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Scam Email #1

We invite you to work as a regional agent with a monthly salary from $500 plus interest.

We are a large investment company; our task is earning money for our clients with minimal risks.
We have been working for many years, and in this time we have had only favorable reviews.
We are interested in attracting more clients, and by doing our job successfully we can offer very good commissions for our partners.
What do regional agents do?

You need to help us search for clients and support them by phone or e-mail.
To search for clients, you can publish free announcements in newspapers and websites, on forums,
in social networks and other information sources.
On registering, you will get a small digital code (e.g., 001122) to send to your clients.
By entering your code during registration, clients receive a small bonus to their account,
so they will be interested in registering with your code, rather than doing it through our website.

We will create a personal e-mail account for you on our server,
and we will also forward all incoming calls from our regular phone to your personal (regular or mobile) phone.
This information will be published on our website; and after finding our website through search engines,
clients from your region will call you for support, then register with your code, and you will get the interest.

Payment for this job is biweekly.
You will get a fixed salary of $250 plus interest for attracted funds.
The interest fluctuates from 10% to 20% of the attracted funds.
An indispensable condition is compliance with the attraction plan of $1250 in two weeks.
In other words, your clients must put up at least $1250 every two weeks in order for you to get the salary.
Otherwise, we will not be able to work with you.
Our statistics show that 86% of the people who start working with us attract from $2000 to $5000 in the first week and beat the target.
That’s why we believe that the probability of your success with us is very high.
Note that you will not have to put in a single cent to work with us.
You will not need to put money into the system or pay for any educational materials or entrance fees.

If you are interested, please reply with the following information:
1. Your namecan
2. Your countrycan
3. Your contact emailcan
4. Your contact phone number (cell or landline)can
5. When we can call youcan

Our contact:
– With best regards,
Alan, Human Resources Manager.


Q: What will happen if I beat the target in one week, but fail to do that in other one?
A: We are very loyal to our agents. If you have an unsuccessful period, we will not stop working with you,
and you will have the opportunity to make up for it. However, we only pay agents who fulfill the attraction plans.

Q: Can I publish paid announcements on websites or other advertising sites?
A: It’s not prohibited. We prohibit only spamming and publishing announcements that violate the law.

Q: How do I get my salary?
A: You can get your salary in two ways:
a) To your bank account. Bank transfers are usually processed in 1 to 3 days. To get a bank transfer you need to have an account in any bank.
b) Through electronic payment systems. Electronic money transfers are made instantly.
To get an electronic money transfer you need to have an electronic wallet. Opening an electronic wallet is free.

Q: Can I attract other agents?
A: Yes, you can. You will get 5% of their attracted funds. For instance, if you attracted an agent who attracted $5000, you will get 5% of this amount, i.e., $250.

Q: Do you create my personal e-mail address on your server and phone number on your website instantly?
A: We create a personal e-mail and publish phone numbers for agents who have worked successfully for at least 1 month.
In other words, during the first month we have to be sure that you can handle the job, and then you will get your personal e-mail and phone number.

Q: What do I need to get started?
A: You need to send us your personal information, such as your name, country of residence and phone number.
Our representative will call and interview you. Then you will be able to register on our website, get your code and proceed with work.

Q: Under what conditions does the Company stop working with a regional agent prematurely?
A: If the clients complain about rude and improper behavior of the regional agent, we will stop working with him or her.

Q: Can the agent invest in the program as a regular user and earn revenues from the investment?
A: Yes, this is possible.

Scam Email #2


Our company is pleased to offer you a well-paid part-time vacancy for the position of administrative assistant/sales support.
You’ll work at the convenience of your home, part-time.

We are well-regarded food vendor founded in Eastern Europe also represented in Canada and Costa Rica
and trades in their production to customers throughout the world.

Candidates for the job should possess excellent organizational skills as well as the ability to efficiently multi-task.
Ideal candidates have a strong focus on day-to-day operational excellence, and a personal style that builds trust, and inspires loyalty.
The candidate should be motivated, proactive, be able to learn and adapt quickly.

Other duties of the Administrative Assistant/Sales Support include, but are not limited to:
* Processing payments performed by our customers including mainly bank transfers
* Providing efficiency of money transactions
* Delivering a thorough record of settlements made
* Preparing financial statements
* Managing your own client base

* Basic salary of $2000 after a month probation period
* 5% extra for successful transactions
* All expenses connected with banking transactions and Western Union settlements will be settled by the firm

Please note: Vacant position can be applied exclusively by the US residents of ages of 25 and over.
If you are willing to receive details about this vacancy and our enterprise, don’t hesitate to e-mail me

Scam Email #3

From: “Mark Miles”
Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2010 12:37 PM
Subject: Employment Offer

Judd Financial Services Pty Ltd
82 Mulgoa Rd, Jamisontown,
NSW, 2750, Australia.

my name is Mark Miles and I am Judd Financial Services hiring manager. We have found and carefully reviewed your CV and decided to offer this job to you.

Our services
When buying-selling operations via the Internet are concerned, the buyer and the seller don’t know each other (they may be placed in different corners of the world) – it is very important both to the buyer and the seller for their deal to be made safe. Payment Protection means receiving money, documents, goods (it might be both the seller’s and the buyer’s) concerning the transaction to a reliable, experienced, impartial person – our Payment Protection agent. The agent will hold all the documents and money until all the terms of the deal are satisfied and only then release them to the intended receiver.

Why we need Payment Protection agents
Having a Payment Protection agent in every country we can quickly transfer funds inside a country without wasting time on the international bank transfers, and continue our rapid growth rather than overwhelming our own bank account with inbound and outbound transactions leading to severe hold times and possible service interruption. It is time that is of significant importance to our clients.

Career and Benefits
Your main task will be receiving money transactions to any bank account you would like to use for the purposes of this job; and then forwarding these transactions to the next party of the Payment Protection process according to our instructions. You will benefit from the commissions, which are 5-7% of each transaction and depend on the quantity of the completed transactions and the speed of your work. Besides, you will be paid a basic salary of 1500 GBP per month.

For your convenience there will be no paychecks, your commission will remain in your account after every successfully completed transaction. The money transfer fee is not included in your commission, meaning that you will deduct it from the received amount, not from your commission. Also you receive 5-7% of the transaction amount. Normally the amounts that we process vary from 2,000 GBP to 10,000 GBP, but can go higher on special occasions.

Job details
As the financial activity in your area is not too high, a Payment Protection agent will be processing approximately 1-2 transactions per week. Each transaction requires approximately 4-5 hours of the agent work. Our manager always calls the agent beforehand to provide all the instructions. Therefore, with the due time management, the agent is able to combine this job with other activities (e.g. primary job or studies).

If you are ready to proceed, please reply to this e-mail and our hiring manager Paul Digby will contact you shortly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Yours Sincerely,
Mark Miles,
Judd Financial Services.

Scam Email #4

> From:
> Subject: Job offer – ( id \ 1285749298 )
> To:
> Greetings.
> WoodNavi Ltd. Company is currently looking for a Regional Executive to join their fast growing team.
> The role, will be working directly with the junior executive supporting the clients exigencies. Our clients offer great home based work conditions and unlimited growth opportunities.
> Requirements, Duties :
> Must be team Player
> Excellent planning and managerial skills
> Ability to prioritize tasks, multi task and make informed decisions
> Top level of customer service and interpersonal skills, along with pro appearance and a positive attitude
> Basic PC knowledge to include Microsoft Office
> Ability to maintain relationships with clients and/or supervisor
> Must be able to Communicate and interact with consumer by phone, in writing and in person
> Must be able Perform additional tasks if needed
> Benefits:
> Long term position with a well established and profitable company
> Ability and funding to improve upon an existing team of serious professionals
> Great compensation and high tier benefits
> Employees are paid on time
> Salary – GBP600-1100 / week
> To apply please send this invitation letter to our infomediary on
> Have a nice day,
> HR Dept.
> 17 Amaliados Street
> F. 3, office 437,
> Athens, Greece 115 23
> WoodNavi Ltd.

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