1,800 Dollars every month end for salaries and 300 dollars for your pocket fees every week end.

Additionally take them to various after school activities – ballet, tap, jujitsu, brownies etc. 2 eves a week babysitting (average) occasional overnight care of the children when I have to travel for work. Care for the children in school holidays. Light housework – mainly keeping the kitchen and living room clutter free, You will have your Private Room which will have Bathroom, Toilet, Television, Air-Conditional. You will have access to the Internet and a Telephone at home to get in touch with your friends and loved ones… You will be having Saturdays and Sundays as your off days, so to enable you have enough time for yourself ! If you feel you could be happy in our family.

please let me know so that i can scan and show you our family Pictures.

soon as possible.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Best of Regards
Brown Gibson
For the family.
Mobile…+1 206 666 2973

Scam Email #2

A new job opening in your area, it’s a work from home/office position and you are not required to pay any registration fee or pay for any application form before you get employed.
Our Company seeks the service of a payment processor who would act as a medium of reaching our customers. If you choose to work with us, you do not need to quit your present job, or have problems with your employers as this is on a part time basis
1. Get/receive payment from clients/Customers.
2. Process Payments at your Bank.
3. Deduct 10% which is your commission/Payment on cheque cashed.
4. Forward the remaining 90% to the information that will be provided later on.

Steve Doyle
Operating Agent
Phone Number: +44-704-5716-856

Scam Email #3

From: Frederick Baen
Subject: House Keeper Needed

My Name is Frederick Baen, I am 36 years old and a British citizen, I am contacting you regarding your online classified posting.

I am a jeweler, I supply watches, bracelets, wedding rings and jewelries to stores in the states and Europe, I come to the US often for business and individual purposes, the jewelry business is my family business and we are from United Kingdom. I bought a house last year in the US because I love running business there, and would love to permanently moved there soon. Its a peaceful home with a loving neighborhood, it is closer to Shopping Malls,Banks,Airport,Grocery Stores e.t.c. I am the owner of the property and as for the utilities bill, I’ll pay all the utilities including phone and cable, please they must remain on my name. So basically we’d like to pay you to live there.

I would like to bring it to your notice that my father passed away on the 30th July, 2010 and as the first son I need to go back to my country to take good care of my family and the family business in the UK at London province but, I realized that it is difficult to transact by supplying merchandise to my client in the US while I am in UK. It is also definitely impossible for me to handle my clients payment in the US because they apparently pay by cheque and US money orders, cheques drawn from US bank would never clear in UK bank, these are the difficulties I will be facing and I don’t want to loose my customers in the US however, I would want you to live in my house and work as an house keeper, because I ought this should be the best way to make everything work smoothly for me, You would be living there free of charge, you are not paying any security deposits or rent fee. I just don’t want to sell the house because I love it and I just bought it. I am simply looking for someone that is honest, caring, trustworthy and neat for two reasons.

* The House Maintainance
* Payment Receiver

You know this is the most vital area, I would want you to make my house look neat and tidy, take good care of it like its your property, whenever you receive bill papers get them forwarded to me immediately to avoid payment lateness, e.g statement of accounts, water, phone, cable bills e.t.c…

Whenever you receive letters from banks, companies or individuals you should always get me notified, and please remember that you are living in my house for free and you will be working as an house keeper, you can come along with pets, just make sure you make everything neat, you are welcome to bring in your family.

I would want you to be my payment receiver while you live in my house, because I would be having my clients sending cheques and money orders to my house for merchandise payment, they must be on your name so that you could cash them. and as soon as you get them cashed you can should send the funds to me via Western Union or Money Gram.

In other way, if you don’t want to live in the house or it is far away from you, can you take only the payment receiver sector as a part time job? this is another business opportunity for you, all we just have to do is pay you for the job, please note the steps below:

(a) Receive payment from clients
(b) Deposit & Receive payments to your bank account
(c) Proceed and 24 hours in which funds have cleared into your account for withdrawer of funds
(d) Deduct 10 percent which will be your percentage/pay on each payment received and processed.
(f) Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be informed to send payment to (Payment is to be forwarded either by Money Gram / Western Union Money Transfer).

The 10% opportunity will also be available for the house keeper. If you are willing to work as a payment receiver or house keeper please let me know by indicating in the form below so that we may proceed, please fill in this form

Full Payable Names:
Physical Address{P.O Box prohibited}:
Zip Code:
Home Phone #:
Cell Phone #:
Alternative Email:
Marital Status:
Current Occupation:
Job Interest (P.R/H.K or Both):
Academic Degree (Qualification):
Are you associated with tax company:
Are you God fearing:

I am looking forward to reading from you,

Scam Email #4

From: “The Mystery America”
Subject: mystery shopper

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

ABOUT US: Mystery America is a market research company, we use Mystery shopping or Mystery Consumer to measure
quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. We work with some of the largest,reputable businesses in the world; from fast food to petroleum, technology or fashion retailers and more.
POSITION TITLE: Mystery Shopping
START DATE: Immediate

JOB DESCRIPTION: You will be required to conduct an all expenses paid surveys and evaluation exercises on behalf of Mystery America.
Your job will be to evaluate and measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and

As our mystery shopper posing as normal customers, you will expected to perform specific tasks??uch as purchasing a
product or using a service.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: You will be hired to evaluate and audit other firms and corporate bodies by fronting as
potential customers in order to determine the level of professionalism and expertise with which staff relates with their clients.

We presently have a couple of outstanding contracts, which means you will be directed to the outlets you are to survey by either purchasing products or services or simply meeting with customer service and make inquiries in person.

You will be directed to outlets, firms and corporate bodies to report on their staff’s activities by forwarding us a mail with a record of your experiences such as:

1) The product & services paid for.
2) How long it took before you were attended to.
3) How the attendants and employees related with you.
4) Customer service professionalism level

PLEASE NOTE: You will be provided funds in form of checks and wire transactions in advance of any survey to cover

You do not require any special skills for this opening, however in order to apply for this job you MUST ensure you have access to your E-mails two (2) times a day and must READ and RESPOND to all notifications within 18-24hrs.
MYSTERY SHOPPER APPLICATION: If you would like to Mystery Shop for us, please complete the following form. Required
fields are indicated in red. You must answer these so we can process your request and accept you as a possible shopper.

Full Names:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Zip Code:
Home Phone Number:
Cell / Mobile Phone Number:
Current Occupation:
Drivers License / TIN No: ( To Verify Identity)
Have you had any previous expertise in surveying:


Communications & Human Resources Center, USA.
1211, Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

To ensure that you can receive email messages from the Mystery America, do add “gmail” to your Sender Safe List, or contact your IT administrator to update your firm’s email software.

?2006-2009 The Mystery America, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036.

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