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Scam Email #1


We noted your interest in our Purchasing Manager vacancy, which we opened last week. It is my pleasure to write to you with a description of the position and company.

The description of the position itself is attached as Job Description file. You will find more about the base wage, working schedule and hours, base commissions and benefits, location and the closing date for the position, about mission and the culture of our organization from that file. Full and Part time positions are opened. You are free to start as Part Time position and switch to Full Time later. This is work at home position (or anywhere you are) . There is NO relocation required. There is NO fee to apply.

Apart from that file, I send you company’s Application Form. If you are interested, please complete the Application Form and return it to current email or by fax number listed below:
1) by mail: you may simply download the Application Form, complete the Application Form by required information and send it back to my email.
2) by Fax: you may simply download the Application Form, print it and complete by required information to send back at fax number listed below.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me on my office extension. If for some reason you are unable to open my attachments, please let me know and I will send you these papers in another format. My telephone and fax numbers are as below. I am directing my personal attention to this matter.

Best Regards,
Ms Jane Green
Phone: 718 705 4915
Fax: 718 764 1710

Scam Email #2

Dear Sir/Ma,

After a carefull study of your RESUME we are now glad to offer you an
online job from Home been as a Temporarily Staff and get paid weekly in
full by our company Dansart Plastic LTD,based in UK. As a
Representative/Book keeper in the USA. This is in view of our not having
an office presently in the USA.

You don’t need to have an office and this certainly won’t disturb any form
of work you have going at the moment,kindly email us with the following
information about you for more details:

1:Full Names: ______________ 2: Detailed Address Not P.O Box: ____________

3:Zip Code:_________4.City:________5.State:6.Sex: ___________ 6 Age: ________

7: Current Occupation: ________ 8: Phone numbers: ________

Your Urgent reply is needed so that we decide on giving you the job and
can have our American clients forward you the payments. SHOULD YOU BE

Susan Peter’s
General Manager
Dansart Plastic LTD
Moss Industrial Estate,Woodbine Street East
Rochdale OL16 5LB,Lancashire UK

Scam Email #3

Dear Applicant,

Am Mr. Morgan Wilson Tancan. A Spanish citizen born and breed up here in Birmingham city, United Kingdom.

Am living with my family here in Birmingham city, my wife and kids.

I have worked with Exxon Mobil in London for the past 8years and recently I opened a petrol station in Birmingham city which is under the license of Exxon Mobil.

I wish to intimate you of my desire to have your service here in my petrol station in Birmingham city as a petrol station marketing/sales manager.

I have viewed your CV/RESUME from a local labour recruitment consultant and I find you worthy to take up the position of a petrol station marketing/sales manager with us.

I have agreed to pay you 8,000 Great British Pounds for your service every month and be inform that your salary will be tax free.

You will have a private accommodation which shall be arrange on confirmation of your acceptance and you will as well be entitle to a private car and a driver for your locomotive movement when ever the need arises.

In order for us to ascertain the information in your CV, I request that you send me the below information.

1: Full Name

2: Permanent Mailing address

3: Current Mailing Address

4: Tel/Mobile Number(s)

5: How soon can you travel down to start your new Job?

6: What is your Country of Nationality? Is it different from your Present
Location? If yes please state your Current resident Country.

Please email me the above required details to my personal email id: . or to enable me send your information to my counsel for the preparation of your contract agreement letter.

Should you take up this job position. Your visa papers will be arrange and the expenses for your work/resident permit papers and flight ticket will be incurred by me.

I request your immediate response.


Mr. Morgan Wilson Tacan

Scam Email #4


I am seeking the service of a personal assistant to work for me due to my very
busy schedules .There is no charge to become my P.A and you do not need previous

All i need is someone who is competent enough to handle my Personal and business
errands at his/her spare time. Someone who can offer me the following
services-below :* Receive mail/packages * Mail out mail/packages through
UPS*Receive item purchase list (clothing and electronics)*Shop for and purchase
items (clothing and electronics)* Mail out items (clothing and electronics)
through UPS and earn nothing less than $400 .00 weekly pay for the job.

* Must be able to work with ease.
* Must be neat and time cautious.
Must be able to shop for gift, bill payments and other business and personal
* Prepare work schedules and contact clients
* Making regular contacts and drop-off of mails to clients on my behalf.
* Must be honest and reliable with good motivational skills. if interested
contact me for more details about the vacancy position

Please note that you are being hired only on a personal level. All
correspondences would be made and promptly reported to me personally. The
position is part time and home-based meaning you can work most times from your
home as long as you have a regular Internet access.You are also hired on a trial
basis for now until we are able to see how well we fit in, this however does not
affect your weekly wage.

If you are really interested in the job, Kindly send me the details below for
assessment and registration for the job:

Full Legal Name :
Address :
City :
State :
Zip code :
Home and Cell # :
Present Job :

Well, let me know if you are able and capable to handle the position. Thanks for
your anticipated action. And kindly get back to me if you are interested or not
, as I hope to hear back from you today. I await your prompt reply.

Evans Matthew.

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